WWPD News From the Front

This episode has the guys have some short after-action reports in act One.  Act two is a detailed examination of “Desert Rats” and Afrika Korps” which are the new version 4 midwar lists.  In the final act they discuss the upcoming release of Command Cards, and the possible changes to the Flames of War  tournament and casual player communites once version 4 hits the stores.

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The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 24

Episode 24 of the GAP is bursting with freedom as our American side of the crew rejoin the cast after last episode's break. In segment one, Casey, Patch and Brad discuss the joys of researching little known information about these armies we know and love, Romanians, how good it is to play games and the pros and cons of early war listing. After a short break, Seamus and Brad discuss Brad's Bolt Action World Series run through event, Adepticon and lots of little things we have been inching to discuss. 
Join us for a listen and please let us know what you think on the Bolt Action Alliance Facebook page. 
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Episode 8: Live from Cold Wars 2017


Huge podcast from the "Roadies".... Mitch and Sean head to Lancaster PA for Cold Wars 2017. A very jammed packed episode since we had so much to talk about!


  • We speak to the Flames of War crowd about Version 4 that came out the week before. 
  • Sean and Jesse Sheaffer do a quick AAR after playing V4
  • We speak to the folks who played Secret Hitler with us! 
  • After Friday's FoW doubles event we speak to some of the folks we played
  • In the last segment Sean "Blitz Move" Sarah gets in berzerker mode as we hold a "Live" podcast at Cold Wars featuring the guys from Dice Devils and of course the Best's, the father/son team who are huge friends of the the show
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The latest episode of the craziest little wargaming podcast is ready for your listening!
Part 1 sees the guys talking about the new news from the gaming world...and tentacles!
Part 2 is all about the local gaming scene here in Auckland, including tournament details and the goings-on at TCOW.
In Part 3, the guys replay their interview with Phil Yates about Version 4 Flames of War.
Crazy will happen!
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Episode 7 On the Road: Warmachine Tournament At Springfields Curio Cavern
In this episode Sean and Mitch head down to Springfield, VA on a crisp MLK Monday to check out Warmachine's new edition and the folks who play it. 
Sean even plays in the tournament. We've got an explanation of the game, interviews with players and with the tournament organizer Andrew. 
For those of you who don't know what it is, Warmachine is an "epic" 28mm miniatures game focusing on steam powered machines and fury powered warbeasts fighting it out on a 4x4 gaming table. Most armies sport around 20 or 30 models and rounds last an hour and a half in this highly competitive tournament scene game. 
By Privateer Press, Warmachine and it's sister game Hordes (both playable together and interchangeable) have been around since the early 2000's and the game is one of the highest selling build and paint miniatures games on the market. 
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