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The boys bid a fond farewell to our friends and listeners. It's a long one, with lots of goofing!

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The Ghost Army Podcast Cancon Warmup 2017 

Listen closely as Patchimus and hobby badass, Andrew Brownrigg go toe to toe in the smacktalking run up to this year’s Cancon event. 

The guys talk about the awesome BA community, national team event that has sprung up and what it means for those wanting to add another element of awesome to their Cancon experience. They also talk about what they are planning on taking this year and what they are looking forward to seeing at Australia’s biggest BA event!
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The guys cover what they will be doing at Fall In and a Stripes review in Act II.  Due to some interference in the space time continuum, Fall In has already happened, but it is still a great episode with lots of information on Team Yankee’s newest release.

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A small hiatus, but we haven't gone away. Just a warning, the last part of this one contains a few swears.

The first bit is all about whats happening in the gaming sphere with new releases and all that jazz. Noob News, that kinda thing.
In part 2, we talk about a couple of tournaments we've played in recently here in NZ; FlamesCon 2017 and DanCon 40k.
The last part gets a little more serious and possibly controversial as we discuss the current murmurings around female gamers.
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On this new thunderous episode of Why We Fight! The guys start out by talking a little bit about the future of Why We Fight. We then catch up a little bit on what everyone has been up to and what is going to be happening at Fall In. In ACT II, we get into Red Thunder! The guys let us know what they think about the book after playing a few lists from it. Get ready for a little thunder!

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We're back and now with 300% more microphones!
And even though we're all professional now, we're still gonna bring you the same show you know and love.
Come and join us as we look at new releases in the gaming world, tell you about our latest gaming exploits and we may even crack into a rant or 4...
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Major episode, Mitch and Sean are at GENCON in Indianapolis and 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of this great event. The guys explore the vendor hall and talk to some great folks.


You also get to hear the thoughts of a GENCON virgin (Mitch) as he experiences his first event.


We finally talk to the guys who created Secret Hitler!  http://www.secrethitler.com/


We also speak to the folks from Columbia games; columbiagames.com


The guys that produce the game Superfight which they have been talking about for ages.   https://www.superfightgame.com

Mitch noticed a great game from an indie game designer called Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, and the guys sat down with its developer Jon Lonngren for an interview. http://www.fallendominionstudios.com

Along with this we have the usual banter and some segments with special guests, super gamer Scott Simoneau and Wanda from housekeeping

This is our longest OTR episiode, however we had so much to cover and talk about!




@MitchWWPD on Twitter

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Link for Episode 40 as below.
Show blurb, if we can:
40 episodes! Really? Man that seriously is quite a few, isn't it!?
The Behind Enemy Lines guys are back. In this episode, you get some Noob News and rambling. You're gonna get an update on what the guys have been up to...and rambling.
And then we talk about ructions and rumblings within the Flames of War community at large.
There may also be rambling...
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Those crazy gamers from down South (further than Mexico) are back with a new show. Covering over the latest (at the time) in gaming news and views and then moving on to their latest exploits. It's a trip......man!

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In this episode Mitch phones in from -- what sounds like --the Moon to talk with the boys about Historicon, and the new Mid-War American book. Shermans, Lees and Stuarts, Oh my!

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In this content-laden episode of the Ghost Army Podcast Brad, Bryan, and Seamus are joined by Mark Barber. Mark is the author of the No. 47 Royal Marine Commando list, the Battle of the Bulge campaign book, and of course the forthcoming Papua New Guinea campaign book. The team goes through the book's inspirations, processes, scenarios, new units, and much more.

Give us a listen on the train, while you're painting, whatever. Let us know what you think!

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Action packed episode after some time off. Mitch and Sean are at Historicon 2017 where they talk about playing in the FoW I-95 doubles tournament and the Team Yankee event they hosted with Battlefront.

The episode also also features three great interviews with some of the vendors who attended the event; Doc Cummings from Decision Games, John Russell from Warlord Games, and the folks from Shapeways 3D printing.

The next show will be from Gencon in August, so stay tuned for more On the Road.


Twitter: @MitchWWPD

Mail: WWPDMitch@gmail.com

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The LRDG II podcast is back with an another exciting, two part episode. 

In the first segment, I am joined by longtime Ghost Army Podcast member Casey to discuss current hobby projects and the elephant in the room, gaming world wise, Warhammer 40K. We also discuss significant rumours in the Bolt Action and Konflikt '47 world and what it means to be "that guy" when gaming.
In part two, the master of Australian TO'ing, the one and only Peter West rejoins the cast to talk about lessons learned from the most recent Wintercon BA event, getting creative with hobby ideas in BA and to discuss how a Very British Civil War and the Operation Sea Lion campaign are similar and how they can be linked to create a rich "what if" backdrop for Bolt Action Gaming.
As always we love to hear from you through the LRDG Podcast FaceBook group. A number of you have requested that I separate BA from non-BA content differently. In the future I will put non-Bolt Action content at the end of the episode so it is easier to avoid if that game system is not your thing. That said, if you are looking to hear only BA content, I would suggest tuning into this episode at the 40 minute mark. Thank you to the folks that have sent in this feedback! :)
We hope that you enjoy episode 17!  
Old Man Morin
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Welcome to The Ghost Army Podcast! Episode 26 is bursting with freedom as Brad travels to the US and records the cast with an all American cast! Casey, Seamus and Texas's finest, Tyler join the old man as they discuss some pretty exciting rumours about the future of the game that we love so much.

The guys then talk about listing around, terrain from and the history of the North African theatre. They also discuss Italians in the desert, having fun and staying focussed on the important things in life, having fun!
Tune in for the ride!
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So, we're back! Full steam ahead on the 40k hype-train as we bring you all the news and views that we can find from around the gaming world. We'll take you on a journey through the games that have happened and the games that are coming....

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The LRDGII is back with another three hour epic! 

Episode 16 begins with a beginners guide/ exploration of the Batman Miniatures Game. For this segment, Brad is joined by Liam from the UK's premier Batman podcast "Titan Dose." He talks us through the game, top to bottom and explains how everything works in the midnight clad city of Gotham. 
The rest of the episode is dedicated to our favourite game, Bolt Action. Experienced Polish players, David Xavier and Pat "Muddy Funster" come on to look at one of Bolt Action's lesser seen armies. Poland. The guys take an exhaustive look  at Poland in the game and the bigger picture of history that puts Poland into the context of WW2. 
Come on down and check episode 16 out and learn how to Make Poland Great Again!
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In this shortened episode, the boys discuss what they have been up to recently, and their changing levels of interest in FoW and other games.  In act two, they look at the newly released “Fog of War” cards and ponder the problems, challenges and the potential excitement these cards will add to Flames of War.

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Behind Enemy Lines is back again. Episode 37 is all about the HYPE!
In part 1, the guys take a look at all the hype around the latest Warhammer 40k edition and why they're excited about it! They also look at all the other Noob News they've found...
Part 2 see Dan and Damo talk about what happened at TCOW as well as more hype around new 40k! Greg regales us with tales of V3 Flames of War with a report from NICon.
Part 3, we rock it old school and answer listener questions! Be warned, fun may ensue!
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Uncovered in a dusty attic, these tapes were recently found and brought to light.  In them, the Baconburger command discusses the second edition of the Bolt Action rules, along with the hits and misses they felt came with the edition change.  So hold onto your seats, for another long awaited Baconburger episode!

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Welcome to another installment of Bolt Action goodness to paint your all conquering armies too! 

In this episode we have Patch, Bryan and Brad discussing their latest painting projects and games. Topics covered include Bren Carriers, the new Sea Lion Campaign book, what to do with a horde of Soviet engineer models, gaming with the Australian Pacific army list, tactics for forward deploying units and a giant group game set in the battle of Sattleberg New Guinea. 
The guys also cover the new Vehicle Design System for Bolt Action, a PDF resource put together by Richard Humble and the BAA team to allow you to generate rules and points costs for vehicles as yet not covered by the army lists. 
So pick up those paint brushes and set your Order Dice to 'Listen'...
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Behind Enemy Lines Episode 36 - Contains Coarse Language
In part 1, we must unfortunately farewell a dear friend of the crew.
We'll then dip into some Noob News for you, getting the lowdown on the latest release and rumours from the gaming world.
We'll then tell you what we've been doing gaming-wise in Part 2! It Star-licious!
In part 3, we.....well we....ummmmm.....you'll have to listen. It's just....it's too shocking
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The LRDG II: Episode 15 - Operation Sea Lion

The LRDG II is back with another action packed episode! Old Man Morin is joined by, friends of the cast, Jeremy (of San Diego Bolt Action Fame) and Luke Emerton to talk serious shop.
The guys discuss Jeremy's recent successful event at the Kingdomcon convention, Luke's hobby progress and Brad's being led astray by other podcasts. They then move onto the history, development and game use of the T-26 tank. 
In the main part of the show, the crew dig into the newest Warlord Campaign Book, Operation Sea Lion and give it a good looking at. The guys then chat about "What if..." scenarios in BA and the ins and outs of small size gameplay. 
Please tune in and let us know what you think. You can find the cast at "Land O' Misfit Toys: Home Of The LRDG Podcast" on Facebook. 
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The coolest littlest podcast from the Southern Hemisphere is back!
In the first part, the guys bring you all the news they've scrounged from the interwebs and deliver it in their own irreverant fashion! Also....special discount offer enclosed!
Part 2 is all about the local scene. There's a run-down of what happened at the Auckland Grand Slam as well as the usual happenings at TCOW.
In part 3, we skirt controversy and talk all about the elephant in the room for this month...Command Cards and Fog of War Cards for Flames of War V4. Warning, rants may happen...
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub....
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Welcome back to another episode of the LRDG II. In this two part edition of the cast, Brad brings old friends on to discuss two subjects that he is extremely excited about. Games Workshop's "newest" game, Shadow War Armageddon and the trial run of The Bolt Action World Series event!


In part one, DaveOwaR and Jeremy from the Red Jokers and Green Dragon Podcasts jump on and the guys talk about their experiences playing SWA and what the game is all about.


In segment two, Brad is joined by Leigh Avery and Dave Munro to critically assess the World Series format of event and to talk Bolt Action in general. 


For those of you not interested in hearing about GW games, the Bolt Action discussion begins at the 1:10 mark in the episode.


As always, we at the LRDG love to hear from you. If you have any feedback about this episode, please let us know what you think. You can find the cast by typing the LRDG podcast into Facebook. The page is called "Land O' Misfit Toys: The Home Of The LRDG Podcast.


Thank you for tuning in!

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This episode has the guys have some short after-action reports in act One.  Act two is a detailed examination of “Desert Rats” and Afrika Korps” which are the new version 4 midwar lists.  In the final act they discuss the upcoming release of Command Cards, and the possible changes to the Flames of War  tournament and casual player communites once version 4 hits the stores.

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The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 24

Episode 24 of the GAP is bursting with freedom as our American side of the crew rejoin the cast after last episode's break. In segment one, Casey, Patch and Brad discuss the joys of researching little known information about these armies we know and love, Romanians, how good it is to play games and the pros and cons of early war listing. After a short break, Seamus and Brad discuss Brad's Bolt Action World Series run through event, Adepticon and lots of little things we have been inching to discuss. 
Join us for a listen and please let us know what you think on the Bolt Action Alliance Facebook page. 
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Episode 8: Live from Cold Wars 2017


Huge podcast from the "Roadies".... Mitch and Sean head to Lancaster PA for Cold Wars 2017. A very jammed packed episode since we had so much to talk about!


  • We speak to the Flames of War crowd about Version 4 that came out the week before. 
  • Sean and Jesse Sheaffer do a quick AAR after playing V4
  • We speak to the folks who played Secret Hitler with us! 
  • After Friday's FoW doubles event we speak to some of the folks we played
  • In the last segment Sean "Blitz Move" Sarah gets in berzerker mode as we hold a "Live" podcast at Cold Wars featuring the guys from Dice Devils and of course the Best's, the father/son team who are huge friends of the the show
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The latest episode of the craziest little wargaming podcast is ready for your listening!
Part 1 sees the guys talking about the new news from the gaming world...and tentacles!
Part 2 is all about the local gaming scene here in Auckland, including tournament details and the goings-on at TCOW.
In Part 3, the guys replay their interview with Phil Yates about Version 4 Flames of War.
Crazy will happen!
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Episode 7 On the Road: Warmachine Tournament At Springfields Curio Cavern
In this episode Sean and Mitch head down to Springfield, VA on a crisp MLK Monday to check out Warmachine's new edition and the folks who play it. 
Sean even plays in the tournament. We've got an explanation of the game, interviews with players and with the tournament organizer Andrew. 
For those of you who don't know what it is, Warmachine is an "epic" 28mm miniatures game focusing on steam powered machines and fury powered warbeasts fighting it out on a 4x4 gaming table. Most armies sport around 20 or 30 models and rounds last an hour and a half in this highly competitive tournament scene game. 
By Privateer Press, Warmachine and it's sister game Hordes (both playable together and interchangeable) have been around since the early 2000's and the game is one of the highest selling build and paint miniatures games on the market. 
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Welcome to episode lucky 13 of the LRDG II!

Brad is rejoined by, friend of the cast and all around hobby hero, Luke Emerton to discuss a number of BIG BA topics. First of all the guys talk through the brand new FAQ from Warlord games and what is means for BA as a whole. They also take a deep dive into the history of an interesting "link" in the evolution of modern Soviet tanks, the humongous T-28! They do all this before hitting the main topic of the episode.
In the last episode Brad talked about how exciting it is that with the "new" edition, units and vehicles that used to be terrible have been given new life and how listing has become interesting again because there are so many units to choose from. This episode Brad and Luke dive into the flip side of that coin and examine the "bad boys" of first edition that were "too good" to take. Are vehicle flamethrowers, cavalry, Ghurkas, big HE tanks and more acceptable to take now or are they still to rough to bring in a friendly game? Tune in and find out!
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The LRDG II Podcast Episode 12

In this fun filled episode, Brad is joined by long-time BA player and the TO of the World's Largest Bolt Action Event, Steve Tibbs, for a free-style jazz jam like discussion about the game we know and love. 

Steve lays down why Brad shouldn't yawn at US forces in a discussion that heavily revisits the new Battle of the Bulge book. The guys also talk about the M8 Greyhound and how to convert them, enthusiasm, haters, trends in the game and Steve's huge event: Cambridge Too Far.

We invite you to join us and let us know what you think on the LRDG Facebook page. We always read and respond to your comments.

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In this episode the guy discuss recent tournaments as well as upcoming events in act one. In act two they do a thorough dissection of the “Volksarmee” book for Team Yankee.  In act three, they try to discuss anything but version four -- and fail.

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In this Episode Sean and I travel to Bowie Maryland to check out one of the nation's premier ASL events.

We have a lengthy interview with Perry Cocke; one of the owners of Multiman Publishing who produces Advanced Squad Leader. We talk about ASL, other board war games, and the wargame industry. Perry goes over the long history of ASL and board war gaming.

A Big thanks to Andrew Hopson who takes over for Tyler in producing the podcast for a few months.

Twitter: @MitchWWPD         


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A very special OTR Episode! 

Mitch Reed and Sean Sarah went to the Version 4 roll out at "Games and Stuff" in Glenn Burnie Maryland. They have a very frank talk with John Mathews and Bryan Sayman from the US Office. You will want to listen to this one; John spells out what we will see coming out for Version 4 in the future and a whole bunch of spoilers. 

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In this action packed episode of the GAP, Patch and Bryan are joined by voice from the past to discuss a few thoughts about how to approach army listing, the incredible mega-battle held recently in Sydney, German forces in Tunisia, armoured carrier tactics, take aways from recent games and Patch's new BEF and Desert French forces. 
Tune in and let us know what you think on the Bolt Action Alliance Facebook Page. 
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Dan, Damian and Greg are back for 2017! And you know what, why change a winning formula right?! If it ain't broke....

So, in part 1 we're looking at all the latest news and products from the gaming world for you to get excited about.

Part 2 is all about our local club and all the goings on there. We also look at the first tournament of the year for us, DanCon IV!

And finally, Part 3 sees (hears?) Greg asking the other two a few questions about what they're excited for in 2017.

We're back and its good to be a gamer!

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Welcome back to another huge episode of the LRDG II. Old Man Morin is initially joined by Jeremy Spurlock of the San Diego Bolt Action Raiders and the guys talk about the scene and upcoming events on the left coast of the US. They also talk about an important cause to help both veterans and dogs in need. 

At that point, old friend of the cast, Luke Emerton hops on mic and he and Brad discuss the successful Cancon Bolt Action event and go over the new Battle Of The Bulge Campaign book unit by unit, with a microscope and a fine tooth comb. 


Please check out the episode and let us know what you think on the LRDG Podcast Facebook page. We love and appreciate any and all feedback.

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The FSD is entertained by a traveling flautist, as the boys talk about they're recent Armada experiences. Steven talks about the Corellian Conflict, while Dano, Drunktarkin, and the Doctor discuss their recent Regionals attendance.

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In this episode of Why We Fight, we jump right into more rules from version 4. In this short two act only episode we start off by going over the new rules and changes for National Special Rules. In Act II, we talk about Missions and share our thoughts about each of them. Be sure to check out this bite sized episode for more version 4 goodness!
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It was a warm and balmy night when Dan and Greg sat down to record a show. Damo was missing but we still had to have a go. There was news to be updated and stories to be told. A new show was needed for friends still in the fold.
This was the episode that we recorded before the holidays and in it we have a bit of a chat about Flames of War v4.0, we ask Santa for some really cool stuff and just have a good old chin-wag.
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In this episode the guys go to the Game Vault in Fredericksburg Virginia  to play in a Battle of the Bulge themed Flames of War tournament.

Once again we talk to the gamers who showed up and were able to finally meet up with fellow WWPD contributor Tom Burgess who sat down with the guys. 

Sean and Mitch talk about Flames of War and Team Yankee with the crowd, discuss Napoleonic's with the most passionate gamer ever, and get a behind the scenes exclusive of the very competitive Best residence when they sit down and talk to Jim Best Junior and Senior.

Contact us at


Twitter @MitchWWPD

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Like the Kardashians, Old Man Morin appears to have survived 2016, which means only one thing. More LRDG II content in the new year! Brad is back our tenth episode with two sets of guests to kick off our new season of podcasts. 

In segment one, Sam from The Down Order Podcast helps Brad shake off the cobwebs of not having cast for a while and the guys talk the state of Bolt Action now that version two has been out for a while now. They also generally discuss the "new" Armies of Germany book and discuss a few units not discussed in other places. 
It is that time of year again, the run up to Cancon, Australia's largest Bolt Action event. Though Brad is not attending, he talks with hobby god's Steven Drury and Andrew Brownrigg about how they are preparing for this huge event. They also discuss K'47 in the world post BA V2 and discuss how they are preparing their forces for the Cancon Konflikt'47 event.
Please check out the episode and let us know what you think, for good or for worse, on The LRDG Podcast Facebook page. We do love and appreciate the feedback!
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Why We Fight Episode 11: Version 4 Deconstructed Pt. 2
We hope that everyone had a great New Years and hope everyone is refreshed and ready to continue to dive into version 4. For Act 1, we have a quick tournament recap from the guys. Act 2, is all about how shooting is handled in version 4, and we cover a lot! We finish out strong by covering assaults in Act 3! Ring in the new year with another version 4 filled episode!
Direct download: WWF_Ep._11_ED.mp3
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Patch gets up at the crack of dawn to talk with Casey and Seamus about what they've been up to and how they combat the dreaded..... Tiger Fear!

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Return of the Judi


EZ and Dano are away from the conference room, trying to improve the Flesh Star Destroyer's defenses by spackling shut all the exhaust ports, so the ship's battle computer R1H4 steps in alongside the ship's doctor, Reinholt, to talk about their very early impressions on Wave 5. Obligatory Rogue One chat takes place as well, but for the most part Drunk Tarkin and Skyshuffler spend a lot of energy dodging all the blaster fire the newcomers bring aboard. 

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Episode 31 is a double act with Damo being OOA and Dan and Greg ready to assault your ears!

N00b News for part 1 with discussions around Team Yankee, GW and…….DUST?

In part 2, we’ll have a wee chin-wag about whats been going on at the local club, some of the games we’ve been playing and you know…..stuff?

Part 3 gets preeeeeeeeeeety interesting…...we sit down and have a chat about Team Yankee and what it means for the future of historical games and games in general. Warning: OPINIONS ENCLOSED!

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Why We Fight Episode 10: Version 4 Deconstructed


The title says it all; this episode is all about version 4! In Act 1, the guys talk quickly about some up coming events. They then quickly switch over to Act 2! In Act 2, we start deconstructing version 4. We got a rough copy of the of the new rules and start from the beginning and we continue going over the rules in Act 3. If you want news and updates on version 4 this podcast is it! 

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On the Road, Episode 3 Thanksgiving Special: Video Games, Turkey's and Toys

With Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed, Hosted by Tyler Held and Ashley Nekomata

In episode 3 Mitch and Sean are not on the road, but outside of the house where they talk about their favorite video games and fry turkeys!  Ashley and Tyler also give us what video games they play and what they plan to play in 2017. 

In act 3, We talk about what games they look forward to playing over the next few months and in the final act they talk about new products coming out for Flames of War and their future road trips.

For comments, concerns, or if you want us to come out and cover an event, please contact me at WWPDMitch@gmail.com or on Twitter at @MitchWWPD

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The long awaited (and slightly delayed) Ghost Army Podcast episode 20 is here, as the crew talk about the recent events they've been playing as well as what hobby they've been doing and what is to come. Also featuring a special second half with some new voices to the GAP with some strange accents.

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Why We Fight Episode 9: Return of the Pete Simunovich

He's back and ready to take on the questions you submitted! In Act 1, the guys do a quick recap of their time at Fall In. Act 2 is what everyone here came for. The guys ask the questions you submitted to Pete and press him for all they can on about what to expect from Version 4! We close with everyone trying to digest all the new information they heard in Act 3. This will be one podcast you for sure don't want to miss!

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Back with a sweaty vengeance, the crew of the flesh star destroyer brings you Episode 25 brought to you by Correlian Chew- the best treat in the galaxy! Things start off with a review of what the boys have been up to recently, including a quick World's review. Next up, the crew give a once-over to the new squadrons in Corellian Conflict, before moving on to the new objectives featured in the campaign! Yea, or Nay? Yea!

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Episode 2; with Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed, hosted by Tyler Held


In this episode Mitch and Sean go to Fall In 2016 which is hosted by HMGS. The guys talk too many of the folks at the event and discuss a wide variety of games as well as listen to the concerns some have about Flames of War Version 4.


From our LA studio, Tyler interviews his girlfriend Ashley about her video and board gaming addiction.

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Dirty 30 baby! It’s been a helluva run for the guys but there is no looking back now!


We hit the N00b News lines in Act I for you, covering off some of the new releases from around the gaming world and just generally talking about toys. Beware the segues though…


Act II sees Dan and Greg with some input from Damo talking about their latest accomplishment, FlamesCon 2016, the largest singles Flames of War tournament in New Zealand.


  Finally, the news in the FoW world has all been around Pete’s interview with our mates at the WWPD. We have a chat about what we think it all means and what it could lead to.

Direct download: Ep30.mp3
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Why We Fight Episode 8: Questions for Pete and Team Yankee
Welcome to another action packed episode! In Act I, the guys discuss tournaments and what everyone has been up to. Act II we talk about some of the questions and issues that we've seen in the forum for Pete and version 4. Finally in Act III, we talk about our current thoughts on Team Yankee. Get ready for another information filled episode!
Direct download: WWF_Ep._8_ED.mp3
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 "On the Road" is a new series from WWPD where we go out to speak with you, the gamer!.  Hosted by Tyler Held; each episode will feature Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed going on-location to interview the interesting folks who make up the gamming community.  

In our inaugural episode we head to the Iron Maiden roll-out at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie MD.  Mitch and Sean speak with the participants, the events coordinator at Games and Stuff, and an interview John-Paul Brisigotti the CEO of Battlefront.

"OTR" will cover all types of games, miniatures, board games, and card games from any period of genre. 

If you want us to cover an event, just  contact us (WWPDMitch@gmail.com) to see if we can make it. 

Along with the release of the new podcast we want to appeal to you to help us design the cover art, so contact me with your submissions. 

See you On the Road! 

Direct download: On_The_Road_Ep._1.mp3
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We’re kinda back on a regular schedule now! Awesome news huh?! And despite having our numbers culled by 25%, we’re still into it!


Act I sees use going over a heap of N00bNews from all over the gaming world. The latest and greatest in new shinys for all gamers!

Act II looks at whats been happening in and around our gaming club and all the craziness we’ve been getting involved in.

And Act III talks a little about our processes and thinkings when we start getting ready for a tournament, regardless of the genre.

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Why We Fight Episode 6: Tanks, Tracks, Bang, Yeah with Peter Simunovich
Have an extra pair of socks handy for this episode because they might be knocked off! In Act I, the guys give just a quick update on what has been going on. The episode really starts in Act II. We have super special guest Peter Simunovich of Battlefront here to give us all of the upcoming spoilers! In an emotional hangover Act III, the guys try to comprehend all the great information that they got from Pete. Be sure to head over to the forum to submit your questions to Pete. Now get ready for one of the most information-filled podcast yet!
Direct download: WWF_Ep._7_ED.mp3
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Why We Fight Episode 6: Iron Maiden
In this short and sweet episode the guys only do one Act and it's dedicated all to Iron Maiden! Similar to the Leopard episode, Luke, Eric, and Mitch break down everything in the new book for the British. So grab your guitars and tell Eddie to get ready. It's time for Iron Maiden!
Direct download: WWF_Ep._6_ED.mp3
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Those crazy BEL guys are back with another episode looking at whats happening around the gaming world.

In part 1, we cover off some Noob News as well as some news about the show.
Part 2 looks at whats been happening at TCOW as well as some news from the NZ tournament scene.
In the final part, we just go a little off script and talk about a mish-mash of different things.
We're kinda taking this one back to the old school. A Capella if you will!
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Steven, Luke, and Jon are back with episode 104! Tons of talk all over the board: FoW, Armada, Board Games, TV, and movies. Chill with the OG crew tonight, won't you?

Direct download: NFTF104.mp3
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In this action packed, full length episode, the LRDG II is back with a two shot of Bolt Action goodness!

In part one, Brad is joined by BA superstars Brian Ward, from the Northern Front Podcast, and Luke Emerton, of the Australian Bolt Action scene. The guys talk Stalingrad. From a historical and from a gaming standpoint. Now, Stalingrad, in and of itself, is a HUGE topic so we, at the LRDG, invite you to listen to the cast and send us suggestions for follow up conversation.

In part two, we welcome the father of Bolt Action back to the show. The one and only, Alessio Cavatore, returns to talk us through the best and most the most controversial parts of Bolt Action Second Edition.

Thank you for tuning in. For more information and to contact us, please look for The LRDG Podcast on Facebook.

Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_9_.mp3
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Episode XXIV: Eatin' Lwabstah

In Episode Whatevah: A Cah Pahks in the Doah Yahd, Dano, Skyshuffler, and DT have lost the mysterious bounty hunter Easy somewhere between the aft and fore taints of the Flesh Star Destroyer. In his place, the dot matrix printing R1H4 sits at the conference room table. The crew talks about recent tournaments, upcoming events, and of course their thoughts on all the new toys with a few (dozen in some cases) games under their flesh belts.

Direct download: IFF.XXIV.mp3
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In an episode jam-packed full of V2 talk, with a sprinkling of hobby, Anf, Bryan, Casey and Patch jump head-first into talks about what they are keen to see in the second edition of Bolt Action and how they think it will affect their armies and the way they play the game.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_19.mp3
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LRDG II: Episode 8: Breaking Down Bolt Action Second Edition

In this special all-star episode, Old Man Morin is joined by some of the biggest voices of the Bolt Action podcasting world to take a long in depth look at Bolt Action Second Edition. Brad is joined by Kieren from the Combined Operations Podcast, Brian from the Northern Front Podcast and Sam from the Down Order Podcast as they lift up the hood and look at the parts that make the new system work. 
Please join us for this special podcast experience. Please let us know what you thing of this podcast by messaging our Facebook page. You can find us under "The LRDG Podcast" on FB. Thank you for tuning in!
Please note some explicit language is uttered in the recording of this podcast, though it is not up to old LRDG standards, if you get our meaning. 
Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_8-_Looking_At_Bolt_Action_2nd_Edition.mp3
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The LRDG II Podcast Episode 7

In this two part episode Old Man Morin invites guests from around the world to discuss Bolt Action and Konflikt '47.
In the first segment, we invite our American buddies Seamus and Dwayne on to talk about the Norway Campaign of 1939. The guys talk history, famous units involved and list building around this time. 
The second segment marks the return of show regular and TO extraordinaire Peter West. Pete and Brad explore K'47 top to bottom. They talk listing in the Konflikt universe, new rules that they have found, the impact that the game will have on the community and favourite units that they can't wait to try out. Pete even channels the infamous Otto Skorzeny at one point. It is a wild ride.
Please join us for this action packed episode. 
As always, we at the LRDG love your feedback. Please let us know what you think about what you have heard by messaging us on our Facebook page. You can find (and "Like" us) at The LRDG Podcast. Thank you for tuning in. 
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Get ready for a bulging new episode of Why We Fight! In ACT I, the guys provide a quick update on some upcoming tournaments. In ACT II, we get an overview of the Axis lists in the new Ardennes Offensive book. Then in ACT III, we see what the Allies are up to in an overview of the new Battle of the Bulge book. Be sure to stick around for this special sneak peek episode!  
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Steve, Luke, and Jon are back! The dudes chat it up about games, movies, and more!

Direct download: nftf103.mp3
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Jumping out of hyperspace into a maelstrom of exciting news and possibly a monster truck space rally, the long-missing DT, Skyshuffler, Lord of Tubs, and EZ Chance come forth once again aboard the glistening Flesh Star Destroyer. The topics covered at the conference room table exclude being force choked but include a bit of Wave 3/4, the new campaign release, and of course the freshly-announced Wave 5. Put your aviator glasses on in a dramatic fashion and rakishly tip your fedora - it's Episode XXIII of Intensify Forward Firepower.

Direct download: IFF23.mp3
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On this special episode of Why We Fight Luke, Eric, and Mitch recap their experience and AAR's from Historicon in ACT I. The guys are then joined by special guest Wayne Turner, of Battlefront, to talk some Team Yankee and other new products coming down the pipeline in ACT II. In a short ACT III, the guys recap their interview with Wayne. Don't miss this awesome, spoiler filled episode!
Direct download: WWF_Ep._4.mp3
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The Do-Over! Dan fails to save the original Episode 27 correctly, so the guys come to his rescue with another fantastically over-inflated episode!


In Act I, for NoobNews, we’ve got some news from almost all corners of the wargaming world!


In Act II,we give out after action reports from New Zealand’s finest wargames tournament, Panzerschreck!


In Act III, we answer some listener questions, talk about our PTO updates, and our upcoming All-WWII-game-systems-included Firestorm Berlin campaign. Then Dan tells us a bedtime story...

Direct download: bel_ep27.mp3
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LRDG II: Episode 6 - An In Depth Look At Konflikt '47

Old Man Morin is joined by the legendary TO and all around rad guy, Peter West to tear into the new Konflikt '47 rule book line by line. There is a brief discussion of the Konflikt "world" before the guys dive headfirst into new rules, weapons, national rules and units for the big four nations. As TO's, the guys also talk about how running events for the game might work.

This is a raw, first impressions review... We hope you like it!

As always please find the LRDG Podcast on Facebook and let us know what you think!

Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_6_A_Look_At_Konflikt_47.mp3
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The GAP is back! The first half sees Patch and Anfernee welcome new guy Casey to the BAA family along with special guest Dan, before they jump into talking about what they hope to see in the upcoming Konflikt '47.  Then in the second half, Bryan returns from his trip to the land of the free and joins Anf and Tristan to talk about the games they've been having and upcoming events.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_18.mp3
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Steven, Luke, and Jon are back for the 2016 Historicon live show! Hear all about their gaming experiences at Historicon- Flames of War, Team Yankee, Longstreet, Guild Ball, and much more! No Pokemon were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

Direct download: Live_Show_HCon2016.mp3
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Welcome to another Bolt Action only episode of the LRDG II. In this very special episode Old Man Morin talks to two very special guests. 

In the first half of the episode, Old Man Morin faces off with the formidable David "Uber Gruber" Hunter from the Down Order Podcast to talk extensively about the history of and listing in 1939 Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union. With these two guys on the mic, expect an opinion or two to get dropped!
In segment two, Brad is joined by the author of Konflikt '47, the newest game in the Bolt Action family. Chris, from Clockwork Goblin Games, drops serious preview information about the world of Konflikt '47, changes to the BA rules, new units in the game and things to expect down the pipe. It is a gloriously revealing interview!  
We hope you enjoy listening to the episode. As always, please contact the guys on the LRDG Podcast FB if you have any feedback, positive or negative. We LOVE to hear from YOU!
Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_Five.mp3
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On today's episode Eric, Luke and Mitch are back with some big announcements in ACT I, including a new contest.  The guys take a thorough look at the new Leopard book in ACT II as well as some list building talk for Team Yankee, in particular our new favorite Leopard lists.  In ACT III the guys wrap up the episode with some Team Yankee commonly overlooked rules and an in depth talk about the "Meta" of Flames of War.  This is a information packed episode so don't miss out!

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LRDG II : Episode 4 – Return Of The Rising Sun

A loooooong time ago, the guys in the LRDG took a serious look at the Armies of Japan book when it came out. Since then, the Japanese army has not had much love on Bolt Action podcasts, to rectify this Old Man Morin has put together a formidable round table of IJA players to discuss common misconceptions about the army, tactics, favourite units and sooooo much more!

Later in the episode, Brad is joined by Patchimus Prime to talk painting, upcoming events and Patch’s 2017 Cancon giveaway. It should also be noted that Patch says a VERY naughty word!

The episode is rounded out with a chat from another friend from the north side of Australia, Hari Turner. We talk listing for late war Fins, grudge matches and Bolt Action in general.

Stay tuned.. This is a BEAST of an episode!

As always, we would love feedback from you, the listener. Please find us on Facebook under The LRDG Podcast and let us know what you think of this, or any other of our podcasts.


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In Episode 2 of WWPD Why We Fight, Eric and Luke are joined by Mitch Reed.  The guys discuss the recent news with Flames of War on Facebook and their normal AAR.  The guys also cover their recent tournament and what goes into building your tournament army.  In act III the talk turns to Great War and  a brief look at the upcoming Leopard book for Team Yankee.

Direct download: why_we_fight_two.mp3
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Patch, Bryan and Anf are back with another episode, talking about what they've been doing hobby-wise, what's been happening in the Bolt Action world and finishing off their discussion on the Australians in the Pacific Army List.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_-_Episode_17.mp3
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the veteran gunners of the Flesh Star Destroyer are greeblehauled as the crew deals with the unspeakable smell of three day old mustard coating the interior of the flesh star destroyer.


Image in question: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/004/536/Mustard_Guy.jpg

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of the LRDG Inappropriate Interviews! By request, Episode 3 is entirely focussed on Bolt Action. 

In the first segment, Brad is joined by Jamie from Rubicon who spills the beans about upcoming releases, what it is like behind the scenes at Rubicon and the guys discuss a really great charity to help a child in need! 
In part two, Tony Lee from Australia's north joins us to talk about what the Bolt Action scene is like in Queensland. He also recounts how his French performed at the ANZAC cup last weekend and what he took away from the event.
In the third and final part of the show, Brad is joined by old friend of the cast and the TO of great events like Wintercon and Cancon, Peter West. Peter and Brad talk about the upcoming Wintercon event, early war wargaming, the upcoming Marine Raiders Theatre Selector and... G.I. JOE themed armies in Bolt Action.
Please join us and let us know what you think on the LRDG Facebook Page. We treasure your feedback!  
If you "like" the LRDG podcast before July 1st, you will be in the running to win a Rubicon kit of your choice! Care of the awesome guys over at Rubicon!  All you have to do to be in the running is to hit the like button!
Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_3.mp3
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We’re back with another episode! We’ve got plenty to cover from a variety of systesm, some local NZ gaming updates, and a look at our #FoWPacific project!.


In Act I, for NoobNews, we’ve got some news from almost all corners of the wargaming world!


In Act II,we have a look at campaign gaming and announce a few upcoming local campaigns for a variety of systems.


In Act III, we look at our #FoWPacific projects and how far we’ve come and have yet to go! We also briefly address a listener's question about “win at all costs” players in game systems.



Direct download: bel_ep26.mp3
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Episode One of WWPD: Why We Fight hosted by Ben Davy, Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia.  On our first episode the guys discuss the goals of the podcast and upcoming news for Flames of War.  In Act II the guys review what they have been playing  lately and some upcoming lists they are working on.  In Act III the guys discuss Team Yankee, Tanks and some terrain rules.

Direct download: why_we_fight_one.mp3
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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XXI: Hold The Door

In episode XXI of Intensify Forward Firepower, DT, Dano, Easy Machine and Skyshuffler hastily regroup in the conference room of the Flesh Star Destroyer to discuss two new threats on the scanners. Wave 4 approaches and the crew does not hesitate to blast away at the Interdictor, while redirecting shields towards the Liberty. Tune in for their fast take on the latest Armada preview from FFG.

Direct download: IFF_21.mp3
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Old Man Morin is back with new guests and new conversational topics in the LRDG II's second big episode!

In segment 1, DaveOwaR jumps on the mic to talk gaming in general. Though we start off with a few minutes of fairly intense Halifax discussion, we quickly shift conversation to gaming as a whole. We talk about the new point values for AOS, the newest version of Warhammer Quest, the most recent changes to the Bolt Action format rules, the release of a new Bolt Action scenario, shifts in our gaming interests (and what makes us happy) and changes to the industry as a whole 
Segment 2 switches gears completely, away from gaming and Brad brings on his old mate Admiral Walken (Aka Christian Bladt) from the WWPD ad to talk podcasting, celebrity stories, impressions, karaoke, ancient history, superhero movies and more... Though part 2 is not about gaming we hope you will stick around for the banter and fun. 
If you want to find out more about Christian's podcast (The Bladtcast)... Please go to bladtcast.com
As always please leave us feedback on our FB page, The LRDG Podcast.  Thank you for tuning in!
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Intensify Forward Firepower XX: Where Greebles Haul

In Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 20, Dan, Skyshuffler, Easy/Chance, and Drunk Tarkin find their way back to the Flesh Star Destroyer from scattered points across the galaxy to talk shop about Star Wars Armada. First they make weak excuses for their extended absence. After, they talk about Regional Tournaments, flotillas, obscure naval terminology, and forgotten ships making big comebacks.

Direct download: IFF_XX.mp3
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As an amazing siren once warbled "oops we did it again". Unfortunately we're not suggestive and ultimately crazy teen pop sensations, we're the baconburgers. Sorry about this folks but this is another long one. Our longest to date. At nearly 6 hours we cover all manner of crunch. We lock horns with Lord Hunter from the Down Order. We speak with Jeremy Williams, the sterling loose unit who wrangled adepticon and generally garratt, Rob and Tristan get three sheets to the wind and talk some bolt action. Enjoy!!

Warning - mature language warning & mature content

Direct download: Baconburgers_Episode_5_part_ii.mp3
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As an amazing siren once warbled "oops we did it again". Unfortunately we're not suggestive and ultimately crazy teen pop sensations, we're the baconburgers. Sorry about this folks but this is another long one. Our longest to date. At nearly 6 hours we cover all manner of crunch. We lock horns with Lord Hunter from the Down Order. We speak with Jeremy Williams, the sterling loose unit who wrangled adepticon and generally garratt, Rob and Tristan get three sheets to the wind and talk some bolt action. Enjoy!!

Warning - mature language warning & mature content

Direct download: Baconburgers_episode_5_part_i.mp3
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The Ghost Army Podcast returns after a break and with a theme song by Blackwater Drowning! Patch, Bryan and Anfernee dive into what they have been up to for the last few months, followed by a short discussion on V2 of the Bolt Action rules and the future of the season format, before taking a look at the new Australians in the Pacific PDF army list.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_-_Episode_16.mp3
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We’ve got a full house today with all of the crew and two special guests! There was a lot of news to cover as well as exclusive TANKS info and interview with the Battlefront team.

In Act I, There’s a lot to cover this episode from Salute news to new rules editions of some big titles.

In Act II,we talk about the events at the last TCOW club meeting, look at some upcoming events and get caught up on our #FoWPacific coverage progress. 

In Act III, we interview Sean Goodison and Andrew Haught about the new Battlefront/GF9 game: TANKS!

Direct download: bel_ep25.mp3
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Greetings one and all, the LRDG is back in the studio. In this "special" episode the guys are joined for serious game discussion, karaoke singing and puns galore by the the former member of the Dweller's Below Podcast, the Kraken/ That Ol' Egg himself...  Chris Cousins! \
We briefly discuss "Magical Cards," gaming companies that actually support events based around their games and 80's music before getting into our main topics. We mourn the death of Warhammer Fantasy and talk about one of its successors... Kings Of Wars. Of course, the Turkey is flowing sooooo...  these discussion take some time and might be prone to occasional entertaining, digressions about... Well... lots of things.
Buckle up and enjoy! This one goes old school! 
Direct download: LRDG_Episode_28.mp3
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Anarchy reigns supreme as Mike misses out on Episode 24! In this episode we interview Wayne from Battlefront about the upcoming Pacific books Gung Ho and Banzai. There's the usual noob news and the week that was in gaming.​

Direct download: behind_enemy_lines_Episode_24.mp3
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Welcome one and all to the newest podcast by the warped minds that brought you podcasts like the Dweller's Below, The LRDG and The Ghost Army Podcast. The LRDG II (or Inappropriate Interviews), Old Man Morin invites folks from near and far to discuss miniature wargaming in its many forms.

Episode one is largely about Old Man Morin's foray, as an experienced warmer, into Malifaux. In the first segment Brad chats with our old buddy on the top side of the world, CBax who is on a similar gaming path but is further along the road, experience wise. The guys talk Easter Sale, starting up Faux and discuss gaming in general. 
In segment two, Patch joins in to discuss painting as he details how he painted the incredible Pertida Crew for Brad in the span of a weekend. He explains the tricks he used to get that level of detail onto the models in such a short period of time. He then hangs around for a bit and the guys briefly talk Team Yankee and wargaming in general. Look for more pictures of Patch's stuff on the LRDG Podcast's FB page. 
I am joined in the final segment by, the one and only, Matt Stanley of Nova Open (in)Fame. Matt shares the highs and lows of his recent Adepticon trip, discusses gaming post apocalypse style, chats Malifaux highlights and shares new events scheduled for this year's Nova Open. 
Be warned that the occasional naughty word was dropped here and there during the recording of this podcast. This is a new and slightly raw cast. If you have feedback that you would like to share and ideas that you would send our way, please contact Old Man Morin via the LRDG Podcast Facebook page. 
*We would like to thank the bands Rocket From The Crypt for letting us use their fantastic tune "Pushed" as our intro music and The Red Elvises for generously letting use their tune "Love Pipe" as our outro music. We at the LRDG highly recommend that you check out the work of these extremely talented bands. 
Direct download: LRDG_II_Episode_1.mp3
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Following one great guest with another we have plasticard guru, Warplane nut and all round loose unit Jakob Lotz on to talk hobby, rules talk and tips for making homemade conversions. We wrap this massive 2 parter up with a debrief where we discuss the Victorian Bolt Action league and an exciting new event in Melbourne!

**Warning Explicit language**

Direct download: Baconburgers_Episode_4_Part_2.mp3
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In the first part of this epic 2 parter episode we delve into a range of topics from

hobby projects, recent events, Tristan’s new Finnish army and even take a quick glance at Warlord's newly-ish released 'Duel in the Sun'. Next we bring on our first International guest with renowned Bolt Action enthusiast and resin crusader Mad Bob Emmerson on to talk Kickstarter's, rules, the UK scene and even the mighty Norwegians!


Warning: Explicit Language.

Direct download: Baconburgers_Episode_4_Part_1.mp3
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Normal show notes are on hold since the writers abandoned ship, having read the grief stricken moaning of an upset forum poster, but fear not! The intrepid crew of the Flesh Star Destroyer continue on their quest. In this episode they thrust full force into FFG's latest warm batch of delicious new flotillas!

Direct download: IFF19.mp3
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An impromptu show from Luke and Eric at Cold Wars, joined by some special Guests Mark, Sean and Bob.  The guys cover a Island Landing mission they played from the new Pacific books and cover the MW doubles tournament.  The gang also discuss the Japanese and Marine lists along with the strategy tips for building your forces.

Direct download: OTR_102.mp3
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In this packed episode the fearless baconburgers tackles the hard topics head on. We cover the upcoming cleanslate event, season 3 Boltaction alliance rules and all three burgers blow their respective gaskets over the recent warlord Boltaction errata. We also speak with Mike and Lance from Battlefield accessories and we have a farewell chat with our much missed French connections Julien and Enzo. As well as other chunks of crunchy cheese - enjoy!!
Explicit language warning, mature listeners only.
Direct download: BB_3_.mp3
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The guys are back with news, AARs and some #FoWPacific talk!

In Act I, we’ve got some n00b news, and talk about how kickstarter is kicking our collective butts this quarter!

In Act II,we talk about the events at the last TCOW club meeting, cover off some excellent listener questions (hey, that’s you!) and chat a bit about Club Challenge events. 

In Act III, we dive back into the Flames of War Pacific with list discussions, project updates and even talk a bit about some upcoming games!

Direct download: bel_ep23.mp3
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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XVIII: The Death of a Helmsman. The crew members mourn the figurative loss of their beloved engineering chief Lobrad. (Spoiler Alert: He's not dead and just took an episode off.) In addition, Easy, Skyshuffler, Dano and DT all traveled varying differences to attend more Store Championships! Find out what they brought and how it flew in this exciting episode of Intensify Forward Firepower!

Direct download: IFF_Episode_XVIII.mp3
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The boys are back in this transitional 27th episode. The guys deviate from the Bolt Action world to discuss gaming in general. Specifically, they chat about X-Wing, gaming Kickstarters and the wonders of Malifaux. Check it out!

WARNING: This episode contains strong language and adult concepts. You have been warned!
Direct download: LRDG_Off_Topic_Episode_27.mp3
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In this live episode the Baconburgers venture into the vast Australian outback in search of the big C, and no, the C isn't for cheese, it's CANCON. Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road, mic in sweaty hand and attempt to capture the dream that is Australia's largest Bolt Action event EVER! Hang on cheese wizards, we're not in Kansas anymore...

Explicit language warning

Direct download: Baconburgers_Episode_2.5.mp3
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Welcome back for another packed episode of Behind Enemy Lines! This week we’ve got a lot to talk about including n00b news, AARs from DanCon III, and a careful review of Battlefront’s Pacific books for Flames of War...  

In Act I, we talk about n00b news and look at some upcoming kickstarters, including the highly anticipated Explorers of the North Sea! 

In Act II, we each talk about DanCon III, the greatest most random FoW event in all of West Auckland. Heads up in this section, low flying aircraft inbound. 

In Act III, we dive into the Flames of War Pacific books: Banzai and Gung Ho and give you the inside scoop on these great books and talk about our chosen lists.

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The Old School crew is back!  Luke, Jon and Phteven blow the doors off Episode 101!  

In Act I, the boys do the usual look ahead to upcoming events like Cold Wars, ROFCON, a Huzzah tournament, etc.  The guys look look back at Williamsburg Muster and all the other stuff that has been going on.

In Act II, Flames of War is the topic!  We cover some news from Can-Con, speculate about the future, overlooked rules, and talk about the struggles of putting together a 1420 list.

In Act III, we talk about Twitch, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Eclipse and the first book review of the year!

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 17: Thirteen Secret Reasons Dan Loves Ozzel Scientists Don't Want You to Know brings the original crew back together! Easy, Steve, DT and Dano, fresh from Store Championships in New York and Virginia set the listening table with reviews of the events and their takeaways before bringing some Wave 2 commander chat to the conference room. Listen up because the Flesh Star Destroyer is glistening after all the recent action! 

Direct download: IFF17.mp3
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BEL Ep. 21:

It’s 2016 and we’re back! We had a busy holiday with lots of relaxin’ and gamin’ but now we’re back in the BEL saddle getting ready for our exciting Flames Of War Pacific coverage!  


In Act I, we talk about n00b news from over the holidays, look at some upcoming kickstarters, and more..


In Act II, we cover what we’ve been up to at club and our seasonal garage gaming, before leaking a bit of info about #FoWPacific and what we’ve got lined up on our various social media channels.


In Act III, we look at punitive actions in organized play, and then finish up by answering a great question about how to get into games, like Flames Of War.

Direct download: bel_ep21.mp3
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Turns out the LRDG doesn't take being accused of being on hiatus.

With the world in turmoil and with celebrities leaving us faster than a speeding bullet...  The boys decided it was time to dawn Lachlan's special onsie and get back to work!

All four of the original members are back in this special, mind bending 26th episode. The guys tackle topics like: which half of Lachlan is furry, Season 3 rules, Empires in Flames and what the future of the cast holds!

Stay tuned and hold on, this podcast is definitely only for mature listeners!

This podcast includes adult language and themes! You have been warned!

Direct download: LRDG_26_.mp3
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In this milestone episode, the entire crew is here - Luke, Jon, Tarzan and Steven - to review the past year and speculate wildly about 2016!

In a jumbo Act I, the talk about upcoming events, and do a long AAR for everyone.  We also take a look back at the entire WWPD timeline and goof appropriately!

In Act II, we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then launch into a review of our performance on resolutions.  Spoiler Alert: We didn't do all that great.

For Act III, we gaze into the crystal ball as we look forward to 2016!  New commitments are made, hopes are high, and enthusiasm is looking good for WWPD's 2016!

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Welcome back for Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XVI: Attack Pattern Squadron, Go Now! Drunk Tarkin, Dano, and Skyshuffler are joined once again by R1H4 to talk squadrons. They kick things off with a trip down memory lane to discuss what squadrons meant to them when the game first came out before diving into everything squadrons currently have to offer. If you love or hate squadrons, this episode is for you! 

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The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 15 - The New Years Special

The Ghost Army Podcast is back again with a special New Years episode. The guys have a slew of special guests as they jump around the globe talking Bolt Action with representatives from a variety of communities. From across the US with Rob Rhodes, Aaron Filter and Mark Dawg, to Rich H from the UK and Jakob from Sweden.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_New_Years_Special_EP15.mp3
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In an unprecedented move the Baconburgers have been given a green light to record a second episode. We tackle the hard topics with some rules, hobby, events and a look at operation Mercury! We also catch up with Craig from Laser Touch and eloborate on "Baconburgers With Cheese." 

Direct download: BB_Episode_2.mp3
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In this super-sized 14th episode the guys talk about painting tips and tactics before bundling up warmly to converse with our very own King Of The North, C-Bax. From there, the conversation gets deep into the .Net Season 3 rules changes, Japanese forces outside of the island hopping campaign and how to effectively set terrain up on your table top. We invite you to cuddle up with loved ones by the fire and enjoy this holiday season offering from Down Under!
Happy Holidays!!!
Direct download: The_Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_14.mp3
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SPOILER ALERT!  If you have not seen The Force Awakens, do NOT listen to this.

Direct download: WWPD_Force_Awakens_Reaction.m4a
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Wave Two with the Salty Droid R1H4. Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 15: The Second Wave's Landing brings Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Skyshuffler together with a special guest - battle computer R1H4 - to talk about their recent mega-sessions using all the new tools provided by Wave 2 of FFG's Armada. Thoughts on the new additions fill this show,  along with a few war stories, and a vicious Vader fight. Master Engineer Lobrad has his work cut out for him as the Flesh Star Destroyer is covered with carbon scoring from all the recent action! 

Direct download: IFF_15.mp3
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It’s the holiday season and the guys are back for a little gift giving, investigative reporting and weather forecasting (it’s frosty out there!). We then ready our wishlists for Wargames Santa and make bold promises that we’re most likely not going to deliver. Happy holidays to all our listeners and we’ll see you all in the New Year!


In Act I, we talk YouTube, Kickstarters, do a mild unboxing live, and get all the small news sorted for you.


In Act II, we investigate the frozen world of Frostgrave and write our wishlists for Warmanes Santa.

In Act III, we look ahead to 2016 and list our our personal resolutions for the New Year and outline some resolutions about Behind Enemy Lines. We’ve also got some big news, so prepare yourself for some cutting edge reporting coming in January!

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Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon wrestle this episode to the ground without our fearless leader.  In Act I, the guys do an in-depth AAR and talk about painting, X-Wing, Destiny, and upcoming events.  

Act II is chock full of Flames of War!  Jon and Eric discuss their recent game, while everyone joins in to talk about Tournament points, Team Yankee, The Pacific and Mid War.  

For Act III, the guys talk Star Wars and Estar Guars!

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About the cast
The Baconburgers are a Melbourne based trio of war gamers who also happen to be brothers (sort of). We aim to kick out episodes of Bolt Action goodness on a monthly basis. Join Tristan, Garratt & Rob as we crunch lists, armies, rules and hobby. Beware Strong Language is used in this Podcast.
Episode 1:
Join the Baconburgers on our maiden voyage as we sail into the storm that is Tristan's new crush, namely the Finns, rules crunch and we peek behind the curtain that is warplanes. Welcome to the Baconburgers!!
Direct download: Baconburgers_Ep_1.mp3
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Greg and Damian struggle against Mike and Dan in a herculean effort to steer the conversation away from Fallout long enough to discuss all of the great things happening in the wide world of wargaming. May contain traces of Fallout.... #Fallout4 #NotReally

In Act I, we’ve got some news from across the World of Wargaming, and have a look at some promising kickstarter campaigns.

In Act II, we talk about out TCOW games, Rust in the City’s Firestorm Caen campaign, and surviving the TNT wasteland. 

In Act III, we get up to our usual shenannegans talking about the return of Games Workshop’s specialist games and discuss the fickle nature of being rather too impatient for new games to arrive on our tables.

Direct download: bel_ep19.mp3
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The full crew is back for another podcast! We talk about new releases and interesting kickstarters to watch, cover FlamesCon event news, community goings-ons, and talk a little controversy about tournaments and dealing with a particular type of problem person in some wargames communities...

In Act I, we flush out some good intel about the world of wargames, including news bits from across the interwebs.

In Act II, we cover Bludgefest II and FlamesCon 2015. 

In Act III, we talk about tournaments, meta games, and septic pillars (gross).

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 14: Objective Overload begins with a quick update on what's been happening with Skyshuffler, Easy, Drunk Tarkin, and Dano before diving into a gigantic topic. Specifically, the crew of the Flesh Star Destroyer covers everything time allows for regarding objectives; even speculating on how some of them will change in the Wave 2, 400-point environment. Have a listen, and if you happen to see Lobrad anywhere, let him know there was a bit of blaster fire coming from the conference room last night!

Direct download: IFF_Episode_14.mp3
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CAUTION: We get a LITTLE edgy in this one with some off-color jokes.

The guys come to you LIVE from Fall-In 2015!  Eric, Jon, Steven and Luke cover the con activities and recount all the craziness.  At the end, the guys take questions from the crowd and talk about what they would like to see from Flames of War in the future.  Tune in and see what our thoughts are!

Direct download: NFTF_Ep_98.mp3
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We join Ben, Dave and Scotty with a Flamescon wrap-up, continue exploring ‘Berlin’ options and look forward to future events.

Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep17.mp3
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In this (the second half of a) huge double shot episode of the GAP, they guys crunch everything MOAB. Patch, Anf and Tristan are joined by Bryan and cover everything Moab related from tables, armies, experiences and results.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_12.5.mp3
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In this huge double shot episode of the GAP, they guys crunch everything MOAB. Patch, Anf and Tristan are joined by Bryan and cover everything Moab related from tables, armies, experiences and results.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_12.mp3
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Coming at you with all the power Lobrad can muster out of the engines set to their highest vibration settings, Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 13: Rogue Bombers Approach covers all the latest! The enigmatic Easy, deafening Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Slashing (Ackbar) Steven report to the Flesh Star Destroyer's conference tub to talk about their experiences with large ships, wave 2 anticipation, and the upcoming Rogues and Villains pack. Much more is packed into this ep, so check it out!

Direct download: IFF_Episode_13.mp3
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After hiatus, we are back! We hope you enjoyed the fabled "Lost Episode" and are ready for more randomness!
This week, the guys (minus Mike) talk about little things and big things. We cover off the latest in news we've sourced from around the nets.
Then we get into what we did in the latest round of TCOW shenanigans and also plug the next big event on the NZ Flames of War calendar, FlamesCon.
Part 3 is all about your questions and also an EPIC discussion. We also have a wee competition going….

Direct download: BEL_Episode_17.mp3
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Luke and Jon travel to a 1500 point open Late War Flames of War tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.  The usual predictions and list discussion takes place on the way up, with a tournament report on the way back.

Direct download: OTR_Ep_97.mp3
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The guys are back in this super sized episode! We welcome fellow China lover, Steven Drury, to the cast to talk about "Empires in Flames." We also welcome our old friend Nate, from Trenchworx Miniatures, to talk keep Kickstarters, tanks and the Pacific! Tune in for a ripper of an episode!
Sent from my iPhone

Direct download: GAP_EP_11.mp3
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The Fleshing at Sullust is finally brought to you through the engineering prowess of Lobrad with a little comlink help from Drunk Tarkin, Rulesbot Dano, Steven Skyshuffler, and the enigmatic, mysterious, grey (or purple) eyed bounty hunter named Easy. The team comes together from around the Atlantic Coast to discuss the Massing at Sullust events they attended. Success varies per crew member - unless you measure success on a good time scale! Tune in to find out how the fleet engagements went and any takeaways the Intensify Forward Firepower podcast left with.

Direct download: IFF_Episode_12.mp3
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The Lost Episode… This Behind Enemy Lines episode was literally lost when Mike moved house. It was uncovered in an unmarked box guarded by top men in a warehouse located somewhere in a remote army base. We cannot be held responsible for the (dated) content within! Listen at your own peril!

Direct download: bel_ep16.mp3
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Eric, Luke and Dirty Jon come at you with another episode of News from the Front!  In Act I, the guys talk about upcoming FoW events and conventions, but quickly slide into a jumbo AAR that covers FoW, Comicon, X-Wing and more!

In Act II, it's Flames of War all over the place, with a discussion of The Great War, Team Tankee and the Firestorm Caen campaign.

For Act III, the guys hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, X-wing painting and more!

Direct download: NFTF_Ep_96.mp3
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In this eleventh installment of Intensify Forward Firepower Easy, Steve, Dan, and an intoxicated Moff preview all the new ships set to arrive soon with the long awaited second wave for FFG's Armada. Lobrad spins the engine discs up from within the depths of the terrifying FSD so the crew can discuss their initial reactions on most, if not all, of the previewed cards and ships. What does Dano love? What does Judson hate? What color are the bounty hunter's eyes and where exactly on the fence is Steven sitting? Find out in this MEGA IFF Episode 11: The Arrival!

Direct download: Episode11.mp3
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In Episode 10, the guys start up with a live report from BAMA before heading back to the bunker to discuss their lists and games. We also take a closer look forces that fought in The Battle Of The Bulge and talk about the future of Bolt Action .Net

Direct download: GHost_Army_Podcast_Episode_10.mp3
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The guys are back with a vengeance, as Eric, Jon and Steven dive right in to an extensive Act I AAR.  We talk all things Star Wars, Flames, Chain of Command, Battletech and other stuff!  

In Act II, the guys recap the Guns of August FoW tournament, talk about building doubles lists, discuss the new Lessons from the Front and the new Battlefront Soviet plastics.

For Act III, the guys wander all over the place and talk about all (most?) of the stuff they promised to cover in this act.  Steven talks in detail about the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Campaign.

Direct download: NFTF_-_Ep95.mp3
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The guys return for an epic podcast. We cover news, community goings-ons, and try our hand at collective game design.... This episode is rather long, so it might be best consumed over the course of several listening sessions!

In Act I, we dig up some good intel about the world of wargames, including news bits from Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, to Warhammer, and beyond.

In Act II, we cover off our usual TCOW AAR and then give some incoherent answers to our really patient listener’s questions. 


In Act III, some thing amazing may or may not have happened… (but probably not).


Direct download: bel_ep15.mp3
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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 10: A New Host smashes through your shielding and launches a boarding party as special guest Michael Gernes (the producer of Star Wars Armada at FFG) heads to the bridge of the Flesh Star Destroyer. Joining him there are, as always Drunk Tarkin, Dano, Easy, and Steve Skyshuffler - not that he can pronounce it. In Episode 10, the guys chat with Michael on the design process behind Armada before getting him in front of the interrogation droid in an attempt to extract information on future Armada releases. The episode is rounded out when Michael joins the crew to talk about Easy's squadron-led victory, DT's hard-learned lessons, and Skyshuffler's use of Garm's Gups.

Direct download: IFF_Ep10.mp3
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The sub-episodes continue as the crew of the FSD bring you Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 9.6: The Tub Continued! This show continues where the last one ended, with Drunk Tarkin's return and a session detailing the latest tournament list. Unbeknownst to the boys at the time, Steve would ultimately play the list in a tournament before DT, so the "Garm's Gups" list devised in this episode truly was a group effort!

Direct download: IFF_Ep9.66666.mp3
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Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road to Canberra for Wintercon. We cover our respective lists, some rules crunch and also manage to catch up with our good friends Patch, Anf and Bryan!!"

Direct download: Taking_The_GAP_To_Wintercon_-_20-08-2015_2.54_pm.mp3
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In this "IFF Anthologies" episode, Dano, Steve, and Eric light some scented candles, and climb into the tub to talk about lists. Eric and Steve are gearing up for a tournament, and wanted to record the process of working through what to run! In order to get properly hyped for this episode, please make sure to watch "I'm Han Solo": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg_FoEy8T_A 

Direct download: IFF_9.5.mp3
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n this very NSFW episode, the guys return from their wasteland adventures and get back behind the microphone!


In Act I, we delve into some GenCon news about X-Wing, cover off a Kickstarter that “excites” the Bludgelord, and generally lose our train of thought.


In Act II, we remember tales from the Ranui Wasteland as our TNT campaign kicked off last week at TCOW. Then we dive into some really good listener’s questions. 


In Act III, the dreaded topic of gamer burnout rears it’s ugly head. But have no fear, the guys have some survival tips on how to make it through!

Direct download: bel_ep14.mp3
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In this special Wintercon episode of the GAP Brad, Anf and Patch get down with some crunchy chat about lists, hobby in general and of course the amazing rollercoaster that was the grudge match between Tristan and Patch. Tristan himself and Garratt come on as well and give a game by game breakdown of the amazing event that was Wintercon 2015.

Direct download: The_Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_9.mp3
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We join Ben and Lachlan for a review of the ETC lists and look forward to some upcoming events.

Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep15.mp3
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In Episode IX of Intensify Forward Firepower: Walkin' In Bespin, Skyshuffler, Easy, Dano and Drunk Tarkin have a long talk about everything that went on at GenCon. For starters, Steve gives a review of everything GenCon related and breaks the news about what was revealed in the Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Review. Afterwards, the crew of the flesh star destroyer review the big tournament - including some tournament list chat - before interviewing the tournament winner. Before the close, thoughts on the future of Armada are mentioned, as well as a recent after action review, are thrown around. Besides all that, the big contest continues!

Direct download: Walking_In_Bespin.mp3
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In Act I, Luke, Eric and Jon cover the normal AAR and talk about what is coming up for the WWPD Crew.  As usual, we drift a bit.  In Act II, Jon does a solo Gencon AAR for the whole act - we had a great time!  The guys wrap up the 'cast in Act III with a talk about Cold War Gone Hot, two book reviews and talk about Guns of August.

Direct download: NFTF_Ep_94.mp3
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The guys are back after a super TCOW weekend. In this episode, we’ve got some surprises and some heavy topics lined up for you!


In Act I, we delve as deep as possible in a pre-GenCon world of wargaming news.


In Act II, we talk about the cosmopolitan collection of gaming systems played at last week’s club, and cover lots of excellent questions from our listeners. 


In Act III … THAT kickstarter campaign… and what having a community means to us.

Direct download: bel_ep13.mp3
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We join Ben, Dave and Scotty with an ICC wrap-up, build some lists with ‘Berlin’ and look forward to future events.

Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep14.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:22am EDT

The guys are back after an epic wargaming holiday to sunny Palmerston North. We weave tall tales about snow as well as some stuff about wargaming victories and defeats.


In Act I, we talk more about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, newb news, and Kings of War 2.


In Act II, we cover some more excellent questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, we tell the tale of two vans… a Panzerschreck 2015 AAR! Also, pay close attention for a listener competition!

Direct download: bel_ep12.mp3
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We are back again at HMGS Historicon!  The guys cover their time at the convention so far and auction off a surprise Dream Date!  There is a brief talk about the Japanese in Early War - spoiler alert - we like'm!  In the Q&A session, the guys talk Flames of War Cold War, the recent Berlin book, changes to the premium subscription, predictions for Version 4 and more!

Direct download: Historicon_2015.mp3
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Intensify Forward Firepower, Episode VIII: Assaulting Frigates starts off as usual with a quick review of what Easy, Steve, Dan, and Judson have been up to lately, as well as what's been going on in the rest of the Armada-verse. The fantastic products from Space Rocks ( http://www.space-rocks.net/ ) are reviewed and some other interesting attractions from around the internet are mentioned. Before long, the crew of the FSD are fighting their way through a bit of a look-back into what stood out in Wave 1, and no talk of Wave 1 would be complete without some guesswork regarding what is to come in Wave 2. Tune in for another episode of Intensify Forward Firepower! 

Direct download: iff8_-_16-07-2015_2.59_pm.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:18pm EDT

Rise of the Bludge Lord.

We're back with another episode and this time we've got a special guest, local wargames hero Damian Reid! Join the crew as they talk Noob News, answer your listener questions, perform a live unboxing, rant about some new Warhammer rules, and generally talk some shit.

Direct download: bel-ep11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:27pm EDT

Intensify Forward Firepower, Episode VII: The Dandroid's Fury comes to you courtesy of Dan, Eric, Jud, Steve, and Engineer Brad this time with an ambitious topic. Things begin with a review from the crew of their latest Armada exploits. Listeners get two brief tournament reports before the hosts jump into the gigantic subject of integrating objectives into the fleet design process. Eventually, the show is wrapped up with a short rules discussion before the flesh star destroyer begins to fall apart and the escape pods are reluctantly launched

Direct download: IFF7.mp3
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In episode 8, the guys talk shop before delving into the new Royal Marine PDF and the Germany Strikes book. We also talk to G Patrol winner and all around awesome dude Garratt along side our equally awesome, old pal Tristan about the game, army lists, G Patrol and upcoming events. Come about and check episode 8 out.

Direct download: GHOST_ARMY_PODCAST_Episode_8.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16am EDT

Join us as we talk about all sorts of gaming madness, ranging from the streets of Berlin to Fallout 4. Warning: May contain traces of Fallout 4 In Act I, we talk about wargaming n00b news and rumours, including a sneak peek at Berlin, the upcoming and eagerly awaited Flames Of War supplement. Then Dan and Mike can’t help but talk a little Fallout 4 following the Bethesda E3 conference, much to Greg’s lament. In Act II, we cover our TCOW game day AARs and answer some more excellent listener questions. We don’t talk about Fallout 4 in this act, but we’re thinking about it. In Act III, we answer a live Tweet question (yay!) and talk a bit about our tournament preparations for a couple of upcoming events next month. I don’t remember much about this act because I’m daydreaming about Fallout 4.

Direct download: bel_ep10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:58pm EDT

The crew is back for Episode VI and ready to Intensify Forward Firepower! A listener question gets answered to kick things off before Steve and Eric review their experiences from the weekend Armada tournament they both participated in. Before long, this after-tournament talk turns into an extended squadron discussion where the merits of Rhymer and the pitfalls of B-wings are tossed around. Before launching the escape pods Dano, Eric, Judson and Steve chat about just a portion of the game's objective scenarios, with more sure to come in future episodes.

Direct download: IFF6.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:17am EDT

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. The Mouth of Madness and Tobu muster in the LRDG tent to debrief after Lachlan's successful running of a tournament. We also hear directly from the players of said tournament in the return of 'Taking the Thing to the Road'! Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format and the Warplane rules feature as a topic for discussion, as well as some accessories to decorate your games table and hobby station. Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy!

Direct download: LRDG_Episode_25.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:03pm EDT

All the guys are back for this Episode of News from the Front!  I left the fan on this time, so you get a bit of a buzz throughout this episode -- sorry, guys!

In Act I, the guys discuss some changes to the podcast format and cover the normal AAR, which covers our FoW and other projects and Con appearances.  We get in-depth about Historicon!

For Act II, the guys continue into FoW talk and discuss the recently formalized changes to Naval Gunfire Support.  There is also quite a discussion on the practicalities of implementing chess clocks at FoW tournaments.

Steven joins us for Act III and we talk about Star Wars Armada, Conquest and the upcoming WWPD GenCon trip.  As per normal, talk drifts all over the place during the last act.

Direct download: NFTF_-_Ep_92.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 31, we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben. 
In act one we join the guys on the last ever episode of Beyond the Foxholes on WWPD. The guys start the episode with their normal AAR including chatting about Campaign. They then round out the act with a big thank you to WWPD and then how to find the podcast going forward on iTunes.

In act two Ben interview Evan the Battlefront Sculpter.

In act three the guys round out the episode with Winner Dave's Mail Bag and Welsh Open chatter.
Direct download: BTFH_Epsiode_31.mp3
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An even more milleaneous episode as we cover a lot of interesting topics, mostly inspired by some amazing questions submitted by you, the listeners! Danger: contains discussion about adult onesies.


In Act I, n00b news and rumours are gathered and redistributed.


In Act II, the cast talk about our gaming goings-ons, discuss our AARs, and answer even more probing, but nevertheless excellent, questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, the guys cover what’s in their painting queues and answer an excellent question about how to infuse a narrative style into your wargames.

Direct download: bel_ep9.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:06pm EDT

The crew members of Intensify Forward Firepower are back in Episode Five to break down their first experiences with all the highly sought after Wave 1 new releases. Things start of with a recap of recent Star Wars Armada maneuvers from the gang before a certain cast member needs to go back on everything he had said in the last episode. The value of squadrons is discussed at length, as well as the intensely forward-firing Demolisher. Before too long, the foursome is forced to end the episode regardless of the fact that they all have much, much more to say about the Armadaverse post-Wave 1.

Direct download: IFF5.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:33pm EDT

Nukes fall, dark ages happen, and life continues in a post-apocalyptic world. Join us for yet another report from Behind Enemy Lines!

In Act I, the guys report on some wargaming n00b news and rumours.

In Act II, we discuss our AARs and answer some probing questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, the guys run through the very basics of Saga and introduce our new favourite game: This Is Not A Test...

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 30 On The Road To Solent Wargamers Armageddon, in this episode we join Adam, Ben and Paul in Ben's car as they chat about the Solent Wargamers Armageddon tournament. - This is only a short one guys.


In Act One the guys chat about the tournament, their army lists and what they hope to get out of the day.


In Act Two the guys give a full AAR of the event, some thoughts about their army lists and plans for the Welsh Open.

Direct download: BTFH_Episode_30.mp3
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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Dave O' War and the Mouth of Madness are joined by none other than Mr J. Juddd in a Trans-Pacific Party Pie of an episode. The guys discuss Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format, as well as pondering 'Weird War' and World War I possibilities. ​

Direct download: LRDG_24.mp3
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In episode 7, Brad and Anfernee talk about their very different approaches to Late War German lists for the upcoming G Patrol tournament and recap the recent event at Kay Jay's Hobbies. All of this before talking to the one and only, legendary Michael Perry! Michael talks us through sculpting, driving armoured vehicles to the pub and meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand... amongst other topics. We then have our close friend Tristan on to talk about tips and tricks to help create durable, fantastic looking terrain.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_7.mp3
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In Intensify Forward Firepower: Episode 4 Dan, Eric, Steve, and Judson are excited to talk Wave 1! "It's away!" With the news that the ships and squadrons everyone has been waiting for are en route, Dan takes every opportunity to remind the rest of the crew that his have already been delivered. They talk about their latest Armada-exploits, and then hurtle headlong into a discussion of their initial Wave 1 impressions. This carries the four through Assault Frigate mentions, TIE Bomber drops, Gladiator quips, and unique squadron debates. Tune in as you wait with Steve, Eric, and Judson - but not Dan - for your Wave 1 orders to arrive..

Direct download: IFF4_1.mp3
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Bludging, news, and special characters, oh my! Welcome back for another report from Behind Enemy Lines!

In Act I, the guys explore some wargaming n00b news and rumours.

In Act II, we discuss our AARs and cover Bludgefest 2015, where we cleaned out our hobby cabinets for trading and selling of miniatures. 


In Act III, the guys tackle the age-old question of warriors/heroes in our favorite wargames, before answering a significantly more important (and revealing) question...

Direct download: bel_ep7.mp3
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The gang finally returns! We just get across the bridge of "what we've been up to" when Parker falls into Shadow. Steven and Sierra soldier on- with or without hope. The team discusses Action Windows within the game's framework, and then talks about some new cards they're enjoying!

Direct download: FellowshipEp6.mp3
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The Old School lineup in in effect as Luke, Jon and Steven chew the fat about Flames of War!

In Act I, the boys do their AAR and talk about tournaments, painting, WWPD4Vets, terrible lists, Stah Wahs. Conquest and all manner of upcoming events and appearances.

In Act II, we talk about the Battlefront/WI split and mike wild guesses and baseless predictions about that.  We move on to discuss various ratings on troops and when particular combos work and when they don't.

Rounding out Act II is a return to Commonly Overlooked Rules and discussion about the future of plastics, resin and metal.  In the end, there is a bit of free-form and a closeout of the show.

Direct download: NFTF_Ep91.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 29, in this episode we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben as they chat about FOW. 

In act one the guys cover their normal AAR, have some news about the future of Beyond the Foxholes and then cover the recent Late Late War tournament they went to.

In act two Ben interviews Chris Townley from BF HQ in New Zealand, they cover Berlin, Cold War Gone Hot and the Pacific. After the interview the guys chat about the highlights of the interview.

In act three we empty Winner Dave's mail bag before looking about ideas of how to change up some of the missions to make them better.
Direct download: BTFH_ep_29.mp3
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Bolt Action Radio number thirty-five brings together Anf, Bryan and Judson for a bit of a reunion. Recently, the two goulash lovers had released an unofficial supplement for the game - a much needed expansion for the Hungarian army list! Together with Judson, they go over what first drew them to their Hungarian addiction. After, they delve into a bit of the research involved in uncovering additional units for the nation, and how the history made its way onto the page. Be warned - listening to this episode will probably compel you to start a heavily-mustachioed new army!

Direct download: BAR_EP35.mp3
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In Intensify Forward Firepower: Episode 3, Easy, Steve, Judson and Dano being the rules crunch like an orbital bombardment! Things start off with a quick review of what the commanders have been up to with their fleets recently before hurtling headlong into a breakdown on rules interpretations. Dano and Judson talk about their huge weekend of pure Armada gaming, where in their excitement they occasionally leave an opening for Easy and Steve to add an insight. Things wrap-up with a quick session on Steve's upcoming 180-point tournament where they talk about playing 180 and the possible pitfalls found in low point games.

Direct download: IFF3.mp3
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Kia ora! The guys are back with another episode packed to the gills with exciting content and controversial discussions!. Listen as they try in vain to suppress their ‘swears’...


In Act I, the we’ve got some n00b news, rumours, and bald-faced conjecture from the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the we talk about local goings-ons and briefly cover using paper terrain on the tabletop. 


In Act III, we pontificate on ‘that player’ and how we’ve all been there and are through with that.

Direct download: bel_ep6.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 28, we join Adam, Fez and Ben. 
In act one we join the guys in Adam's car on the way to The Art of War EW tournament. The guys talk about there armies and what they hope to get out of the weekend.

In act two Ben and Adam interview all the .different player who are going to the ETC )European Team Tournament. These include New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, Wales and Finland. They also chat to the Tim and Steve who ran the event and Rich the owner of the Sanctuary Gaming Centre

In act three the guys are back in Adam's car with a full AAR of their games, a run down of the event and a few other random bits and pieces.
Direct download: BTFH_episode_28.mp3
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Join the WWPD Fleet Commanders as they discuss everything surrounding Fantasy Flight Games' newest Star Wars title, Armada. In the episode two Steve, Easy, Dano and Judson talk about recent Armada sessions they've played and Judson's LED engine project, as well as Steve's vain attempt at resistance to further Armada purchases. Star Wars news - and there's been a lot of it - gets discussed before the quartet get into some game-talk and make a few predictions. The episode ends leaving all four wishing they had time to continue!

Direct download: IFF2_-_22-04-2015_8.29_pm.mp3
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The Ghost Army Podcast and Boltaction.net presents an introduction to Bolt Action for new players

In this special episode of the Ghost Army Podcast the guys introduce the game of Bolt Action to new players. Old Man Morin, Patch and Anfernee talk through the game's basic mechanics and units. They also talk about how army building works and discuss some commonly asked questions sent in from newer players. 

If you are new to Bolt Action, we would like to welcome you to the fantastic online community and resources associated with the game.
We hope you enjoy and check out Boltaction.net's other great podcasts. Thank you for your time.
Direct download: The_Ghost_Army_Podcast_introduces_Bolt_Action_for_new_players.mp3
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Join the WWPD Fleet Commanders as we discuss Fantasy Flight Games' new Star Wars Armada game. In the first episode, the crew discusses the game mechanics for new and experienced admirals. The fellows leave no asteroid un-turned as they discuss the turn sequence, and game mechanics.

Direct download: IFF_-_15-04-2015_8.02_pm.mp3
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The high lords of the Traxis Sector are back for episode 3, where after a brief AAR they dive into The Threat Beyond. Instead of a full-on card review, the gang talks strategy and how their decks will be impacted. One host gets a little too excited at times and has to be censored, guess which host!

Direct download: ActionsatOneEpisode3.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 27, we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben. 

In act one the guys talk about what they have been up to gaming wise before moving on to a new section called "Whats Awesome and What Sucks".

In act two Winner Dave talks about how to profile your models when you are painting them. Then the guys dive deep into Winner Dave's Mail Bags which today include a big parcel.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys take a look at the FOW digital app and Forces of War now they have be out for a while and then end the episode with a run through of the new Barbarossa digital lists. 
Direct download: BTFH_Epsiode_27.mp3
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...and we’re back! The guys from Behind Enemy Lines Podcast waffles on for over an hour with some exciting news and fun topics...


In Act I, the guys gather and relate hot-off-the-press Newb News from around the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the cast runs through some AARs that cover their wargaming activities since last time!


In Act III the guys get into the basics of Bolt Action, the latest obsession over at TCOW, our gaming club.

Direct download: BEL-_Ep5.mp3
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This episode marks the triumphant return of Patchimus Prime! The guys talk painting tips, updating old armies and early war listing before taking an in-depth look at the new units in the Ossfront book. The guys are joined by David from New Zealand to discuss the state of the hobby and tournaments in Auckland. They guys then sit down for an in-depth chat with Hobby God, Rick Priestly, and old friend to the cast and owner of Warlord Games, John Stallard about the future of Bolt Action and other exciting game releases from Warlord Games.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_6.mp3
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Tarzan, Steve-O and Dirty Jon gather to talk about all the things!  In Act I, the guys look into the near future events, including WWPD4Vets and Historicon.  Next, the regular AAR, which includes Flames of War, Armada, Conquest and other goodies!

In Act II, the discussion shift to FoW tournaments and our thoughts on eras, point levels, lists, what's fun and what isn't in our experiences of late.  The act closes out with some timely news reports.

In Act III, the boys hit commonly overlooked rules and close it out with talk about ideas for a terrain day for your club or FLGS.


Direct download: NFTF_-_Ep_90.mp3
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The Behind Enemy Lines team are back with all your gaming news delivered in their own special way! They even have a special guest! Act 1 sees the guys going through n00b news, all the best tidbits they've gleaned from around the interwebs. Act 2 the guys talk about what's been happening at their local club with some short AAR action and a bit of fun. Act 3 is all about Kings of War, Mantic's fantasy battle system. Gameplay details, changes with the new version 2 rules hitting soon and....free stuff!!! Take a listen!

Direct download: BEL_Ep4_smaller.mp3
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In Bolt Action Radio episode 34, David (UberGruber) joins Judson for the first segment, this time lending voice to walls of text they would normally otherwise post on the forum. David has some format questions, and the two bat current Bolt Action events back and forth from across the Atlantic. Following this, Dano and Judson sidle up to The BAR to review their experiences at Cold Wars 2015 and toss around their usual shop talk. Mentioned in the episode is nws-online.net (thanks again for the huge tournament support) and several other notables! Pull up a stool and have a shop talk with the boys in episode 34!

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Episode_34.mp3
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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Dave O' War, Tobu and the Mouth of Madness get together with some pints of Guinness and a jelly pit for Episode 23 of the LRDG. The guys discuss their latest hobby shenanigans, the new expansion book from Warlord Games - Ostfront, take a look at some German tank models, and share some exciting news about upcoming events! So sit back, grab yourself a beverage and enjoy.

Direct download: LRDG_Episode_23.mp3
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The whole gang is here to discuss the Warlords from the Warhammer 40k Conquest Core Set through Gift of the Ethereals. With so much ground to cover, the aim is to provide a high level look at the factions and their leaders for newer players. Check back for episode 3 as we start to get extra crunchy!

Direct download: ActionsAtOneEpisode2.mp3
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Shazzam! The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with news, interviews and banter!


In Act I, the guys cover some cutting edge Newb News in the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the dudes cover the Battlefront State of the Union update, including Open Fire, Berlin, Great War, Brown Water Navy, Cold War Gone Hot, the Pacific and more!


In Act III the guys get the inside scoop about the new Colours of War book and paint system with an exclusive interview with Battlefront’s own godfather of paint, James Brown.

Direct download: BEL-Ep3.mp3
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Steven, Eric, and Andrew give a run down on how to play Warhammer 40k: Conquest. Check back soon for Episode II!

Direct download: Actions_at_One_Episode_I.mp3
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Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26

Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 26, Ben and Adam are joined once again by Winner Dave! 

In act one the guys talk about what they have been painting and gaming before chatting about the news about the 2015 releases with the Pacific, Cold War gone hot, Berlin and more.

In act two the guys cover the recent Breakthrough Assault 3 tournament and some Commonly overlooked rules.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys open up Winner Dave's mail bags, talk about night attack in 10.1 and then look at the up coming events they are planning on attending.

Direct download: BTFHepsiode26_1.mp3
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The guys brave the snowy weather to bring you the live show from Cold Wars 2015!  We hear about the trip, some over-indulgence in some fun and the tournament reports.  The guys briefly talk about some of the Battlefront plans for 2015, including Vietnam and the Cold War.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_-_89.mp3
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The GAP is back with a HUGE 5th episode. The guys talk with players and the T.O.'s of Cancon and Bolt Action Melbourne: February. David Bruggerman joins us to discuss Cancon massive multi-player participation game and to talk about how to introduce the game in a convention setting. We talk about the new Boltaction.net conversion competition with owner of Campaign Books and Games Logistics.  AND for the first time, THE OVERFIEND, ANDY CHAMBERS joins us to talk Ossfront, playing Russians and Warlord Game's next major BA release! The Pacfic book!
Come and join us for another exciting show!

Direct download: GHOST_ARMY_PODCAST_Episode_5.mp3
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In this episode we join Ben, Dave and Scotty for the long overdue CanCon 2015 wrap-up, what’s on your painting table and an interview with Vanessa from the Combat Company

And in Part 2 the boys get stuck into Nachtjäger talking tactics and lists suggestions. Finishing up with an interview with Gavin from Queensland store Irresistible Force.






Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep12.mp3
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The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with even more news, AARs, and engaging topics! 


In Act I, the guys run through wargaming news they’ve painfully gleaned from the interwebs so that you don’t have to! 


In Act II, the dudes talk about recent wargaming goings-on in little God’s Own (aka NZ), including a BattleCry report, getting into Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander, and all about a towellings Greg got at the last TCOW meeting! 


In Act III the guys wax philosophical and talk about the pros and cons of types of wargame venues and is gamer ADHD a bad thing?

Direct download: BEL-Ep2.mp3
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Join the new podcast guys on the block for Episode 1 of Behind Enemy Lines! The guys keep it short and sweet with introductions, news, and more!


In Act I, the guys introduce themselves and their favorite games. 


In Act II, our intrepid hosts comb the interwebs for Newb News, talking info and rumours about the full spectrum of wargaming.


In Act III the guys talk about what they are up to hobby-wise. They’ll also let you know about the new podcast’s social media channels!

Direct download: BEL-Ep1A.mp3
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Bolt Action Radio 33 kicks off with Judson hosting two special guests at the BAR. The jet setter Anfernee manages to pause his international travels long enough for a segment, and MarkDawg of BAR and LRDG fame (or infamy) drops in to make his BAR debut. As the only three patrons of The BAR they have plenty of time to talk about preparing to run or participate in a Bolt Action Dot Net Format event in the first segment. They then all depart for a quick break, and through the mysteries of recording science come back to discuss the lessons learned at two different Format events, both as a player and as an organizer.

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Episode_33.mp3
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Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 25 - On The Road to Corrivalry, the largest Flames of War tournament outside of North America.
In act one we join Ben and Adam in Adam's car on the road to Corrivalry, the guys chat about their army's, practice games and a few other random bits.

In act two the guys chat to Wild Bill Wilcox, the tournament organizer Nobby, one of the Italian regulars Stefano and finally a catch up with Fez.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys run through their games in detail, discuss what they have learnt and finally look forward to what they have coming up next.
Direct download: BTFHEpisode_25.mp3
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After a snowy hiatus the Fellowship returns to the airwaves to talk card draw, multi-sphere decks, and core set purchases. The crew prevents Steven from going off on an art tangent, and also discovers Parker's secret to distracting opponents at tournaments. 

Direct download: FellowShipEp5.mp3
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The gang is back in this "Live from Cancon" LRDG special! 

"The Rocket Man" Anfernee rejoins the gang as they report back about the tournament and weekend as a whole. The first ten minutes of this episode are a detailed "toilet report" that the faint hearted will definitely want to skip. The guys then chat in-depth about lists that they saw, rules questions they had and trends that were seen across this large national event.  Buckle up... It is quite the ride!
Direct download: LRDG_Epside_22.mp3
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Jared and Ben return in Episode 14 with the tips and tricks on how to get your non-gamer friends into the world of board gaming. There is a board game for everyone and the guys go over some points to help you identify what games and game-types fit best for those in your life. Along the way they talk about their recent hobby progress and the video games that have been occupying their free time.

Some products/games mentioned in the show:

Suburbia 5 Star Expansion: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/171007/suburbia-5

Firestorm Armada Kedorians: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada/kedorians

Sushi Go: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/133473/sushi-go

War Thunder Tank Battles: http://warthunder.com/us/game/about?r=SEM_AW1946291420_SL000000001&gclid=CKbXoo_hxsMCFYI6aQodWpgAUg

Payday 2: http://www.crimenet.info/gate?returnUrl=/

Direct download: Outpost_309_-_Episode_14.mp3
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We join Steven, Jon and Eric for an episode filled with action!  In Act I, the boys have a long AAR covering painting, FoW, LCGs, Tournaments, Micro Armor and more!  In Act II, discussion centers around tournament infantry - tips and thoughts for making these lists successful.  The guys wrap up the episode with an Act III talk about other Flames of War settings, including Vietnam, Fate of a Nation and The Great War.

Direct download: NFTF_Ep_88.mp3
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In episode 4 the boys are back with lots and lots of Bolt Action chat! Patch talks painting tips and Brad and Anfernee talk through their off kilter Cancon lists. By popular demand, the guys revisit Monte Cassino and chat about Internet forum etiquette. Check it out!

Direct download: GHOST_ARMY_PODCAST_Episode_4.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 24. 
We join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat all things Flames of War, in act one the guys go over what they have been up too, some Flames of War news about up coming books, BA's German infantry lists result and finally an AAR of the last Early War one day tournament.

In act two the guys look at the latest book Nachtjager in detail.

And finally in act three the guys answer in Winner Dave's Mailbag before ending the episode with Corrivalry chatter before turning into endless banter.
Direct download: episode_24_final.mp3
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In Bolt Action Radio episode thirty-two Craig, Dan, and Judson what's happened since the holiday break before diving into some tabletop specifics. Should you really forward deploy that sniper? How many troops can you really advance through that narrow gap with? Find out in BAR 32!

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Episode_32.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 23

Ben and Adam are joined by Mike Haught, co author of Nachtjager. In act one they talk about the British lists in the book. These include the 11th Armoured Division, Comet tanks and the 51st Highland Division.

In act two the interview moves onto the Germans, infra red equipped troops, railway guns and a quick chat about what is next for FoW and Volkssturm Companies!
Direct download: BTFH_Epsiode_23_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:17am EDT

Steve-O is joined by Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon for the New Year's Episode!  In Act I, the guys cover the normal AAR and talk recent painting, games and immediate future plans. In Act II, the guys cover Commonly Overlooked Rules and Recap the WWPD 2014 Resolutions.  Points are scored, judges unconvinced, and all manner of wheeling and dealing about the past year's accomplishments.  In Act III, the guys commit to new 2015 resolutions with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_87.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:42pm EDT

Ben and Jared are back in Episode 13 with a focus on the Spartan Games Miniature Game Firestorm Armada (http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada). The guys cover the game at a high level and end with some discussion on their pros and cons of the system. Additionally Ben talks at length about his experiences with Roll 20 (http://roll20.net/)  and Jared dives into some of his recent gaming forays with the X-Wing Miniatures game and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Some links to topics mentioned in this episode:

Firestorm Armada: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada

Firestorm Armada Free Rules: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Firestorm_Armada_2_Download.pdf

Roll 20 Online: http://roll20.net/

Sushi Go: http://www.gamewright.com/gamewright/index.php?section=games&page=game&show=291

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: http://www.beziergames.com/caofmadkilu.html

Endless Legend: http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/Games/Endless-Legend

Endless Space: http://endless-space.amplitude-studios.com/

Dragon Age Inquisition: http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/home

X-Wing Squadron Builder: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build

Direct download: Outpost_309_-_Episode_13.mp3
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The Ghost Army Podcast returns with another action packed episode.

Brad, Patch and Bryan talk about what painting and army projects they have been up to before digging in the bombed out rubble of the Monte Cassino campaign. Each guy examines a force in the battle and talks about how you could build an army based on one of the multitude of forces that fought there. Anfernee, The Rocket Man, returns to talk about his travels and to unbox his HUGE Mad Bob Miniatures Kickstarter box of loot AND we sit down to chat with Peter West, the TO of Cancon, to talk about what to expect at one of the biggest Bolt Action tournaments of the year. 
Plug in and check us out in episode 3!
Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_3.mp3
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With no new AP to distract us, we get back to business covering key concepts for new players. In this episode: Threat Management, some favorite card combinations, and our standard discussion of games we played and cards we are cuurently enjoying. We also talk a bit about the last installation of the Hobbit film.

Direct download: WWPDFellowshipEpisode4.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:47pm EDT

In Act One we join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat about what they have been up to recently, look at some recent FoW news and then have a look back over 2014.

In Act Two the guys look at the groups performance for last years New Years Resolutions before reviling their own for next year, they are also joined by Alex, Matt, Marc and Andy for a Euro-vision style phone in with further Resolutions.

And finally in Act Three the guys look at what they are looking forward to next year before going complete off track with a number of subjects.

Direct download: BTFH_Ep_22.mp3
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In Episode 21 the guys catch up and talk about what they learned from Melbourne’s, one day tournament, This is War Opening Skirmish. They also talk about their list plans for Cancon, painting tips and the. pros and cons of plastic kits while reviewing new models from Rubicon Miniatures. They also talk a look at the year in review and talk about their hopes for the year to come. Grab a loved one and a mug of egg nog.  It is time for the LRDG Christmas party!

Direct download: LRDG_Episode_21.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00pm EDT

Steven from News From the Front, Ben from Breakthrough Assault, and Ry from Diesel N' Dust come together to form a super podcast group! The dudes talk about the year of FoW, their current meta, and some predictions for the future!

Direct download: xmas_special_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:49am EDT

All the guys are in, with Steven, Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon bringing you holiday greetings!  In Act I, the dudes talk about what they have been up to and cover a lot of FoW games in the AAR.  They guys also reveal their holiday wish lists, so I hope Santa is listening!

In Act II, Luke talks alot about things he learned running a tournament.  The guys also dive in to Hungarians and their recent popularity.

In Act III, there is an epic, knock-down, drag out fight (not really) about Japanese and tournament scoring.  At the end, do a short commonly overlooked rules to wrap it up.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_86.mp3
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In Bolt Action Radio, Judson and Dano get together to answer questions regarding the Bolt Action Dot Net Format. Curious about your 1:48 tank mounting a vehicle flame thrower? They talk about it here. Wondering why open-topped ended up shaking up the way it did? Find out in episode thirty-one. These, and many more questions you probably never knew you wanted to ask are answered in this latest edition of Bolt Action Radio.

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Episode_31.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:36pm EDT

Diesel ‘N Dust hits the road on the way to the Australian early war GT

In this episode David, Scotty and Ben hit the road to the EW GT in Campbelltown. Catch all the action and learn the ins and outs of the teams EW armies. In Part two Ben goes to the top shelf to interview Australia's number one player Paul Collins to find out how the best approach the art of list construction.

Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep11.mp3
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It's Episode 85!  In Act I the guys do the normal AAR and discuss tips for starting a German army in Flames of War.  In Act II, the dudes talk about getting out of a rough patch of FoW Funk.  Continuing with that theme, the guy talk German Mid-War tanks in "Know Your Enemy".  The Act is closed out with a discussion of AT Guns.  In Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules, Forces of War and Terrain Talk rounds out the episode. 

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_85.mp3
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Join Jared and Ben as they come back from a long hiatus and discuss the last 6 months of gaming after the mega event that was Gencon. The guys talk about a little bit of everything though take special time on Mechwarrior Online (https://mwomercs.com/), Dragon Age Inquisition (http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/home), and Civilization: Beyond Earth (https://www.civilization.com/en/games/civilization-beyond-earth/). In the process they touch on some other great games discovered both before, after, and during Gencon. Jared and Ben will be returning for monthly episodes that touch on everything that rests between the minds of two distracted hobbyists. 

Direct download: Outpost_309_-_Episode_12.mp3
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In Bolt Action Radio, Episode Thirty, Nemesis Andy, Dano de los Danos and Judddson both take off and return from another glorious Fall-In trip. Tune in and listen to the tournament report that avoids giving you a turn-by-turn, roll-by-roll snoozefest and instead focuses on the big picture. Do armored platoons fit in well in the standard reinforced platoon scene? Do the scenarios still work well when treads are trundling across four-by-six foot battlefields? Are super-heavy guns over-powered? (Ha.) This and much more gets tossed about in the latest episode of BAR. 

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Episode_30.mp3
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The WWPD Fellowship returns for episode 3! After an action-packed AAR the gang dives into Celembrimbor's Secret, Solo vs. Group Questing, and some personal breakthrough moments. They round out the episode with their standard player card highlight segment. Elrond himself would learn something from this episode!

Direct download: WWPD_Fellowship_Episode_3.mp3
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The sequel to the first Ghost Army Podcast brings you Brad, Bryan and Patch chewing the fat over two of the lists from MOAB. There is lots of talk about an Australian campaign in the Pacific in the context of creating competitive and historical lists. There are also more special guests as we talk to folks from The Assault Group and the man behind Melbourne's next big gaming event, This Is War. And last but not least we take a look under the hood of the newest Bolt Action book: Battleground Europe.

Direct download: GHOST_ARMY_Episode_2.mp3
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Diesel ‘N Dust goes red!

This month’s podcast the lads have only one thing on their minds……. Barbarossa.

In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Lachlan talk what’s on their painting table, discuss Barbarossa lists and spoil the new EW & MW Otto Carius warrior in 38t.

And in Act 2, We get furious about the new tank movie 'Fury', laugh and cry about the new tournament points and announce the one day EW at SABRE 2015.

Direct download: Diesel_N_Dust_Episode_10.mp3
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In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently before taking a look at Barbarossa.

In Act Two we hear Ben and Adam's interviews from the weekends Reading Warfare convention. Including an interview with Will from the Plastic Soldier Company, Steve Charlton's Mounted Assault tactica (yes we did Mounted Assault finally!) and many more.

In Act Three Ben and Adam give their MW AAR from Reading Warfare.

And finally in Act Four the guys drive into Dave's Mail Bags before ending the episode with look at commonly overlooked tactics.

Direct download: episode_21_final_1.mp3
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The guys are back at you LIVE from Fall-In 2014!  The Con experience is covered in detail with news of the Flames of War Doubles Tournament, general gaming and all our usual shenanigans.  The guys cover new announced point levels and more!

Special Guests Dan-O and Judson recount the Bolt Action tournament and discuss the latest in Bolt Action news.

Direct download: Ep_84_-_Fall-In_2014.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:34pm EDT

The boys from Melbourne are back like Arney! The guys talk missions, AT choices in the changing meta of BA, spray priming etiquette, and briefly touch on the new D-day to Berlin book. Lachlan gets down in the trenches and interviews folks during the MOAB event and the guys review the Offensive Miniatures LRDG truck. Finally the guys also take a closer look at the Armies of Great Britain book and talk through their favourite units and units that they love to hate. 

Though we are notorious for loose talk and imbibing tasty beverages, we in the LRDG take substance abuse very seriously.  The music featured in the introduction and conclusion of this episode is provided, by old friends of the cast, "The Friendship Commanders." You can find more information about the band on their website provided below. "Them Bones" is their annual Halloween cover tune. All proceeds from the sale of this song goes to charity organisations that help those who are battling addiction. They also have a rad cover of The Ramones tune "Pet Cemetery." Money from that song will also be donated to similar charities. We highly encourage you to check these guys out and that you help them support those in need.
Direct download: LRDG_Episode_20.mp3
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In this episode the WWPD Fellowship starts off with a quick AAR of their recent Middle Earth adventures and introduces a new resource that will hopefully help gamers meet up on OCTGN. The bulk of this episode is spent gushing over the player cards from the brand new AP: The Nin-in-Eilph aka The Swan Fleet.

Direct download: WWPD_Fellowship_Episode_2.mp3
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In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with price reductions and digital books and then the guys talk about the resent BA One Day MW tournament.


In Act Two the guys talk about painting tips and then move onto Dave's Mail Bags.


In Act Three Adam leaves us as, so Winner Dave and Ben talk about some commonly overlooked rules before chatting about a few random projects.

Direct download: Episode_20_1.mp3
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Steven, Parker, and Sierra talk about Fantasy Flight's Lord of the Rings LCG. In the pilot, the team goes over the game rules at a high level, and discusses what draws them to the game.

Check back for more episodes in the future!

Direct download: WWPDFellowshipEpisode1.mp3
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In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk what’s on their painting table, share highlights of the MOAB event and generally struggle to stay on topic.

And in Act2, Ben talks about the best parts he found in his look at the new Barbarossa book, Australian masters is announced and we preview upcoming events.



Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep9.mp3
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Episode 29 is here and things have gone so crazy people are calling their light machine guns "assault rifles!" The world is upside-down! Since recently everyone has had more reason than ever before to get tanks on the table, tanks are the topic that kicks everything off. Things get all Bolt Action Radio'ed up before long, though, and nearly every hot button topic gets some attention.

Direct download: BAR_Episode_29.mp3
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The Old School Crew is BACK with Episode 83!

Act I is filled with the usual AAR with LOTR, Netrunner, FoW games, painting, Throcktoberfest and more!  There is also an in-depth Fall-In preview.

In Act II, the guys talk about the impact of Barbarossa on Early War - tanks, list construction, tournaments - it is all covered.  The guys also talk Know Your Enemy - US Infantry addition.

For Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules makes another appearance and the guys talk about some recent Battlefront news about Forces of War, book prices and the housing subscription. Last, the guys talk about the future of the King Tiger in tournament play.

Be sure to tune in to After Hours - there is a killing!

Direct download: News_From_The_Front_-_Ep_83.mp3
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The GAP is an Australia based Bolt Action podcast with a community focus. Old Man Morin, Patchimus Prime, Anfernee "The Rocket Man" and Bryan "The Cookie Monster" talk about BA tactics, upcoming and past events, WW2 history and model painting. Special guests will abound in this daily oriented podcast.

Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 1:
Patch and Brad introduce the world to the Ghost Army crew before having an in-depth discussion of the Bolt Action tournament at this year's MOAB event. In segment two the guys talk to Paul from Blitzkrieg about their design process, upcoming releases and their philosophy about modelling for gamers. In segment three the guys talk to the grand daddy of the game, Alessio, about his growing American army, controversial rules, tournaments AND the future of Bolt Action. 
Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_1.mp3
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In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with Early War sale, Barbarossa, new Fate of a Nation book plus more and finally they round out the act with Winner Dave's mail bag.

In Act Two the guys chat about the Euro GT, Adam and Winner give their AAR's and the guys think about how to improve the tournament going forward.

In Act Three thanks to a few technical problems we join Ben, Adam and Jessica to go through 10.1 and a look at how to deal with Super Heavy tanks.

Thanks for listening

Direct download: BTF19.mp3
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This is a jam-packed episode with some serious red meat!

In Act I, the guys do the normal AAR and cover recent games, upcoming events and introduce some new sponsors.

In Act II, the boys dive in to a deep overview of the new Barbarossa book.  Lists, special rules, detailed points discussion and more!

Act III begins with the guys thoughts on Barbarossa -- what they like, predictions and such.  The guys also weigh in on the recent announcements from Battlefront about Easy Army/Forces of War.  The episode wraps up with our favorite segment - Commonly Overlooked Rules.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_82.mp3
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Bolt Action Radio is back in this special guest filled episode. Show number twenty-eight kicks off with C-Bax and Judson joined by the unofficial number one Bolt Action fan and painting output savant Brian Ward. These three imposter gentlemen talk a bit about everything, but focus on the secrets to keeping that elusive (for Judson) hobby production energy level high. 

Episode twenty-eight ends with a surprise segment. Old Man Morin, Judson, and special guest Ali from Home Guard Radio sit down for a fine glass of port and some shop talk. Big Al is too late with his decal and finish application advice to save the J man from hobby agony - but you may not share a similar fate if you tune in!

Direct download: Episode_28_Of_The_BAR.mp3
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The LRDG are back with a massive 4 hour mega-episode!


In first half of the show the Melbourne crew discusses everything from Lachlan’s sobriety, to painting and model preparation tips, to assaults and how to prepare for them, to whether or not to use selectors, to Dave’s Japanese experiences, to what you might see in a Stalingrad Russian list and EVERYTHING in between.


In the second half of the show, Old Man Morin and Patchimus Prime talk to our man on the street in Queensland about the growing scene up north and why folks up there call Melbournians Mexicans.  They also talk to the one and only Bob Emerson about his highly successful Hungarian armoured Kickstarter. Finally the boys chat about MOAB: their excitement and the event’s structure from a TO and a player’s standpoint.


Turn on! Tune in! And let your mind go free!

Direct download: LRDG_Episode_19.mp3
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In Act I, we talk to the Austrian Australian Flames of War team members (Scotty and Dave) about playing Flames of War at the European Team Championships (ETC) in Serbia.


In Act II, we talk about the Australian tournament scene and Early LW vs Late LW (Caution – Act II may contain Ben ranting about Russians)




The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum



Direct download: DieselNDust_Ep8.mp3
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In Act I, the guys do an extensive AAR and go into detail about their experience at Guns of August, what is on the painting tables and other cool stuff.  In Act II, GenCon 2014 is the subject and eat up the entire act.  Hear all about the adventures at this awesome convention!  In Act III, we hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, talk a bit about what lists are in our future, and go over upcoming events across the globe.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_81.mp3
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Tanks, tanks and more tanks! Episode 27 rumbles onto the scene with the force of ... Dolly Parton? In the first segments, C-Bax and Judson crack open Tank War and talk tanks. In the final segments, gentleman warriors from the LRDG join in to give their initial thoughts on the new Tank War book. A special, joint effort to dive head first into Tank War. Start your engines!

Direct download: BAR_Episode_27.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:27pm EDT

In act one we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to, Ben quickly chats about his FoW Korean War project and then we round out the act with an AAR from the Breakthrough Assault One Day Tournament.

In act two Adam is replaced by Alex as we interview Mike Haught from Battlefront, the guys talk about Desperate Measures, Bridge at Remagen, The Great War and a few future books. (sorry the sound quality is a little off at a few points but that shouldn't ruin the experience).

In act three Adam is back as we chat about the UK tournament scene and if it is too busy and what can be done to help it, before we dive deep into Winner Dave's mail bag.


Thanks for listening!

Direct download: BTFH_Episode_18.mp3
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In Episode 18 the guys are all back from their travels abroad.  In the first segment the guys talk about hobby plans and highlights from their trip before getting down and dirty with the new Armies of China PDF.

In Segment two the guys are joined by Uncle Mal and Patchimus prime to discuss light mortars, smoke and MOAB.

Later still, Anfernee and Old Man Morin visit the Dawgpound to talk list building, comp, point levels and campaigns with the one and only MarkDawg. Ruff Ruff!

Direct download: The_LRDG_Podcast_Episode_18.mp3
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In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Captain TO, Baxter, DaveOwaR, and Judson talk about the Historicon experience. Unfortunately, a large portion of the final segment was lost because some amateur (Judson!) had recording issues; yet waste not want not! The boys will make lemonade out of lemons! Chat them up on the forum, where they will be lurking to fill you in on the mysteries of the last round!

Direct download: BAR_Episode_26.mp3
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Steven, Cool Pants Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon get together for this jam-packed episode. In Act I, the guys do a super-sized AAR about painting, games and current projects.  Next, the guys talk about upcoming events like GenCon and Guns of August.  In Act II, Vince from Winged Hussar Publishing joins in for an extensive look at the world of publishing, focusing on historical and gaming topics.  In Act III, the guys talk about Flames of War Nationals and commonly overlooked rules.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_80.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 17

In Act 1 we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they talk about what they have been up to, the Bovington Wargames convention and the resent Devizes Attack Mid War comp.

Then in Act 2 the guys look inside Winner Daves mail bag and answer some of the Liebster Award questions they have been sent.

Finally Act 3 the guys round out the show by talking about a few one day tournaments the guys are running, their lists for the Breakthrough Assault One Dayer and then resent rules updates (Navel Gunfire, Panzer's to the Meuse, etc).

Direct download: BTFH_Ep_17.mp3
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In this special episode of the LRDG we experiment with focusing on one nation and attempting to cover everything you need to know to field it in Bolt Action:  it's WW2 history, collecting the miniatures and then some crunchy listing ideas for getting it on the tabletop. The focus this episode is on a lesser known topic, the Royal Hungarian Army. Old Man Morin is joined by Anfernee and Bryan as they cover the largest Axis allied army, which at it's peak fielded nearly 1 million men under arms and fought in some of the most bloody battles of the infamous Eastern Front. We are also joined by a special guest from the UK, Bob Emmerson of 'Mad' Bob miniatures. He has some exciting news for anyone looking for Hungarian AFV's!


So, if you don't know the difference between your Toldi's and Zrinyii's then get listening.


Note: We are not historians or experts in anyway, just some amateurs with a passion for history and toy soldiers. So, we apologise in advance for any incorrect historical facts or pronunciation of names and places.


*More Links and Resources at http://www.boltaction.net/2014/07/lrdg-podcast-special-hungary.html

Direct download: LRDG_Podcast_episode_17.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes 16 - Great War Special

In Act 1 we join Ben and Winner Dave as they take us through the new FOW era The Great War. The guys talk about whats in the new book, a look at the missions, the British and German models and some of the extra bits coming out.

Then in Act 2 the guys round out the episode with a look at the army lists, what they are planning to do, some podcast you should check out, and any other thoughts.

Direct download: Episode_16_Great_War_Special.mp3
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LIVE from Historicon!  Steven, Luke and Dirty Jon are joined by Eric Riha, Craig Baxter and James Brown as they recap all of the antics at Historicon 2014.  The guys give the results of several tournaments and talk about plans for upcoming events.  There is even singing!

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_79_HCon2014.mp3
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In the twenty-fifth edition of Bolt Action Radio Judson is joined by CH, C-Bax, and Dano Colrissian. The boys kick things off with some tournament announcements for future events around the world, as well as events that have already passed! Baxter let's Chris know that Gordon and his NVA guerrillas are gunning for him; a bunch of tank related shop talk, questions, and predictions happen; and a compete participant list shop takes place based on the troops brought to the Historicon events. A big consider congratulations go out to Brad and Kirsten for getting hitched, too!

Direct download: BAR_25.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 15  - On the Road to the Welsh Open

In Act 1 We join Ben and Winner Dave live from Ben's car as they drive up to the Welsh Open. The guys talk about their lists, expectations, what they have been up to,  a little look about at Beyond the Foxholes first birthday and then they round out the episode with a little chat about what they have coming up and their Firestorm Bagration campaign.

Then in Act 2 we join Ben and Winner who have been joined by Alex for the drive back as they tell us the tails of their weekend in the Welsh Principality and talk about the weekend.

In Act 3 Winner and Ben add their closing thoughts to the event and look to what is next for the guys and the cast.

Direct download: BTFH_episode_15.mp3
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In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk all things Flames of War. In part 1 what’s on your painting table, Remagen lists and naval gunfire. Part 2 Dave and Scotty talk about the European Team Championship (ETC) Part 3 Panzer Angriff launch the Australian FOW rankings.



European Team Championship


Direct download: DieselNDust7.mp3
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In Act I, the Old School Crew of Steven, Jon and Luke have an action-packed AAR and a look ahead to Historicon, Gen Con and Guns of August.  There is tournament discussion and painting progress all around.

In Act II, there is talk of Naval Gun Fire and artillery in general.  The guys talk extensively about Recce and dive in to why Mid War seems to be a fan favorite time period.

Wrapping up in Act III, there is Commonly Overlooked Rules and a Know Your Enemy about Russian Infantry in all time periods.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_78.mp3
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LRDG 16! Kicking things off in the first segment, Bryan, Brad, Tobu, Lachlan, Anfernee, and a can of Wild Turkey talk about the latest errata and FAQ update. They also get after the French Foreign Legion, not forgetting to include the honorable Jean-Claude Van Damme in the discussion. At some point in the first segment, Anfernee's secret identity is revealed to the world, while Brad continues his shameful refusal to use a Sturmtiger. Rounding out the first portion of the show, the boys talk about the new German metal boxes and the fancy German weaponry that's included. In the second half, Patch, DaveOwaR, and Brad talk about Senegalese troops, buying skis for your Finnish troops (and Finland forces in general), swapping Soviet and Finnish models, and gigantic tanks. A tasty episode covering all the Bolt Action bases!

Direct download: LRDG_Episode_15.mp3
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Are you struggling to find something to listen to as you read the recently updated Bolt Action FAQ/errata? Here's your answer! Bolt Action Radio episode 24 brings all the rules changes and the reactions of Judson and Dano to your ears, with the help of the new official band of BoltActionDotNet. To wrap things up, D and J talk a pile of shop on their current German army projects. All the German topics are brought up - assault rifles? Check. Hanomags? Check. Light machine guns? Listen in to find out!
(Music used with permission of Pär Sundström, 2014)
Direct download: BAR_Episode_24.mp3
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Welcome back to another jam-packed edition of News from the Front!  Act I is filled with the guys' recap of recent activities, including playing All's Quiet on the Martian Front, painting and general nerdery.  The guys then move on to upcoming events like Historicon, Gen Con and an upcoming local tournament.

In Act II, the guys cover the recently released Grey Wolf update and Eric rants on Recon.  They guys cover the latest on the Premium Building Subscription and new releases announced by Battlefront.

To wrap up in Act III, it is the return of the book review, with an Anzio themed read.  Next, the guys cover commonly overlooked rules and go into detail on Mid War and the upcoming tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_77.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 14

We join Ben, Adam and Winner Dave as they talk all things Flames of War

In Act 1 we go through what we have been up too, a little bit of Battlefront news and a look at the new Remagen book & it's place in the current tournament "Meta"

Then in Act 2 we go through the Winner Dave's Mail Bag and look at some commonly overlooked rules.

Then finally in Act 3 we round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at direct fire smoke and the up and coming Welsh Open

Direct download: epsiode_14.mp3
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Episode 11 of the Outpost 309 podcast is your Gen Con 2014 survival guide!  Gen Con of course is the longest-running, best-attended tabletop gaming convention in the world, and it's happening in Indianapolis this August!  Jared and Ben, both Gen Con vets, have put together a complete pro-tip guide to maximize your Gen Con experience.  If you're on the fence about this event, this is the podcast that may put you over the top!

Direct download: Outpost_309_-_Episode_11.mp3
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The LRDG crew are back in this 50/50 coin flip of an episode.

In segment one, Dave, Tobu, Lachlan and Brad tackle a slab of beer as well as topics such as Marines, 3D printing, Chinese conscripts and the use of AT guns.  
In segment two, Patch, Anfernee and Brad are joined by special guest Alistair from Home Guard Radio (in)fame(y) to discuss Russians, upcoming tournaments AND a hell of a lot of painting and modelling talk.  
TONS of the CRUNCH all around.  Tune in, relax and enjoy!
Direct download: LRDG_Episode_15_-The_50-50-.mp3
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Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 6

In this episode we join Ben and Dave on the road to the Australian Mid War GT and talk Mid War Meta. Ben and Scotty interview Paul and Andrew from aetherworks, the new Australian and New Zealand supplier, and talk about the plans for Flames of War in Australia. Finally we finish off with Ken talking about running Can Con, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) FOW scene and upcoming campaigns. Enjoy





Ken’s article - Bringing History To Life

Ken’s email


Direct download: DND_Ep6_Master.mp3
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On behalf of the original BARbarians, Dano and Judson, welcome back for another episode of Bolt Action Radio! In this show, the not-so-gentle men get back to basics and turn this into a shop talk marathon. In fact, the shop runs on so late into the night - and the cups - that the second half is going to appear on Speakeasy 23. Before it's cut short, however, D and J talk about recent Warlord Games releases and may or may not admit to surprising sensitivity to some of the period subject matter. Certain journeys to Australia and Oneonta and the tournaments that occurred there are mentioned, as well as the surprising results breaking out from your normal list-making habits can often yield. Before long, this one starts to get a bit loose, and the FCC (not really) pulls the plug, forcing us to the high numbers on your TV dial (Speakeasy!) The important points are made before the rollercoaster takes its final downhill plunge into Speakeasy territory, but hold on to your hats regardless. 23 is on the spicy side!

Direct download: BAR_23_Finished.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 13

We join Ben, Adam and Winner Dave as they talk all things Flames of War

In Act 1 we go through what we have been up too, the nice new Grand Tournament Model and the Italy world wide campaign.

Then in Act 2 we go through the Mail Bag, talk about the next late war book preview in Wargames Illustrated and round out the act with commonly overlooked rules.

Then finally in Act 3 we round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at defensive fire.

Direct download: BTFH13.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:51am EDT

In Act I, the guys do an AAR on the recent Italy Tournament and cover what they have been up to.  Paw Paw makes a breief appearance before his Mom picks him up.  There is general craziness and a decent into Boss Moster madness.

sIn Act II, there is a deep dive into the upcoming Bridge at Remagen book.  The guys cover the highlights and anticipate some US and German lists.  Pershings and Jagdtigers, oh my!  You will want to hear this segment, for sure!  

In a short Act III, the guys cover some Commonly Overloked Rules, including transports and Assaults.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_76.mp3
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Episode 14: The Dano Goes Down To Australia


After long last… THE BOYS ARE BACK! 


In this megasized episode Dano from the BAR flies down to Melbourne to play in the LRDG’s first ever tournament. He is joined by the mad Canada fan (Anfernee) and the mack daddy of pin up art (Bryan) AND new comer Marky Mark. The show is broken down into easy to swallow segments each with a different panel of folks.  Lots of good banter, LOTS of CRUNCH and some shenanigans ensue as the gang breaks in the new bunker…  AKA The Eagle’s Nest.


The show has special guests aplenty and 2/3rds of the way through takes a sobriety break as Chuck Norris’s Beard (Patch) and CBAX of the BAR join OLD Man Morin to talk historic crunch, painting AND what it was like being on the comp panel for Conquest.



Tune in and grab a frothy… It is PARTY TIME!!!


(Important note: Due to the massive file size, this episode has been broken down two two more manageable chunks.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Direct download: LRDG14b.mp3
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Episode 14: The Dano Goes Down To Australia


After long last… THE BOYS ARE BACK! 


In this megasized episode Dano from the BAR flies down to Melbourne to play in the LRDG’s first ever tournament. He is joined by the mad Canada fan (Anfernee) and the mack daddy of pin up art (Bryan) AND new comer Marky Mark. The show is broken down into easy to swallow segments each with a different panel of folks.  Lots of good banter, LOTS of CRUNCH and some shenanigans ensue as the gang breaks in the new bunker…  AKA The Eagle’s Nest.


The show has special guests aplenty and 2/3rds of the way through takes a sobriety break as Chuck Norris’s Beard (Patch) and CBAX of the BAR join OLD Man Morin to talk historic crunch, painting AND what it was like being on the comp panel for Conquest.



Tune in and grab a frothy… It is PARTY TIME!!!


(Important note: Due to the massive file size, this episode has been broken down two two more manageable chunks.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Direct download: LRDG14a.mp3
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Hello All

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 12 - On The Road to The Art of War

We join Ben, Alex and George live from Alex's car on the road to The Art of War (well live from their bed for part 1!)

In Act 1 talk about their lists for the weekend, what they think they'll face and how well they will or won't do!

In Act 2 We have a few interviews for you with some regular faces. (sorry for the audio in this section, I have a new mic for interviews and I'm still getting use to it)

In Act 3 & 4 the guys round out the episode with an AAR for the weekend and a few future plans.

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In Act I, the guys talk abut what they have been up to lately, which features a recap of WWPD4Vets, tons of painting and new games that the dudes have gotten in to.  Act I is rounded out with some talk about the upcoming Italy tournament and our new WWPD FoW Ranking System.

In Act II, the topic turns to historical German tank numbers and how that compares to units see on the table.  This is a long discussion and takes up the whole act.

For Act III, the guys talk about Commonly Overlooked Rules, some lists for Italy, Terrain Tips and some words of wisdom for new Flames of War players.

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After a busy weekend of gaming the boys are joined by Scotty and Dr. John, to recap events SABRE and CanCon, share thoughts on the Italian books and talk about FOW - European Team Championships.

FOW - European Team Championships Fourm

Panzer Angriff website

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Episode 9 of Outpost 309 is here!  Join Jared, Ben, and Rich as they present a videogame-centric podcast for your listening pleasure.  In addition to spending some time with the new and improved Diablo III, the boys mourn the slightly less-than-awesome Titanfall, see a ray of hope for WarThunder, gush over the announcement of the next Civilization/Alpha Centaurigame, and wax poetic about the Wargame series.  Wargame: Red Dragon gets the spotlight in this episode, and the boys even present a Steam group for WWPD in hopes that everyone will play this action-packed, Cold War-themed RTS! Also, Episode 9 was recorded next to a highway apparently. Sorry about that!

Kid's game of the Podcast:  Settlers of Catan Junior
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 11.

We join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they talk all things Flames of War.

In Act 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, talk about the new Italy books and what they are planning for the WWPD Italian campaign.

In Act 2 the guys dig deep into the mail bag (not male bag Winner) and then talk about Germans in Late War tournament play.

In Act 3 the guys round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at Mobile Battles.


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Return of the Jedi!

In Act I, the guys welcome Steven back and jump right into a recap of recent activity.  The guys discuss the upcoming WWPD4Vets event and the next WWPD Global Campaign - Italy!  There is also some brief discussion on the new WWPD Rankings system.

In Act II, the guys talk more detail about Fortress Italy and Road to Rome, including opinions on top lists.  The guys - again - predict what will be seen at the next tournament, and will most assuredly be wrong!  Next, Eric talks a bit about running historical scenarios.

For Act III, Eric talks about how to customize your tournament, and encourages TOs to make adjustments to enhance the fun.  We close this episode out with Commonly Forgotten rules.

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Episode 13: Lucky 13
This time around the boys decide to try something novel... Sobriety!  
Join Dave'O'War, The Mouth of Madness and Old Man Morin as they break down the highlights of Bradcon 2014 in all the musical details.  Italians get more discussion and the boys look at the uses of howitzers VS mortars.  The lads also take a long, hard look at Bob Emerson's resin vehicle range and do a little compare and contrast with the newest and best from Warlord and Company B.
Come aboard mates and see what the LRDG are like...  without booze!?!
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Welcome back, BARbarians, for episode twenty-two of Bolt Action Radio. Cbax, the good Captain TO, and the newly-crowned, Dark Lord of Hate and Evil, Chris Hecht join Judson for a round at The BAR. Starting things off is a quick rundown of the tournaments at Cold Wars. (Those of you with premium access heard different coverage last week.) Next up, the guys talk about their initial reactions to the optional air power rules recently released, before CBax delves deeply into his brand new, unofficial, and very popular, Ethiopian army list. Captain TO mentions that Lieutenant TO bought a Lamborghini with the money he made at Cold Wars, as well!


Nashcon - http://hmgs-midsouth.org/conventions/nashcon/

Reef - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dywGBodtq6A

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In Episode 8 of the Outpost 309 podcast, our heroes bring back GameMaster extraordinaire Alex, and go in depth with two RPGs.  The first is Mindjammer, a brand new game with a sci-fi setting, based off the Fate rules.  Next up is a good hard look at Fantasy Flight's Edge of the Empire, in which strengths, weaknesses, and overall quality are discussed.  Family game of the podcast is a simple little fantasy dice game called Dungeon Roll, and a new videogame called Banished demands your money.  Check it out, and make sure to leave some comments on the forum!
Links mentioned in the podcast:
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 10.


We join Ben, Winner Dave, Adam and special guest Andy as they talk all things Flames of War.


In Act 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, look at the latest news from Battlefront and cover our own tournament Breakthrough Assault 2.


In Act 2 we look at the current tournament meta, bring in our new section the Mail Bag, cover some over looked rules and talk about "when do you point out a mistake your opponent has made?" (in Adam's case never!).


In Act 3 we help Andy out with his list for The Art of War (this does turn into a petty competition between the 3 of us!) and round out the episodes by looking at some new lists ideas for Ben and Adam.

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The guys talk about their Cold Wars experience, including the Flames of War doubles tournament, the Bolt Action tournament and general gaming.  There is news about the housing subscription, the Italy book and WWPD4Vets.  Special guest Ed Leland discusses his Soviet list in detail and give some thoughts on the resurgence of the Russian Bear!

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The guys are back in action with an early morning studio edition of News from the Front.  In Act I, the guys do the usual AAR and reflect on Muster.  The dudes also talk about upcoming events like Cold Wars and Gen Con.  Act I is rounded out with some top terrain tips.  

In Act II, the guys discuss Soviets and the impacty of Desperate Measures.  We review Ed Leland's recent lists to see what is up with the USSR.  Act II is finished off with talk of the new Italy books and a great tour of Battlefront's factory in Malaysia.

In Act III, we talk about some recent Battlefront mis-steps and hit up some commonly overlooked rules.

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Episode 7 of Outpost 309 is The Roleplaying Games Episode!  Jared brings his longtime friend and game master Alex on board, and the guys delve into the various types of RPGs.  After this fascinating look at RPG basics, the guys talk about the social acceptability of said games, and conclude that there truly is something for everyone here.  The guys review Fruitirelli for the kids, and have many video game shenanigans to share (especially interesting if you've heard of a thing called Titanfall).

Much thanks to listener and squadmate Sam for writing the intro!
RPG links:  Numenera
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We join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam in Adam's car on the road to Corrivalry.
In Act 1 the guys talk about their lists, goals for the weekend and how little sleep they have gotten....
In Act 2 we have an interview with Steve Chalton who talks about his up and coming event The Art Of War. We also have Doctor Alex talk about his weekend.
In Act 3 the guys talk about their weekend, while Adam tries not to be too smug (*Spoiler Alert* he fails).
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News from the Front Ep 71 - LIVE from Muster

Eric and Jon are joined by Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah in another live broadcast from Williamsburg Muster.  The guys talk about what they have been up to lately and try to predict the tournament.  There is also talk of the latest housing problems from Battlefront.  Desperate Measures continues to be a big topic and the guys are joined by Tom "The Crotch" de Mayo for additional hijinks.  

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Judson, Dano, and their special guests from the LRDG have a big announcement to make, and talk big things for the future. Later on, things get rowdy as the Boys of Bolt Action talk about Cancon and a certain, recent, hot button forum topic. While every attempt was made to reign in the language, please be warned that an occasional bit of vulgarity sneaks its way into the normally civilized discourse you've come to expect at The BAR. Listener discretion is advised!

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The Boys hit the road and talk about the highlights of 2013, Desperate Measures and speculate on the upcoming releases.


Part 2

Ben interviews Phil Yates on what to expect in this year including the Italian books and ‘flames in the sky’




Ben talks to resident master painter ‘the other Dave’ offering tips and techniques on how to improve your models.

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The distracted gamers are back, with a special Historical Miniature Wargaming episode! This one features an Australian 3rd chair, Ben, who takes us on a journey through several historical wargames (see links below).  After talking at length about these awesome games, the guys then take a step back to talk about the social acceptability of historical wargames in our popular culture.  Add in Ben's discussion of a great family game called Forbidden Desert, and the usual video game banter (featuring Arma 3Wargame: Red Dragon, and Assassin's Creed 4and you have our most ambitious podcast yet!  Enjoy!



Arma 3

Wargame: Red Dragon

Forbidden Desert

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag




Chain of Command


Force on Force

Bolt Action

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Captain TO, CH, and Judson are joined by Shawn Morris - The Terrain Guy - in Episode 20 of Bolt Action Radio. If you've never heard of him, or his work, you owe it to yourself to tune in as he explains his amazing table and display board commission work. Later on, the BARbarians talk Italians, and upcoming events around the globe.

This episode refers often to Shawn's work. To see it while listening, go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTerrainGuy

One final correction: The tournament at Huzzah Hobbies is happening on January 25th, not February 8th.

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Beyond the Foxholes Ep 8

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 8.

In Part I we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they talk about what they have been up to over Christmas and the New Year, some blog news and a look back over 2013.

In Part II the guys look at 2014, a little Desperate Measures chat and about the new Snap Shot PDF Briefing.

In Part III the guys round out the cast with tournament news, a look at Adam's never ending problem of whether to use British, British or British and this episodes 10.1 is on deployment and placing objectives in Defensive missions.

Direct download: Beyond_the_Foxholes_Ep8.mp3
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In a blast from the past, we are joined by Steven MacLauchlan for the New Year's episode.  In Act I, the boys talk to Steven a little about his role at Battlefront and what he has been up to.  After that, the guys take turns going over their recent happenings.  In Act II, we talk about upcoming WWPD appearances at Williamsburg Muster and HMGS Cold Wars.  There is a brief Commonly Overlooked Rules segment, and the act is finished off with some more Desperate Measures talk about Cat Killers, Rudel and other cool stuff.  In Act III, the boys grade themselves on 2013 New Year's Resolutions and make empty promises about 2014.

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The distracted gamers return from a long Christmas break hiatus with a full head of steam!  The "back to basics" segment is a brief shout-out to co-operative boardgames, a growing phenomenon.  The boys introduce a family game segment to the podcast, with a look a lovely little game called Timeline (http://us.asmodee.com/ressources/jeux_versions/timeline_3.php).  After a fun soapbox on Jared's love of infantry in wargames, and Rich's love for tanks, the guys review the brand-new Sails of Glory (http://www.aresgames.eu/games/sails-of-glory-line) historical naval game.  As always, the boys finish with videogame banter, including a farewell to War Thunder (R.I.P.) (http://warthunder.com/), and subsequent selling-out by Jared into the world of Battlefield 4 http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4.

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Episode 19 of Bolt Action Radio finds The BAR frozen over, courtesy of General Winter. Baxter takes his snow suit off long enough to sit down and have a drink with Dano and Judson. The patrons talk about some upcoming events in the community, some recent miniature companies they've dealt with, some shop talk, and go out of their way to make this episode about everything but tournament play. Drinks are mentioned, and speaking of drinks, soldier of fortune Dano's picking up the tab tonight!

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In this episode, the guys broadcast from the WWPD Christmas Spectacular at the Game Vault.  We talk about recent Battlefront news, Desperate Measures and all the cool stuff we did for our Holiday Game Day.  We are joined by Maurice, Throckmorton, John Desch and Kathy from the Game Vault as special guests.  The dudes talk about upcoming events and i95 hosted tournaments, so don't miss out!

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In this episode, the distracted gamers put on their thinking caps and attempt a thorough analysis of "Tile Placement" and "Worker Placement" mechanics in board games (see here for the excellent breakdown we reference). They fail quite spectacularly, but make up for it with a review of the board game Firefly - a game that inspires Jared to literally sing its praises.  The guys conclude with a look-in at an eclectic variety of video games; with Terraria, Company of Heroes, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes all getting a share of the action. 

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Beyond the Foxholes Ep 7

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 7, the Christmas Special.

Talk we joined by Ben, Adam, Winner Dave and Alex in the first Beyond the Foxholes Christmas Special.

In Part One - The Guys talk about what they have been up to, up coming Tournaments and a lot of other random topics.

In Part Two - The Ben and Alex have a quick AAR on Reading, the Guys talk about Battlefront Plastics, Red Bear and Desperate Measures. Then round off the episode with a look about on 2013's New Years Resolutions, make their 2014 Resolutions and then talk about their plans for 2014.

Direct download: Beyond_the_Foxholes_Ep_7.mp3
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Luke and Dirty Jon record some thoughts on the way up to the tournament that cover our lists and prediction, some more thoughts on Desperate Measure and general rambling.  Continue listening for real-time updates on our tournament experience as well as interviews with the top three finishers, including Bill Dorias giving some tips on a great EW French Infantry list and Throckmorton with a short Round 1 AAR. 

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The boys get back on air with a buffet of Flames of War chatter. Battle reports, Sydney toy and games festival ranger report, an interview with Matt from the Hall of Heroes (BF stockist), an interview with FoW play testers! What hasn't this episode got?!

Direct download: Diesel_and_Dust_Episode_3.mp3
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With Captain TO's Fall-In tournament behind them, Chris, Judson and the good Captain himself sit down for drinks and a little analysis of the Bolt Actioneering that went on in Lancaster, PA. During the tournament wrap up, they cover many subjects; and as usual, most of the topics are nearly relevant! Terrain and army list composition are two of the many bases covered in this, the Fall-In '13 review episode.

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News from the Front LIVE from Fall In 2013 - Ep 67

Eric, Luke and Jon are joined by Judson from the Bolt Action Radio Podcast Live at the con.  The guys recap the Fall In convention antics and discuss their favortie things from Desperate Measures.  A Fall In sanitation report is included.  Yuk.

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Rich and Jared return in Episode 3, wherein they plumb the depths of the human psyche with a focus on some of the mental pitfalls of gaming, also known as Cognitive Bias.  Additionally, the guys take a little time to play and review Jared’s latest favorite game: Android: Netrunner. As usual the guys wrap-up with some talk of video gaming, including a soapbox on commercialization trends in recent games, as well as a look at Batman: Arkham Origins, and a few tips and tricks for War Thunder.  

Android: Netrunner link: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/124742/android-netrunner

Batman Arkham Origins: http://www.batmanarkhamorigins.com/

War Thunder: http://warthunder.com/

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Episode 17 is cocked and ready to rock your ears off with Captain TO, CBax, CH, and Jud With Three Ds. First off, CH tells everyone about the recent tournament at Huzzah, then the good Captain and company get into a preview of the Bolt Action-Action coming up at Fall-In. In the second segment, the most recent FAQ changes are discussed in-depth.

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Ep_17.mp3
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In Act I, the guys cover their recent adventures, including lots of painting, Dutch armoured cars, a preview AAR, Halloween and other shenanigans.  [Editor: When Dirty Jon says Cromwells, he means Churchills]

For Act II, Eric dives in to a historical look at artillery and its effectiveness up to WWII.  After that, the guys dive head-first in to the recent Red Bear update from Battlefront.  To round out this act, the guys talk Battlefront plastics.

In Act III, the guys hit commonly overlooked rules to include: Night Fight, Spearhead and Gun Tanking.

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We join Adam and Winner Dave as they travel up to the Oxford Pairs Event.

In Part 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, their lists for the events, their expectations and then Winner Dave and Adam butcher some German and Finnish pronunciations as they talk about the lists they will be facing.

In Part 2 the guys are a little hungover as they talk about the first 3 games of the event and Adam's new found hate for using Land Mattresses.

(Note- Adam means the 150 Panzer Brigade and not the 150 Panzer Division in his game 1)

In Part 3 the guys talk about their last 3 games from Oxford, what they would change about their lists and their overall thoughts on the event and the incoming storm!

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Rich and Jared come back for the second installment of Outpost 309 wherein they dive into the differences between "Euro" and "Ameritrash" board games. Jared takes a little time to talk about some of the most recent metrics released by Fantasy Flight Games on Netrunner and the guys go over a few more tips and tricks for Warthunder. Enjoy all this and more in the latest episode of Outpost 309.

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In this episode, Hecht, CBax, Captain TO, and Judson spend some time with RabidMonkey - forum legend and 3D printing artist nonpareil. Kicking things up a notch, Brad of LRDG fame joins in. An interview cloaked in an interview wrapped in an interview occurs, as there are clearly too many interviewers in this episode. Give it a listen to find out the skinny on 3D printing (not to mention get your hands on 3D prints) and discover a bit more of the story behind the LRDG podcast. Fall-In and shop talk are liberally sprinkled in, for flavor, rounding out this Bolt Action Radio cocktail. Enjoy

Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Ep_16.mp3
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Ben, Winner Dave and Adam talk about what they have been up to, some updates on the blog, Tournament Restrictions part 2, an Update for Breakthrough Assault 2 and News from Plastic Soldier Company.

In Part II the Guys ask "HMG's, are they worth it?", 10.1 Deployment and Objective tactics for the Fair Fight missions and look a head to Oxford Pairs.

Direct download: Beyond_the_Foxholes_Ep_5.mp3
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In a super-sized Act I, the boys cover what they have been up to lately, including the Name the Gooch Contest.  There is a ton of talk about painting queues board games and epic discussion about the Huzzah Hobbies EW tournament.  Luke talks a little about some quality issues and we touch on street barricades.  In Act II, Luke talks more about his thoughts on the Japanese and the guys talk Early War in general.  In Act III, we talk about commonly overlooked rules and the importance of following the rules for hit allocation and saves.

Direct download: News_from_the_Front_Ep_65.mp3
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The inaugural episode of Outpost 309 wherein your hosts Jared and Rich outline the goal of their newest podcasting endeavor and establish their gamer/hobbyist credentials for the whole of the Internet. Some recent board games such as The Village, and Suburbia are played and discussed, and the guys focus discussion on the Free-to-play game War Thunder alongside a smattering of other games such as Rome Total War 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Editor:  This first 'cast was a demo put together by the boys, and we decided to just go with it.  Look for improved audio quality in the next episode.

Direct download: Outpost309_Ep1.mp3
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Ben, Winner Dave and Podcast first timer Alex chat on the way to Colours 2013, the guys talk about their lists, expectations and how Adam is winning 6-1 in life.
In Part 2 the guys talk about their first two games, the food and the convention as a whole as well as the dangers of letting animals roam around a village and Cylon Animals!
In Part 3 the guys round out the cast with games three and four and look ahead to the next few weeks of Flames of Waring.
Direct download: BTF_EP4.mp3
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This is the one you've been waiting for! Alessio shows back up at The BAR, and gives the boys the scoop of the year! If you've been looking for specifics on what to expect in the coming months, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

After the interview with Alessio, The BARbarians react, in-depth, to what Mr. Cavatore had to say about the future of Bolt Action; and what would an episode of Bolt Action Radio be without a healthy dose of shop talk? The "gentlemen" round out a big time episode with a big time shop talking session.

Make sure you join us on the forum to share your reactions to Alessio Cavatore's revelations, and share your hopes for what the future books might hold!

Direct download: BAR_Ep_15.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:08pm EDT

In Act I, the guys discuss what they have been up to lately.  There is talk of painting, basing, and upcoming EW tournament, Eclipse and Descent.  In Act II, Eric covers some lists you may have missed recently - from the goofy to the just plain strange.  The guys move on to discuss USTDs and high AT Allied assets and the impact on the game.  Eric gives a great historical overview of the specialized rounds.  In Act III, we dig up some commonly overlooked rules, discuss Fate of A Nation and generally discuss where Battlefront might be going.

Direct download: News_From_the_Front_Ep_64.mp3
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WWPD presents Episode 3 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 3 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

In Part 1

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave talk about what they have been up to, Battlefront News, the rumoured new books and Tournament Restrictions.

In Part 2

The guys start start their new section 10.1 and completely dissect Artillery. Then they look a head to what they are doing in the next month or so

Direct download: Beyond_the_Foxholes_Ep_3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:09pm EDT

In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Judson, Captain TO, and Baxter dive into the Armies of France and the Allies book. The shop talk flows as well, with chatter on TO's recent tournament, Baxter's big time group demonstration game, a big ol' year in review gets mixed in for good measure. What The Hecht jumps in for a talk about World of Tanks, as well. Everything gets covered! This one runs long, BARbarians, as the patrons were probably too ambitious in their choice of topics; so have a good supply of beverages on hand to make it all the way through episode 14!

Direct download: BAR_Ep_14.mp3
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In Act I, the boys come to you LIVE from Guns of August, where Luke and Jon discuss their lists and Eric talks about the tournament.  The guys go on in Act II to talk about the tournament results and do a general recap of the Con.  In Act III, there is talk of Rules we Forgot and other stuff that comes to mind.

Direct download: WWPD_News_from_the_Front_Episode_63.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:31pm EDT

Tom and two of his local Battle Vault gamers, Ed Hall and Tony Thompson, record a a podcast driving up to and back from a tournament in Ohio.  They discuss their lists, predictions and results of the tournament.

Direct download: On_The_Road_Ep_6.mp3
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WWPD presents Episode 2 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 2 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

Part 1:

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave introduce ourselves and talk about are hobby backgrounds. Followed by a quick AAR of what we have been up to, Atlankic Wall lists and a look at Rising Sun.

Part 2:

We get crunchy with a look at the tactical use of Panzerfaust/MG teams vs separate Faust teams, some events that we having coming up, a little tribute to Steve from WWPD and finally a look what we're up to over the next month.

Direct download: Beyond_the_Foxholes_Ep2.mp3
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The WWPD dudes are back with the first post Stevepocolypse episode!  They cover Historicon, upcoming conventions and Rising Sun.  Joining Dirty Jon and Cool Pants Luke is Eric Lauterbach of i95 fame to discuss all this, plus offer advice for running your own tournaments.  The Commonly Overlooked Rules segment returns as the dudes crank out the first 'cast of a new era.

Direct download: WWPD_News_from_the_Front_Ep_62.mp3
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Mathamagician Eric Riha, Richard Barnes and Steven take a trip to Historicon!  There is list discussion, more list discussion and list performance discussions.  A There and Back Again tale of adventure - told and re-told....and told again!

Direct download: On_The_Road_Ep_5.mp3
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The BAR is back open after Historicon, and Captain TO, Baxter, CH, and Judson are in to talk about it. Between slugs of TO-choking scotch, the guys discuss the Tank Battles tournament first, before getting into the Standard tournament in the second half. As usual, grand plans to cover more topics crumble as closing time catches up with them, but at least Judson and CH avoid an on-air slap fight.

Direct download: BAR_Ep13.mp3
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Live from Historicon 2013!

The Dudes yuk it up one more time with Steven!

Judson from Boltaction.net joins in on the fun.

Direct download: WWPDEp61.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:18pm EDT

"Adios, Amigos!"

The dudes spend the episode reminiscing as Steven prepares to make his move to NZ!

Direct download: NFTFEp60.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:25pm EDT

The BAR's back in business and the "fluids" are in their "appropriate receptacles". Captain TO sidles up first to talk about his upcoming Historicon events. Next, Australia's top organizer Blair "qman" sits down for some discussion on the Aussie scene. Finally, the forum poster laureate Professor Aruba stumbles in to talk shop and close The BAR with Judson.

Direct download: BAR12.mp3
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WWPD is very excited to add another podcast to the lineup!  The gents behind the every awesome Breakthrough Assault blog recently recorded their first episode for your listening pleasure.

In Episode one Ben, Adam and Winner Dave are on the road to the Welsh Open. In part one the we talk about our lists, our expectations of the event and a little bit about the new D-Day books.

In Part two we have a full AAR of the Welsh Open, our fun and games on the Saturday night (it includes a bagpipe and not in a good way!) and what we have coming up in the next few months.

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The dudes are back in action and ready to roll!  We discuss our recent gaming and painting, Operation Overlord, Historicon, and the Huzzah Hobbies tournament.  In Act III, the guys followup the commonly overlooked rules to discuss the effects of pinning, spearhead, and capturing objectives.

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Dano and Judson talk about the list making process. After a couple hours, they figure out this is not a topic to cover in just a couple hours.

Direct download: BAR11.mp3
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Operation Overlord is announced!  The dudes discuss the campaign, and their recent hobbying.  We also discuss the WWPD app in the Google App Store (which is available now!  Just search for WWPD!).  In Act II, The fellows talk about Historicon (and team tournaments in particular), and some recent news about FoW.  Act III sees the fellows discuss transports in our commonly overlooked rules segment, and the episode winds down with a discussion about Vietnam.

Direct download: Ep58.mp3
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Our security crew's quit - something about demanding actual wages for their work - and The BAR lets anyone come in! Forum poet laureate UberGruber stops by, tournament organizer supreme Stefan shows up, and WWPD's northernmost (we think) Bolt Action battle reporter Craig Baxter rounds out the BAR-barians in Episode 10.

Direct download: BAR10.mp3
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It's DnD2!

Ben speaks out about his secret passion, a real Australian monster.
Everyone goes bridge to bridge in 1750, 
our favourite LW tank and why, Sabre 3 battle report & Bombardments, who can call em’, how to combine for them, who can join them, special rules associated with them zzzZzzZzz!

Direct download: DnDep2.mp3
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After a lengthy After Action Report (featuring 'nam, painting, Saga, and more!), the guys talk about the new FoW Errata, Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Teams, Recce moves, and terrain.  The episode is rounded out with a discussion on mortars.  boom!

Direct download: Ep57.mp3
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The fellas talk about WWPD4VETS, and their usual gaming "After Action Report".  In Act II the fellows interview Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, to discuss their hit game "Conflict of Heroes".  For act III the dudes talk about the new Normandy comp, and cover a few rules they've screwed up recently- namely Warriors in assaults.

Direct download: NFTF_Episode_56.mp3
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Andy Chambers Has Entered the BAR

Dano and Judson find themselves back in The BAR with a copy of The Armies of the Soviet Union book. (That poor book, alone with those two!) Many flamethrowers ensue. Afterwards, they actually manage to keep one promise, and take a couple callers - you might recognize them! Finally, they manage to destroy an otherwise perfect episode with the dulcet tones of Dan crooning the latest hits.
Direct download: BA9.mp3
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The boys are all rested up form Cold Wars and ready to get back in the studio!  On the docket today are various topics like #WWPD4VETS, recent gaming, etc.  The guys talk a lot about Market Garden- upcoming tournaments and fireflies.  Some random overlooked rules like digging in and kampfgruppe, and a whole host of other topics!

Direct download: Episode55.mp3
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The boys show back up at The BAR after an extended break for Cold Wars. Dano grills Judson about the convention, and maybe more importantly, tournament he attended. To wrap things up, they talk about The Armies of Great Britain and make promises they'll most likely fail to keep. This episode is packed, so pull up a stool a crack a cold one for the Cold Wars chat!

Direct download: BAR8.mp3
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The dudes are live at Cold Wars 2013, with plenty to talk about!  We talk about the gaming we've gotten in (FoW, Zombicide, Spartacus) and generally ham it up!  The second half of the episode is recorded in the Artemis with Steven, Luke, Dirty Jon and Tedley.  Thanks to all who came out to the live show, and for all the great vendors who provided prize support!

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The dudes are in the studio and gearing up for their next convention trek!  In this episode we talk about our newest time sink: EVE.  We also hear Steven's interview with Pete before the guys dive in to Flames of War chat.  We cover some often overlooked rules again, discuss what we've been up to, and ham it up like usual!

0:00- Intro/AAR

0:49- Interview w/ Pete Simunovich from Battlefront Miniatures

1:23- Often Overlooked Rules, Book Review, and more FoW!

Direct download: Episode53.mp3
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Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit. Them Duke Boys are on their way home from the first event of the 2013 circuit; listen as they discuss their lists, their opponents, their performance at the event, how they can do better, and what other lists were kickin' butt. So buckle in, sit back, and let's get On The Road!

Direct download: OnTheRoadNorcal.mp3
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WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation's capital to participate in 'The Worlds'. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.

Direct download: DnDEpisode1.mp3
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As promised, after the train wreck at the bar, episode 52 attempts to be "crunchy".  In the first half we discuss our recent gaming (Fow, Eclipse, Spartacus, EVE), painting, WWPD4VETS, and more!  Act II has rules discussions, glass cannons vs heavy tanks, and Soviet Tank Swarms.

0:00- Intro & AAR

1:01- Often Overlooked Rules (turn order, tank riders, allocating saves), Glass Cannons, Soviet Tank Swarms

Editor's Note: We got carried away and ran out of time for a third act!  

Direct download: Episode52.mp3
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The dudes are back with some special guests in the BAR!

000:00 - Rockin' intro music!
000:15 - Judson makes excuses
000:51 - Steven interrupts
001:28 - Tribute to Dano
004:01 - Dirty Jon puts us back on track... 
004:55 - ...Then brings us into his noob experiences in Bolt Action
025:18 - Steven interrupts again with his not-so-noob experiences in Bolt Action
031:00 - Talkin' shop with the Richmond boys
042:57 - Break
043:19 - Back in, and Dano emerges from the blizzard
044:22 - What everybody's been up to
053:01 - Dano let's slip a "I Think It's In Your Best Interest," which is just another way of saying "I Think You'll Find"
056:40 - More excuses are made for the podcast delay
066:02 - Dano slips into the bathtub with his Armies of the United States book
107:15 - Armies of Germany versus Armies of the United States
132:18 - Northeast Continental US takes a swing at Alaska
135:06 - Dano and Judson serenade each other
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"A night at the Bar with WWPD"

I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?  This was recorded in the Holiday Inn Patriot hotel bar at the Muster Convention in Williamsburg VA.  Get down and dirty with the fellas!  I promise episode 52 will be FoW- only and very crunchy.  Crack a beer, turn the lights low, and pretend you're at a high top bar table with us to get the most out of this episode!  -Steven

Topics in this short episode: Eclipse, EVE Online, Flames of War.

Direct download: NFTFEp51.mp3
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Episode 50- The Wrath of Sean!  The original host of News From the Front is back in the studio!

0:00- Intro & AAR

0:52- Discussing Security Sections & Motivation Tests, What dos "Either" mean?  Muster 2013 discussion, T-26 discussion*, #WWPD4VETS

1:43- Market Garden look at the Allies

Editor's Note: Not sure why I said the T-26 doesn't have 24" range- I thought it did!  Confused it with the T-60.  Apologies!

Direct download: NFTF_Episode_50.mp3
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"Panzer" Matt Meyer, Jim Best, and Chris Corman regale us with the tale of their tournament outing to the recent Huzzah Hobbies mid war flames of war tournament.  Steven and Jon attended but did not record an On the Road episode- thanks to Panzer Matt for stepping up!

Direct download: OnTheRoad3.mp3
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The dudes talk about 2012's New Year's resolutions and make some new empty promises in Act III!  In Act II, hear Maria talk about her role as Battlefront's print broker for most of their book releases.  Act I sees the guys covering all their hobbying in the last few weeks!

  • 0:00- AAR
  • 0:51- Interview with Maria, Battlefront's Print Broker
  • 1:19- New Year's Resolutions
Direct download: Episode49.mp3
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Dano and Judson get after it again, this time diving head-first into the Armies of Germany book. They also go over an upcoming Bolt Action tournament (Cold Wars!) before Dano absolutely tears into Judson's Commonwealth list. In between, Dano breaks into song, waxes philosophical, and at least once reverts to Olde English. Episode Six is like watching The Hobbit! 
000:00 In!
002:50 Cold Wars Bolt Action Tourney
008:46 Armies of Germany Shop Talk - Infantry
076:15 Break!
077:14 Armies of Germany Shop Talk - Everything Else
115:27 Dano Gives Judson's Commonwealth The Once-Over
159:44 Out!
Judson's Commonwealth:
095 Regular 1LT + 2 Men
020 Regular Artillery Observer + 2 Men
093 Regular NCO + 6 Men, 1 LMG, 1 SMG
093 Regular NCO + 6 Men, 1 LMG, 1 SMG
070 Regular NCO + 6 Men
133 Veteran NCO + 6 Men, 1 LMG, 3 SMG
065 Veteran Flamethrower
040 Regular PIAT
305 Regular Crocodile
084 Veteran Bren Carrier + MMG
Direct download: BAR6.mp3
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Steven is back from New Zealand, and the dudes all get a chance to catch up!  The first audio interview with Jeff from Battlefront is in the middle of the episode.  It was recorded via a phone interview, so bear with us on the audio quality!  In Act III Steven talks about the Battlefornt Office and gives some general impressions before the videos start making their appearance!

  • 0:00 - Intro and AARs
  • 0:50 - Interview with Jeff from Battlefront (Manufacturing)
  • 1:37 - World Famous in New Zealand Since Ages Ago

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Direct download: Episode_48.mp3
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Dano and Judson get into it again in Episode Five of Bolt Action Radio. In it, the boys talk about the amazing job forum users have done on their BoltAction.Net Painting Contest submissions. Dano also spreads the word of Bolt Action to various places in the Northeast and conventions are briefly discussed. Additionally, pbeccas offers up a video of his BA collection, the guys talk about transports, and as always, there's shop talk galore!
  • 000:00 Intro
  • 001:51 Painting Contest
  • 007:09 Traveling Dan
  • 014:24 Conventions
  • 016:51 pbeccas Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO853eTiaD8
  • 019:27 Transports
  • 062:00 Break
  • 063:00 Dano's Left Holding The Bag
  • 064:45 Shop Talk
  • 071:00 Specifically, List Talk
  • 127:55 Closing
For those that want to follow along at home during the shop talk session in the second half of the show, here's Dano's US list:
075- Regular 1st Lieutenant
072- Veteran Truck w. HMG
063- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG
063- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG
068- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG, 1 BAR
068- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG, 1 BAR
144- Regular Twelve Man squad w. ATGs
075- Regular Air Observer
050- Regular MMG
050- Regular MMG
050- Regular Medium Mortar
220- Regular Sherman 105mm w. HMG and Hedgerow Cutter
998- TOTAL
Direct download: BAR5.mp3
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Dano and Judson get Alessio Cavatore to show up at The BAR - and man, turns out Alessio is a great guy to hang at The BAR with! Afterwards, the guys talk about Fall-In, the BoltAction.Net Painting Contest, and a tournament happening in Australia. You can't have a night at The BAR without a little Shop Talk. In this episode, the boys talk about how wrong their impressions and ideas from the week before were, then give you more truisms that will be utterly false next week!
0:00 Dano e-Stalks Alessio Cavatore
1:11 Fall-In Review
1:24 Painting Contest
1:39 Cancon Event
1:56 Shop Talk - Before/After

Direct download: BAR4.mp3
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The boys are live at Fall In 2012!  We talk The Flames of War I-95 Doubles tournament, Bolt Action, Saga, X-Wing, Battlestar Galactica and a lot more!  Stick around for the 2nd part of the show as we decompress on our drive home!

  • 0:00- ACT I: Live from Fall In 2012!
  • 0:48- ACT II: The drive home

Links Discussed in this Episode:







Direct download: Episode_47-_Live_From_Fall_In_2012.mp3
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0:00 Intro
2:08 Envelopment
25:53 Break
26:30 Maximum Attrition
29:30 Point Defense
39:19 Holt Until Relieved
49:07 Top Secret
60:15 Break
60:35 Demolition
75:00 Bolt Action Vs. Flames of War
76:45 Air, And Mouth Punches
86:35 Break
87:15 Slow Bartender
88:00 Judson Rant
89:00 Exchange Rate
116:27 Break
117:30 Shop Talk
Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Ep_3.mp3
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Editor's note: It's been a while!  But like a bad case of the "Dirty Jons", we just keep comin back!  This time we talk about our recent gaming, my New Zealand trip and of course- NUTS!  We also give a quick preview of Spartacus (something more substantial coming after Fall In!).  Note: This episode might be a bit much for younger listeners- we're fairly raunchy from the get go so be warned!

  • 0:00 - Intro and AAR, App introduction
  • 0:57 - NUTS! also  Bolt Action Painting Contest Announced
  • 1:32 - World of Tanks Updates, Spartacus Preview

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Direct download: News_From_the_Front_46.mp3
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Luke and Dirty Jon are joined by Eric Turner on their trip to Southern Front!  They talk about their lists and their games.  Have a listen, won't ya?

Enjoy the Halloween edition of the American Minute by Jeff Hewitt!

Direct download: On_The_Road_Episode_2.mp3
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In episode two, Dano and Judson dive into list building in Bolt Action. The topics are covered as follows:
00:00 - Intro, Making a List
05:30 - Platoon Breakdown
08:00 - HQ
14:34 - Infantry Squads
24:23 - Break
25:29 - Support
28:41 - Captain or Major
31:55 - Medic
38:08 - Forward Observer
47:20 - Machine Guns
55:50 - Mortars
62:00 - Snipers
68:00 - Flamethrowers
72:22 - Anti-Tank Team
76:21 - Big Guns
82:37 - Break
82:58 - Armored Cars
84:13 - Tanks
88:28 - Transports
95:30 - List Closeout
96:35 - Listers
99:20 - Fall-In
Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Ep_2.mp3
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Dano and Judson welcome you to the first episode of Bolt Action Radio - welcome to the BAR!  In the show, the boys talk about how they got into Bolt Action, how they ended up joining the WWPD crew and the rest of the story behind starting BoltAction.Net. In addition, they mention their first impressions of the game, and offer a glimpse of what they have planned for Fall-In.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Black Tree Designs - WWII Metal 28mm models
Warlord Games
Osprey Publishing
Pegasus Hobbies
Could not find a site for Imex- but google is your friend!
Direct download: Bolt_Action_Radio_Ep_1.mp3
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Editor's note: Made a change to the naming format so it fits into the app better!  In this episode we are very lucky to be joined by Rick Priestley!  If you don't know who he is, google him now- you probably like something he's done!  We are joined with Judson to talk some Bolt Action before rounding out the episode by discussing some tactics around setting up assaults in Flames of War.

  • 0:00 - Intro and AAR, App introduction
  • 0:46 - Interview with Rick Priestley and Judson from Bolt Action .net
  • 1:22 - Setting up successful assaults in Flames of War

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Direct download: NFTF_Episode_45.mp3
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Assault Cats ho!  The fellas have a bunch to report in the AAR.  The NOVA Open, Dropzone Games, Descent, and more!  Steven gives an overview of Bolt Action, followed by some discussion on airplanes and Assault Guns.  

  • 0:00- Intro/AAR
  • 0:51- Bolt Action Primer
  • 1:29- After Hours Preview, Airplanes, Assault Guns

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Direct download: WWPD_News_From_the_Front_Episode_44.mp3
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As you know, I really like recording in the car!  It makes for good, natural conversation, and it's the kind of chats you're probably having to and from gaming events as well!  In this, the first episode in a new "freemium" series, Tom and I are returning from the NOVA Open 2012.  We recorded our trip up where I discussed Bolt Action in depth, but it didn't turn out so you only get one way this time- sorry!  We love Tom, but he isn't named "Mad Dog de Mayo" for nothing- be wary that our language can get a bit "colorful" at times.  Children shouldn't be listening to us ANYWAYS, but consider this extra warning!  Let us know what you guys think of the format by sounding off on our forum!

Direct download: On_The_Road_Episode_1.mp3
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We've 42 episodes behind us and there's nowhere to go but forward!  We have a lot of games we've played recently to discuss, in addition to Anatoli's newer September Campaign pdf!  We also discuss the rules for Combat attachments and Kampfgruppe.  The episode gets rounded out with a discussion on German Tank Hunters, and Jon's book review on "Origins of the 2nd World War".

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR, General Goofery
  • 0:58- ACT II: The September Campaign, Combat Attachments and Kampfgruppe
  • 1:40- ACT III: German Tank Hunters, Book Review: "Origins of the 2nd World War"

Links discussed in this episode:










Direct download: WWPD_News_From_the_Front_Episode_43.mp3
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The gents are back!  Steven and Luke talk about their recent experience at Guns of August, Jon brings Steven a few Mojitos back from Aruba, we talk about Bolt Action .Net, and our new premium episode "Know the Mission!"  But wait!  There's More!  We also talk about the "Ambush" special rule, and Jon covers a book: "The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo".  Talk aout a monster episode!  Make sure to come back for After Hours- it's a good one! 

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR
  • 1:14- ACT II: Ambush, Network Partners
  • 1:47- ACT III: Preview of Anatoli's September Campaign, Rules Wonkiness, Clay Pigeons of St. Lo

Links discussed in this episode:









Direct download: Episode42.mp3
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The gentlemen are live at Historicon 2012!  We talk Historicon, Nationals, The Flames of War I-95 tournament, Saga, and a lot more!  Stick around for the 2nd part of the show as the guys decompress and lament how much stuff they bought!

  • 0:00- ACT I: Live from Historicon 2012!
  • 1:12- ACT II: The dudes, still worn out, talk about their growing mountain of lead!

Links discussed in this episode:








Editor's Note: Sorry the 2nd half is lower audio quality!  We recorded on a phone in my game room.  We couldn't get to the bunker in a timely fashion!

Direct download: Episode_41_Live_from_Historicon_2012.mp3
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The dude's discuss the last 40 episodes, the future, and Devil's Charge!  The train derails almost immediately- like usual!  Let Steve, Luke, and Dirty Jon reminesce a bit before talkin' Peiper, The Bloody Bucket, and much more!  

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR, A look back
  • 0:50- ACT II: JP Interview recap, Devil's Charge!
  • 1:39- ACT III: Jon Reviews Hitler's Gladiator, Army lists predictions and discussion

Links discussed in this episode:


Direct download: WWPD_News_From_the_Front_Episode_40.mp3
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The dudes brave the heat to record a brand new episode!  This is another crunchy one with plenty of rules discussion... but most importantly we have John Paul from Battlefront join us and drop more than a few juicy tidbits!  

  • 0:00- Intro, AAR, Germans in the landscape of V3
  • 0:50- ACT II: Interview with John Paul from Flames of War
  • 1:39- ACT III: British Rifles, Devil's Charge Rumors, Smokse us in V3

Links discussed in this episode:


Direct download: WWPD_News_From_the_Front_Episode_39.mp3
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The dudes bite off a bit more than they can chew!  But the chat is strong, and the good times are had.  The dudes discuss their recent tournament experience, Tank Destroyers, Supply Vehicles, Sea Lion and much more!

  • 0:00- Intro, AAR, Op Sea Lion, Game Vault Tournament AAR
  • 1:16- ACT II: CGR Painters/Jackson M36 Discussion, Supply Vehicles
  • 1:39- ACT III: The Tapestry, Upcoming WWPD, Unarmored Vehicles w/ Gun Teams

Links discussed in this episode:


Direct download: WWPD_News_From_the_Front_Episod_38.mp3
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The dudes are back in action and ready to chat about a variety of topics!  On the table are Recon, Tank Destroyers, Diablo, Disney, and terrain!  Plenty of silly antics, of course, and lots of crunchy bits too!  We also make completely baseless guesses to the content of Devil's Charge (note- they are a bit outlandish!)

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, New After Hours Format, Operation Sea Lion
  • 0:46- ACT II: Devil's Charge, N00b Zone: Recon
  • 1:23- ACT III: Battlefield in a Box, Terrain, US Tank Destroyers tips & tricks

Links discussed in this episode:

Direct download: Episode37.mp3
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