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Coming at you with all the power Lobrad can muster out of the engines set to their highest vibration settings, Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 13: Rogue Bombers Approach covers all the latest! The enigmatic Easy, deafening Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Slashing (Ackbar) Steven report to the Flesh Star Destroyer's conference tub to talk about their experiences with large ships, wave 2 anticipation, and the upcoming Rogues and Villains pack. Much more is packed into this ep, so check it out!

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After hiatus, we are back! We hope you enjoyed the fabled "Lost Episode" and are ready for more randomness!
This week, the guys (minus Mike) talk about little things and big things. We cover off the latest in news we've sourced from around the nets.
Then we get into what we did in the latest round of TCOW shenanigans and also plug the next big event on the NZ Flames of War calendar, FlamesCon.
Part 3 is all about your questions and also an EPIC discussion. We also have a wee competition going….

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Luke and Jon travel to a 1500 point open Late War Flames of War tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.  The usual predictions and list discussion takes place on the way up, with a tournament report on the way back.

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The guys are back in this super sized episode! We welcome fellow China lover, Steven Drury, to the cast to talk about "Empires in Flames." We also welcome our old friend Nate, from Trenchworx Miniatures, to talk keep Kickstarters, tanks and the Pacific! Tune in for a ripper of an episode!
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The Fleshing at Sullust is finally brought to you through the engineering prowess of Lobrad with a little comlink help from Drunk Tarkin, Rulesbot Dano, Steven Skyshuffler, and the enigmatic, mysterious, grey (or purple) eyed bounty hunter named Easy. The team comes together from around the Atlantic Coast to discuss the Massing at Sullust events they attended. Success varies per crew member - unless you measure success on a good time scale! Tune in to find out how the fleet engagements went and any takeaways the Intensify Forward Firepower podcast left with.

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The Lost Episode… This Behind Enemy Lines episode was literally lost when Mike moved house. It was uncovered in an unmarked box guarded by top men in a warehouse located somewhere in a remote army base. We cannot be held responsible for the (dated) content within! Listen at your own peril!

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Eric, Luke and Dirty Jon come at you with another episode of News from the Front!  In Act I, the guys talk about upcoming FoW events and conventions, but quickly slide into a jumbo AAR that covers FoW, Comicon, X-Wing and more!

In Act II, it's Flames of War all over the place, with a discussion of The Great War, Team Tankee and the Firestorm Caen campaign.

For Act III, the guys hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, X-wing painting and more!

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