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LRDG II : Episode 4 – Return Of The Rising Sun

A loooooong time ago, the guys in the LRDG took a serious look at the Armies of Japan book when it came out. Since then, the Japanese army has not had much love on Bolt Action podcasts, to rectify this Old Man Morin has put together a formidable round table of IJA players to discuss common misconceptions about the army, tactics, favourite units and sooooo much more!

Later in the episode, Brad is joined by Patchimus Prime to talk painting, upcoming events and Patch’s 2017 Cancon giveaway. It should also be noted that Patch says a VERY naughty word!

The episode is rounded out with a chat from another friend from the north side of Australia, Hari Turner. We talk listing for late war Fins, grudge matches and Bolt Action in general.

Stay tuned.. This is a BEAST of an episode!

As always, we would love feedback from you, the listener. Please find us on Facebook under The LRDG Podcast and let us know what you think of this, or any other of our podcasts.


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In Episode 2 of WWPD Why We Fight, Eric and Luke are joined by Mitch Reed.  The guys discuss the recent news with Flames of War on Facebook and their normal AAR.  The guys also cover their recent tournament and what goes into building your tournament army.  In act III the talk turns to Great War and  a brief look at the upcoming Leopard book for Team Yankee.

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Patch, Bryan and Anf are back with another episode, talking about what they've been doing hobby-wise, what's been happening in the Bolt Action world and finishing off their discussion on the Australians in the Pacific Army List.

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the veteran gunners of the Flesh Star Destroyer are greeblehauled as the crew deals with the unspeakable smell of three day old mustard coating the interior of the flesh star destroyer.


Image in question: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/004/536/Mustard_Guy.jpg

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of the LRDG Inappropriate Interviews! By request, Episode 3 is entirely focussed on Bolt Action. 

In the first segment, Brad is joined by Jamie from Rubicon who spills the beans about upcoming releases, what it is like behind the scenes at Rubicon and the guys discuss a really great charity to help a child in need! 
In part two, Tony Lee from Australia's north joins us to talk about what the Bolt Action scene is like in Queensland. He also recounts how his French performed at the ANZAC cup last weekend and what he took away from the event.
In the third and final part of the show, Brad is joined by old friend of the cast and the TO of great events like Wintercon and Cancon, Peter West. Peter and Brad talk about the upcoming Wintercon event, early war wargaming, the upcoming Marine Raiders Theatre Selector and... G.I. JOE themed armies in Bolt Action.
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We’re back with another episode! We’ve got plenty to cover from a variety of systesm, some local NZ gaming updates, and a look at our #FoWPacific project!.


In Act I, for NoobNews, we’ve got some news from almost all corners of the wargaming world!


In Act II,we have a look at campaign gaming and announce a few upcoming local campaigns for a variety of systems.


In Act III, we look at our #FoWPacific projects and how far we’ve come and have yet to go! We also briefly address a listener's question about “win at all costs” players in game systems.



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