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Following one great guest with another we have plasticard guru, Warplane nut and all round loose unit Jakob Lotz on to talk hobby, rules talk and tips for making homemade conversions. We wrap this massive 2 parter up with a debrief where we discuss the Victorian Bolt Action league and an exciting new event in Melbourne!

**Warning Explicit language**

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In the first part of this epic 2 parter episode we delve into a range of topics from

hobby projects, recent events, Tristan’s new Finnish army and even take a quick glance at Warlord's newly-ish released 'Duel in the Sun'. Next we bring on our first International guest with renowned Bolt Action enthusiast and resin crusader Mad Bob Emmerson on to talk Kickstarter's, rules, the UK scene and even the mighty Norwegians!


Warning: Explicit Language.

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Normal show notes are on hold since the writers abandoned ship, having read the grief stricken moaning of an upset forum poster, but fear not! The intrepid crew of the Flesh Star Destroyer continue on their quest. In this episode they thrust full force into FFG's latest warm batch of delicious new flotillas!

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An impromptu show from Luke and Eric at Cold Wars, joined by some special Guests Mark, Sean and Bob.  The guys cover a Island Landing mission they played from the new Pacific books and cover the MW doubles tournament.  The gang also discuss the Japanese and Marine lists along with the strategy tips for building your forces.

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In this packed episode the fearless baconburgers tackles the hard topics head on. We cover the upcoming cleanslate event, season 3 Boltaction alliance rules and all three burgers blow their respective gaskets over the recent warlord Boltaction errata. We also speak with Mike and Lance from Battlefield accessories and we have a farewell chat with our much missed French connections Julien and Enzo. As well as other chunks of crunchy cheese - enjoy!!
Explicit language warning, mature listeners only.
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The guys are back with news, AARs and some #FoWPacific talk!

In Act I, we’ve got some n00b news, and talk about how kickstarter is kicking our collective butts this quarter!

In Act II,we talk about the events at the last TCOW club meeting, cover off some excellent listener questions (hey, that’s you!) and chat a bit about Club Challenge events. 

In Act III, we dive back into the Flames of War Pacific with list discussions, project updates and even talk a bit about some upcoming games!

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XVIII: The Death of a Helmsman. The crew members mourn the figurative loss of their beloved engineering chief Lobrad. (Spoiler Alert: He's not dead and just took an episode off.) In addition, Easy, Skyshuffler, Dano and DT all traveled varying differences to attend more Store Championships! Find out what they brought and how it flew in this exciting episode of Intensify Forward Firepower!

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The boys are back in this transitional 27th episode. The guys deviate from the Bolt Action world to discuss gaming in general. Specifically, they chat about X-Wing, gaming Kickstarters and the wonders of Malifaux. Check it out!

WARNING: This episode contains strong language and adult concepts. You have been warned!
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