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Steven, Luke, and Jon are back with episode 104! Tons of talk all over the board: FoW, Armada, Board Games, TV, and movies. Chill with the OG crew tonight, won't you?

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In this action packed, full length episode, the LRDG II is back with a two shot of Bolt Action goodness!

In part one, Brad is joined by BA superstars Brian Ward, from the Northern Front Podcast, and Luke Emerton, of the Australian Bolt Action scene. The guys talk Stalingrad. From a historical and from a gaming standpoint. Now, Stalingrad, in and of itself, is a HUGE topic so we, at the LRDG, invite you to listen to the cast and send us suggestions for follow up conversation.

In part two, we welcome the father of Bolt Action back to the show. The one and only, Alessio Cavatore, returns to talk us through the best and most the most controversial parts of Bolt Action Second Edition.

Thank you for tuning in. For more information and to contact us, please look for The LRDG Podcast on Facebook.

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Episode XXIV: Eatin' Lwabstah

In Episode Whatevah: A Cah Pahks in the Doah Yahd, Dano, Skyshuffler, and DT have lost the mysterious bounty hunter Easy somewhere between the aft and fore taints of the Flesh Star Destroyer. In his place, the dot matrix printing R1H4 sits at the conference room table. The crew talks about recent tournaments, upcoming events, and of course their thoughts on all the new toys with a few (dozen in some cases) games under their flesh belts.

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In an episode jam-packed full of V2 talk, with a sprinkling of hobby, Anf, Bryan, Casey and Patch jump head-first into talks about what they are keen to see in the second edition of Bolt Action and how they think it will affect their armies and the way they play the game.

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LRDG II: Episode 8: Breaking Down Bolt Action Second Edition

In this special all-star episode, Old Man Morin is joined by some of the biggest voices of the Bolt Action podcasting world to take a long in depth look at Bolt Action Second Edition. Brad is joined by Kieren from the Combined Operations Podcast, Brian from the Northern Front Podcast and Sam from the Down Order Podcast as they lift up the hood and look at the parts that make the new system work. 
Please join us for this special podcast experience. Please let us know what you thing of this podcast by messaging our Facebook page. You can find us under "The LRDG Podcast" on FB. Thank you for tuning in!
Please note some explicit language is uttered in the recording of this podcast, though it is not up to old LRDG standards, if you get our meaning. 
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