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In this live episode the Baconburgers venture into the vast Australian outback in search of the big C, and no, the C isn't for cheese, it's CANCON. Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road, mic in sweaty hand and attempt to capture the dream that is Australia's largest Bolt Action event EVER! Hang on cheese wizards, we're not in Kansas anymore...

Explicit language warning

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Welcome back for another packed episode of Behind Enemy Lines! This week we’ve got a lot to talk about including n00b news, AARs from DanCon III, and a careful review of Battlefront’s Pacific books for Flames of War...  

In Act I, we talk about n00b news and look at some upcoming kickstarters, including the highly anticipated Explorers of the North Sea! 

In Act II, we each talk about DanCon III, the greatest most random FoW event in all of West Auckland. Heads up in this section, low flying aircraft inbound. 

In Act III, we dive into the Flames of War Pacific books: Banzai and Gung Ho and give you the inside scoop on these great books and talk about our chosen lists.

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The Old School crew is back!  Luke, Jon and Phteven blow the doors off Episode 101!  

In Act I, the boys do the usual look ahead to upcoming events like Cold Wars, ROFCON, a Huzzah tournament, etc.  The guys look look back at Williamsburg Muster and all the other stuff that has been going on.

In Act II, Flames of War is the topic!  We cover some news from Can-Con, speculate about the future, overlooked rules, and talk about the struggles of putting together a 1420 list.

In Act III, we talk about Twitch, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Eclipse and the first book review of the year!

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 17: Thirteen Secret Reasons Dan Loves Ozzel Scientists Don't Want You to Know brings the original crew back together! Easy, Steve, DT and Dano, fresh from Store Championships in New York and Virginia set the listening table with reviews of the events and their takeaways before bringing some Wave 2 commander chat to the conference room. Listen up because the Flesh Star Destroyer is glistening after all the recent action! 

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