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Major episode, Mitch and Sean are at GENCON in Indianapolis and 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of this great event. The guys explore the vendor hall and talk to some great folks.


You also get to hear the thoughts of a GENCON virgin (Mitch) as he experiences his first event.


We finally talk to the guys who created Secret Hitler!  http://www.secrethitler.com/


We also speak to the folks from Columbia games; columbiagames.com


The guys that produce the game Superfight which they have been talking about for ages.   https://www.superfightgame.com

Mitch noticed a great game from an indie game designer called Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, and the guys sat down with its developer Jon Lonngren for an interview. http://www.fallendominionstudios.com

Along with this we have the usual banter and some segments with special guests, super gamer Scott Simoneau and Wanda from housekeeping

This is our longest OTR episiode, however we had so much to cover and talk about!




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Link for Episode 40 as below.
Show blurb, if we can:
40 episodes! Really? Man that seriously is quite a few, isn't it!?
The Behind Enemy Lines guys are back. In this episode, you get some Noob News and rambling. You're gonna get an update on what the guys have been up to...and rambling.
And then we talk about ructions and rumblings within the Flames of War community at large.
There may also be rambling...
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