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BEL Ep. 21:

It’s 2016 and we’re back! We had a busy holiday with lots of relaxin’ and gamin’ but now we’re back in the BEL saddle getting ready for our exciting Flames Of War Pacific coverage!  


In Act I, we talk about n00b news from over the holidays, look at some upcoming kickstarters, and more..


In Act II, we cover what we’ve been up to at club and our seasonal garage gaming, before leaking a bit of info about #FoWPacific and what we’ve got lined up on our various social media channels.


In Act III, we look at punitive actions in organized play, and then finish up by answering a great question about how to get into games, like Flames Of War.

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Turns out the LRDG doesn't take being accused of being on hiatus.

With the world in turmoil and with celebrities leaving us faster than a speeding bullet...  The boys decided it was time to dawn Lachlan's special onsie and get back to work!

All four of the original members are back in this special, mind bending 26th episode. The guys tackle topics like: which half of Lachlan is furry, Season 3 rules, Empires in Flames and what the future of the cast holds!

Stay tuned and hold on, this podcast is definitely only for mature listeners!

This podcast includes adult language and themes! You have been warned!

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In this milestone episode, the entire crew is here - Luke, Jon, Tarzan and Steven - to review the past year and speculate wildly about 2016!

In a jumbo Act I, the talk about upcoming events, and do a long AAR for everyone.  We also take a look back at the entire WWPD timeline and goof appropriately!

In Act II, we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then launch into a review of our performance on resolutions.  Spoiler Alert: We didn't do all that great.

For Act III, we gaze into the crystal ball as we look forward to 2016!  New commitments are made, hopes are high, and enthusiasm is looking good for WWPD's 2016!

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Welcome back for Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XVI: Attack Pattern Squadron, Go Now! Drunk Tarkin, Dano, and Skyshuffler are joined once again by R1H4 to talk squadrons. They kick things off with a trip down memory lane to discuss what squadrons meant to them when the game first came out before diving into everything squadrons currently have to offer. If you love or hate squadrons, this episode is for you! 

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The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 15 - The New Years Special

The Ghost Army Podcast is back again with a special New Years episode. The guys have a slew of special guests as they jump around the globe talking Bolt Action with representatives from a variety of communities. From across the US with Rob Rhodes, Aaron Filter and Mark Dawg, to Rich H from the UK and Jakob from Sweden.

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