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Behind Enemy Lines Episode 36 - Contains Coarse Language
In part 1, we must unfortunately farewell a dear friend of the crew.
We'll then dip into some Noob News for you, getting the lowdown on the latest release and rumours from the gaming world.
We'll then tell you what we've been doing gaming-wise in Part 2! It Star-licious!
In part 3, we.....well we....ummmmm.....you'll have to listen. It's just....it's too shocking
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The LRDG II: Episode 15 - Operation Sea Lion

The LRDG II is back with another action packed episode! Old Man Morin is joined by, friends of the cast, Jeremy (of San Diego Bolt Action Fame) and Luke Emerton to talk serious shop.
The guys discuss Jeremy's recent successful event at the Kingdomcon convention, Luke's hobby progress and Brad's being led astray by other podcasts. They then move onto the history, development and game use of the T-26 tank. 
In the main part of the show, the crew dig into the newest Warlord Campaign Book, Operation Sea Lion and give it a good looking at. The guys then chat about "What if..." scenarios in BA and the ins and outs of small size gameplay. 
Please tune in and let us know what you think. You can find the cast at "Land O' Misfit Toys: Home Of The LRDG Podcast" on Facebook. 
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The coolest littlest podcast from the Southern Hemisphere is back!
In the first part, the guys bring you all the news they've scrounged from the interwebs and deliver it in their own irreverant fashion! Also....special discount offer enclosed!
Part 2 is all about the local scene. There's a run-down of what happened at the Auckland Grand Slam as well as the usual happenings at TCOW.
In part 3, we skirt controversy and talk all about the elephant in the room for this month...Command Cards and Fog of War Cards for Flames of War V4. Warning, rants may happen...
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub....
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Welcome back to another episode of the LRDG II. In this two part edition of the cast, Brad brings old friends on to discuss two subjects that he is extremely excited about. Games Workshop's "newest" game, Shadow War Armageddon and the trial run of The Bolt Action World Series event!


In part one, DaveOwaR and Jeremy from the Red Jokers and Green Dragon Podcasts jump on and the guys talk about their experiences playing SWA and what the game is all about.


In segment two, Brad is joined by Leigh Avery and Dave Munro to critically assess the World Series format of event and to talk Bolt Action in general. 


For those of you not interested in hearing about GW games, the Bolt Action discussion begins at the 1:10 mark in the episode.


As always, we at the LRDG love to hear from you. If you have any feedback about this episode, please let us know what you think. You can find the cast by typing the LRDG podcast into Facebook. The page is called "Land O' Misfit Toys: The Home Of The LRDG Podcast.


Thank you for tuning in!

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