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The Ghost Army Podcast Episode 22

In this episode of the Ghost Army Podcast, Patch, Bryan and Anf talk about their action-packed weekend at Cancon, how their lists went and what they saw at the event, the first major Australian event for Bolt Action V2.  In the second half of the episode, they have on Mark, the author of the new Battle of the Bulge campaign book being released by Warlord and delve into the making of the book itself.

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Hi all, get your ears toasty and ready to receive the well reasoned thoughts of this months LRDG. For this episode we have a stable of talent performing for you to talk about recent listing, big battles and our preparation for Cancon. So put on your listening onesie, start believing in yourself and all your […]

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 Enjoy another episode of the LRDG where we discuss: the GT, list building and how to lose friends and alienate people with two arty observers.
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This month the LRDG brings the gift of knowledge by interviewing Alessio Cavatore of River Horse Games. We get a chance to talk about 12 dice caps, the direction of Bolt Action and his Tarot of Loka Kickstarter. After that the boys set up for a chat about spam, good play and all things crunchy. […]
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In yet another massive episode, a cast of thousands get stuck into the new “Allies of Italy and the Minor Axis Powers” book AND the new Bolt Action FAQ’s.  The now active LRDG painting contest is discussed as are Company B buildings. Tune in and check… iiiitttt… OUT!
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The guys are back with a MONSTER 7th episode! We cover some minor rules chat, deconstruct the lists that won MOAB, reveal details for the first ever LRDG events AND talk to TWO MASSIVE SECRET GUESTS! (trust us… these guys are AMAZING!!!) Grab your sunnies gang… The future looks soooo bright, you are gonna need […]

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In part 1 of this episode the guys catch up with the Mouth of Madness and discuss tournaments. In part two, Old Man Morin travels to MOAB and catches up with Qman, Patch and Anfernee. Lots of crunchy tourney chat ensues.
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Heya loyal neckbeards. This month we have a little chat about the Armies of France and the Allies book while enjoying a few themed beverages. Later on we bring in the Arch Bishop of all things Belgian Pbeccas to talk about the new list. So sit back, pour yourself a stein of champagne and enjoy.  

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Welcome back to another episode of the LRDG. In this episode we get to talk shop with a bunch of hobby luminaries including PBeccas from Western Australia, Jeff Trnka from JTFM Enterprises and Die Waffenkammer, Judson MacCaull from Bolt Action.net and Qman from the interwebs.   So sit back, crack a brew and enjoy the your […]

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Enjoy Episode 4A of the LRDG The Rising Sun. In this half of the episode we discuss the brand new Japanese army book from Warlord Games and look at the utility of bikes of all kinds. We also talk resin bases of the products made by Back 2 Base-ix.  So sit back, pour a pint of […]
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In this Episode, the one and only Qman comes to play.  The boys may have a lot to drink and while things start kinda crazy, great chat eventually goes down…  Language is colourful and references are explicit (and sometimes off topic)! WARNING!!! This episode is NOT for the faint hearted or the easily offended. We promise […]
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