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The LRDG II Podcast Episode 7

In this two part episode Old Man Morin invites guests from around the world to discuss Bolt Action and Konflikt '47.
In the first segment, we invite our American buddies Seamus and Dwayne on to talk about the Norway Campaign of 1939. The guys talk history, famous units involved and list building around this time. 
The second segment marks the return of show regular and TO extraordinaire Peter West. Pete and Brad explore K'47 top to bottom. They talk listing in the Konflikt universe, new rules that they have found, the impact that the game will have on the community and favourite units that they can't wait to try out. Pete even channels the infamous Otto Skorzeny at one point. It is a wild ride.
Please join us for this action packed episode. 
As always, we at the LRDG love your feedback. Please let us know what you think about what you have heard by messaging us on our Facebook page. You can find (and "Like" us) at The LRDG Podcast. Thank you for tuning in. 
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Get ready for a bulging new episode of Why We Fight! In ACT I, the guys provide a quick update on some upcoming tournaments. In ACT II, we get an overview of the Axis lists in the new Ardennes Offensive book. Then in ACT III, we see what the Allies are up to in an overview of the new Battle of the Bulge book. Be sure to stick around for this special sneak peek episode!  
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Steve, Luke, and Jon are back! The dudes chat it up about games, movies, and more!

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Jumping out of hyperspace into a maelstrom of exciting news and possibly a monster truck space rally, the long-missing DT, Skyshuffler, Lord of Tubs, and EZ Chance come forth once again aboard the glistening Flesh Star Destroyer. The topics covered at the conference room table exclude being force choked but include a bit of Wave 3/4, the new campaign release, and of course the freshly-announced Wave 5. Put your aviator glasses on in a dramatic fashion and rakishly tip your fedora - it's Episode XXIII of Intensify Forward Firepower.

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On this special episode of Why We Fight Luke, Eric, and Mitch recap their experience and AAR's from Historicon in ACT I. The guys are then joined by special guest Wayne Turner, of Battlefront, to talk some Team Yankee and other new products coming down the pipeline in ACT II. In a short ACT III, the guys recap their interview with Wayne. Don't miss this awesome, spoiler filled episode!
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The Do-Over! Dan fails to save the original Episode 27 correctly, so the guys come to his rescue with another fantastically over-inflated episode!


In Act I, for NoobNews, we’ve got some news from almost all corners of the wargaming world!


In Act II,we give out after action reports from New Zealand’s finest wargames tournament, Panzerschreck!


In Act III, we answer some listener questions, talk about our PTO updates, and our upcoming All-WWII-game-systems-included Firestorm Berlin campaign. Then Dan tells us a bedtime story...

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LRDG II: Episode 6 - An In Depth Look At Konflikt '47

Old Man Morin is joined by the legendary TO and all around rad guy, Peter West to tear into the new Konflikt '47 rule book line by line. There is a brief discussion of the Konflikt "world" before the guys dive headfirst into new rules, weapons, national rules and units for the big four nations. As TO's, the guys also talk about how running events for the game might work.

This is a raw, first impressions review... We hope you like it!

As always please find the LRDG Podcast on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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