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Back with a sweaty vengeance, the crew of the flesh star destroyer brings you Episode 25 brought to you by Correlian Chew- the best treat in the galaxy! Things start off with a review of what the boys have been up to recently, including a quick World's review. Next up, the crew give a once-over to the new squadrons in Corellian Conflict, before moving on to the new objectives featured in the campaign! Yea, or Nay? Yea!

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Episode 2; with Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed, hosted by Tyler Held


In this episode Mitch and Sean go to Fall In 2016 which is hosted by HMGS. The guys talk too many of the folks at the event and discuss a wide variety of games as well as listen to the concerns some have about Flames of War Version 4.


From our LA studio, Tyler interviews his girlfriend Ashley about her video and board gaming addiction.

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Dirty 30 baby! It’s been a helluva run for the guys but there is no looking back now!


We hit the N00b News lines in Act I for you, covering off some of the new releases from around the gaming world and just generally talking about toys. Beware the segues though…


Act II sees Dan and Greg with some input from Damo talking about their latest accomplishment, FlamesCon 2016, the largest singles Flames of War tournament in New Zealand.


  Finally, the news in the FoW world has all been around Pete’s interview with our mates at the WWPD. We have a chat about what we think it all means and what it could lead to.

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Why We Fight Episode 8: Questions for Pete and Team Yankee
Welcome to another action packed episode! In Act I, the guys discuss tournaments and what everyone has been up to. Act II we talk about some of the questions and issues that we've seen in the forum for Pete and version 4. Finally in Act III, we talk about our current thoughts on Team Yankee. Get ready for another information filled episode!
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