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The LRDGII is back with another three hour epic! 

Episode 16 begins with a beginners guide/ exploration of the Batman Miniatures Game. For this segment, Brad is joined by Liam from the UK's premier Batman podcast "Titan Dose." He talks us through the game, top to bottom and explains how everything works in the midnight clad city of Gotham. 
The rest of the episode is dedicated to our favourite game, Bolt Action. Experienced Polish players, David Xavier and Pat "Muddy Funster" come on to look at one of Bolt Action's lesser seen armies. Poland. The guys take an exhaustive look  at Poland in the game and the bigger picture of history that puts Poland into the context of WW2. 
Come on down and check episode 16 out and learn how to Make Poland Great Again!
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In this shortened episode, the boys discuss what they have been up to recently, and their changing levels of interest in FoW and other games.  In act two, they look at the newly released “Fog of War” cards and ponder the problems, challenges and the potential excitement these cards will add to Flames of War.

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Behind Enemy Lines is back again. Episode 37 is all about the HYPE!
In part 1, the guys take a look at all the hype around the latest Warhammer 40k edition and why they're excited about it! They also look at all the other Noob News they've found...
Part 2 see Dan and Damo talk about what happened at TCOW as well as more hype around new 40k! Greg regales us with tales of V3 Flames of War with a report from NICon.
Part 3, we rock it old school and answer listener questions! Be warned, fun may ensue!
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Uncovered in a dusty attic, these tapes were recently found and brought to light.  In them, the Baconburger command discusses the second edition of the Bolt Action rules, along with the hits and misses they felt came with the edition change.  So hold onto your seats, for another long awaited Baconburger episode!

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Welcome to another installment of Bolt Action goodness to paint your all conquering armies too! 

In this episode we have Patch, Bryan and Brad discussing their latest painting projects and games. Topics covered include Bren Carriers, the new Sea Lion Campaign book, what to do with a horde of Soviet engineer models, gaming with the Australian Pacific army list, tactics for forward deploying units and a giant group game set in the battle of Sattleberg New Guinea. 
The guys also cover the new Vehicle Design System for Bolt Action, a PDF resource put together by Richard Humble and the BAA team to allow you to generate rules and points costs for vehicles as yet not covered by the army lists. 
So pick up those paint brushes and set your Order Dice to 'Listen'...
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