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Those crazy gamers from down South (further than Mexico) are back with a new show. Covering over the latest (at the time) in gaming news and views and then moving on to their latest exploits. It's a trip......man!

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In this episode Mitch phones in from -- what sounds like --the Moon to talk with the boys about Historicon, and the new Mid-War American book. Shermans, Lees and Stuarts, Oh my!

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In this content-laden episode of the Ghost Army Podcast Brad, Bryan, and Seamus are joined by Mark Barber. Mark is the author of the No. 47 Royal Marine Commando list, the Battle of the Bulge campaign book, and of course the forthcoming Papua New Guinea campaign book. The team goes through the book's inspirations, processes, scenarios, new units, and much more.

Give us a listen on the train, while you're painting, whatever. Let us know what you think!

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