WWPD News From the Front (gaming)
Our Tenth episode of Outpost 309 features special guest and WWPD fearless leader - Steven MacLauchlan!  
In this epic meeting of the minds, the guys talk at great length about our current projects, managing to touch on more games than we've ever done before, and in great depth as well.  With Steven's assistance, we talk about the merits and drawbacks of the X-Wing miniatures game, Sails of GloryFirestorm ArmadaWar ThunderLords of WaterdeepEVE OnlineLove Letter, GloomRampage, and Wargame: Red Dragon.  Finally, we reach the geek philosophy section, and take it to the next level with a discussion on the difference between "playing games to win" and "playing games to have fun."  Hope you all enjoy listening to our 10th anniversary episode as much as we did recording it!
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