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In an unprecedented move the Baconburgers have been given a green light to record a second episode. We tackle the hard topics with some rules, hobby, events and a look at operation Mercury! We also catch up with Craig from Laser Touch and eloborate on "Baconburgers With Cheese." 

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In this super-sized 14th episode the guys talk about painting tips and tactics before bundling up warmly to converse with our very own King Of The North, C-Bax. From there, the conversation gets deep into the .Net Season 3 rules changes, Japanese forces outside of the island hopping campaign and how to effectively set terrain up on your table top. We invite you to cuddle up with loved ones by the fire and enjoy this holiday season offering from Down Under!
Happy Holidays!!!
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SPOILER ALERT!  If you have not seen The Force Awakens, do NOT listen to this.

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Wave Two with the Salty Droid R1H4. Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 15: The Second Wave's Landing brings Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Skyshuffler together with a special guest - battle computer R1H4 - to talk about their recent mega-sessions using all the new tools provided by Wave 2 of FFG's Armada. Thoughts on the new additions fill this show,  along with a few war stories, and a vicious Vader fight. Master Engineer Lobrad has his work cut out for him as the Flesh Star Destroyer is covered with carbon scoring from all the recent action! 

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It’s the holiday season and the guys are back for a little gift giving, investigative reporting and weather forecasting (it’s frosty out there!). We then ready our wishlists for Wargames Santa and make bold promises that we’re most likely not going to deliver. Happy holidays to all our listeners and we’ll see you all in the New Year!


In Act I, we talk YouTube, Kickstarters, do a mild unboxing live, and get all the small news sorted for you.


In Act II, we investigate the frozen world of Frostgrave and write our wishlists for Warmanes Santa.

In Act III, we look ahead to 2016 and list our our personal resolutions for the New Year and outline some resolutions about Behind Enemy Lines. We’ve also got some big news, so prepare yourself for some cutting edge reporting coming in January!

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Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon wrestle this episode to the ground without our fearless leader.  In Act I, the guys do an in-depth AAR and talk about painting, X-Wing, Destiny, and upcoming events.  

Act II is chock full of Flames of War!  Jon and Eric discuss their recent game, while everyone joins in to talk about Tournament points, Team Yankee, The Pacific and Mid War.  

For Act III, the guys talk Star Wars and Estar Guars!

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About the cast
The Baconburgers are a Melbourne based trio of war gamers who also happen to be brothers (sort of). We aim to kick out episodes of Bolt Action goodness on a monthly basis. Join Tristan, Garratt & Rob as we crunch lists, armies, rules and hobby. Beware Strong Language is used in this Podcast.
Episode 1:
Join the Baconburgers on our maiden voyage as we sail into the storm that is Tristan's new crush, namely the Finns, rules crunch and we peek behind the curtain that is warplanes. Welcome to the Baconburgers!!
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