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 "On the Road" is a new series from WWPD where we go out to speak with you, the gamer!.  Hosted by Tyler Held; each episode will feature Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed going on-location to interview the interesting folks who make up the gamming community.  

In our inaugural episode we head to the Iron Maiden roll-out at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie MD.  Mitch and Sean speak with the participants, the events coordinator at Games and Stuff, and an interview John-Paul Brisigotti the CEO of Battlefront.

"OTR" will cover all types of games, miniatures, board games, and card games from any period of genre. 

If you want us to cover an event, just  contact us (WWPDMitch@gmail.com) to see if we can make it. 

Along with the release of the new podcast we want to appeal to you to help us design the cover art, so contact me with your submissions. 

See you On the Road! 

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We’re kinda back on a regular schedule now! Awesome news huh?! And despite having our numbers culled by 25%, we’re still into it!


Act I sees use going over a heap of N00bNews from all over the gaming world. The latest and greatest in new shinys for all gamers!

Act II looks at whats been happening in and around our gaming club and all the craziness we’ve been getting involved in.

And Act III talks a little about our processes and thinkings when we start getting ready for a tournament, regardless of the genre.

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Why We Fight Episode 6: Tanks, Tracks, Bang, Yeah with Peter Simunovich
Have an extra pair of socks handy for this episode because they might be knocked off! In Act I, the guys give just a quick update on what has been going on. The episode really starts in Act II. We have super special guest Peter Simunovich of Battlefront here to give us all of the upcoming spoilers! In an emotional hangover Act III, the guys try to comprehend all the great information that they got from Pete. Be sure to head over to the forum to submit your questions to Pete. Now get ready for one of the most information-filled podcast yet!
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Why We Fight Episode 6: Iron Maiden
In this short and sweet episode the guys only do one Act and it's dedicated all to Iron Maiden! Similar to the Leopard episode, Luke, Eric, and Mitch break down everything in the new book for the British. So grab your guitars and tell Eddie to get ready. It's time for Iron Maiden!
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Those crazy BEL guys are back with another episode looking at whats happening around the gaming world.

In part 1, we cover off some Noob News as well as some news about the show.
Part 2 looks at whats been happening at TCOW as well as some news from the NZ tournament scene.
In the final part, we just go a little off script and talk about a mish-mash of different things.
We're kinda taking this one back to the old school. A Capella if you will!
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