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Welcome to episode lucky 13 of the LRDG II!

Brad is rejoined by, friend of the cast and all around hobby hero, Luke Emerton to discuss a number of BIG BA topics. First of all the guys talk through the brand new FAQ from Warlord games and what is means for BA as a whole. They also take a deep dive into the history of an interesting "link" in the evolution of modern Soviet tanks, the humongous T-28! They do all this before hitting the main topic of the episode.
In the last episode Brad talked about how exciting it is that with the "new" edition, units and vehicles that used to be terrible have been given new life and how listing has become interesting again because there are so many units to choose from. This episode Brad and Luke dive into the flip side of that coin and examine the "bad boys" of first edition that were "too good" to take. Are vehicle flamethrowers, cavalry, Ghurkas, big HE tanks and more acceptable to take now or are they still to rough to bring in a friendly game? Tune in and find out!
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The LRDG II Podcast Episode 12

In this fun filled episode, Brad is joined by long-time BA player and the TO of the World's Largest Bolt Action Event, Steve Tibbs, for a free-style jazz jam like discussion about the game we know and love. 

Steve lays down why Brad shouldn't yawn at US forces in a discussion that heavily revisits the new Battle of the Bulge book. The guys also talk about the M8 Greyhound and how to convert them, enthusiasm, haters, trends in the game and Steve's huge event: Cambridge Too Far.

We invite you to join us and let us know what you think on the LRDG Facebook page. We always read and respond to your comments.

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In this episode the guy discuss recent tournaments as well as upcoming events in act one. In act two they do a thorough dissection of the “Volksarmee” book for Team Yankee.  In act three, they try to discuss anything but version four -- and fail.

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In this Episode Sean and I travel to Bowie Maryland to check out one of the nation's premier ASL events.

We have a lengthy interview with Perry Cocke; one of the owners of Multiman Publishing who produces Advanced Squad Leader. We talk about ASL, other board war games, and the wargame industry. Perry goes over the long history of ASL and board war gaming.

A Big thanks to Andrew Hopson who takes over for Tyler in producing the podcast for a few months.

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A very special OTR Episode! 

Mitch Reed and Sean Sarah went to the Version 4 roll out at "Games and Stuff" in Glenn Burnie Maryland. They have a very frank talk with John Mathews and Bryan Sayman from the US Office. You will want to listen to this one; John spells out what we will see coming out for Version 4 in the future and a whole bunch of spoilers. 

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In this action packed episode of the GAP, Patch and Bryan are joined by voice from the past to discuss a few thoughts about how to approach army listing, the incredible mega-battle held recently in Sydney, German forces in Tunisia, armoured carrier tactics, take aways from recent games and Patch's new BEF and Desert French forces. 
Tune in and let us know what you think on the Bolt Action Alliance Facebook Page. 
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