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The GAP is back! The first half sees Patch and Anfernee welcome new guy Casey to the BAA family along with special guest Dan, before they jump into talking about what they hope to see in the upcoming Konflikt '47.  Then in the second half, Bryan returns from his trip to the land of the free and joins Anf and Tristan to talk about the games they've been having and upcoming events.

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Steven, Luke, and Jon are back for the 2016 Historicon live show! Hear all about their gaming experiences at Historicon- Flames of War, Team Yankee, Longstreet, Guild Ball, and much more! No Pokemon were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

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Welcome to another Bolt Action only episode of the LRDG II. In this very special episode Old Man Morin talks to two very special guests. 

In the first half of the episode, Old Man Morin faces off with the formidable David "Uber Gruber" Hunter from the Down Order Podcast to talk extensively about the history of and listing in 1939 Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union. With these two guys on the mic, expect an opinion or two to get dropped!
In segment two, Brad is joined by the author of Konflikt '47, the newest game in the Bolt Action family. Chris, from Clockwork Goblin Games, drops serious preview information about the world of Konflikt '47, changes to the BA rules, new units in the game and things to expect down the pipe. It is a gloriously revealing interview!  
We hope you enjoy listening to the episode. As always, please contact the guys on the LRDG Podcast FB if you have any feedback, positive or negative. We LOVE to hear from YOU!
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On today's episode Eric, Luke and Mitch are back with some big announcements in ACT I, including a new contest.  The guys take a thorough look at the new Leopard book in ACT II as well as some list building talk for Team Yankee, in particular our new favorite Leopard lists.  In ACT III the guys wrap up the episode with some Team Yankee commonly overlooked rules and an in depth talk about the "Meta" of Flames of War.  This is a information packed episode so don't miss out!

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