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Greetings one and all, the LRDG is back in the studio. In this "special" episode the guys are joined for serious game discussion, karaoke singing and puns galore by the the former member of the Dweller's Below Podcast, the Kraken/ That Ol' Egg himself...  Chris Cousins! \
We briefly discuss "Magical Cards," gaming companies that actually support events based around their games and 80's music before getting into our main topics. We mourn the death of Warhammer Fantasy and talk about one of its successors... Kings Of Wars. Of course, the Turkey is flowing sooooo...  these discussion take some time and might be prone to occasional entertaining, digressions about... Well... lots of things.
Buckle up and enjoy! This one goes old school! 
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Anarchy reigns supreme as Mike misses out on Episode 24! In this episode we interview Wayne from Battlefront about the upcoming Pacific books Gung Ho and Banzai. There's the usual noob news and the week that was in gaming.‚Äč

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Welcome one and all to the newest podcast by the warped minds that brought you podcasts like the Dweller's Below, The LRDG and The Ghost Army Podcast. The LRDG II (or Inappropriate Interviews), Old Man Morin invites folks from near and far to discuss miniature wargaming in its many forms.

Episode one is largely about Old Man Morin's foray, as an experienced warmer, into Malifaux. In the first segment Brad chats with our old buddy on the top side of the world, CBax who is on a similar gaming path but is further along the road, experience wise. The guys talk Easter Sale, starting up Faux and discuss gaming in general. 
In segment two, Patch joins in to discuss painting as he details how he painted the incredible Pertida Crew for Brad in the span of a weekend. He explains the tricks he used to get that level of detail onto the models in such a short period of time. He then hangs around for a bit and the guys briefly talk Team Yankee and wargaming in general. Look for more pictures of Patch's stuff on the LRDG Podcast's FB page. 
I am joined in the final segment by, the one and only, Matt Stanley of Nova Open (in)Fame. Matt shares the highs and lows of his recent Adepticon trip, discusses gaming post apocalypse style, chats Malifaux highlights and shares new events scheduled for this year's Nova Open. 
Be warned that the occasional naughty word was dropped here and there during the recording of this podcast. This is a new and slightly raw cast. If you have feedback that you would like to share and ideas that you would send our way, please contact Old Man Morin via the LRDG Podcast Facebook page. 
*We would like to thank the bands Rocket From The Crypt for letting us use their fantastic tune "Pushed" as our intro music and The Red Elvises for generously letting use their tune "Love Pipe" as our outro music. We at the LRDG highly recommend that you check out the work of these extremely talented bands. 
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