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In this eleventh installment of Intensify Forward Firepower Easy, Steve, Dan, and an intoxicated Moff preview all the new ships set to arrive soon with the long awaited second wave for FFG's Armada. Lobrad spins the engine discs up from within the depths of the terrifying FSD so the crew can discuss their initial reactions on most, if not all, of the previewed cards and ships. What does Dano love? What does Judson hate? What color are the bounty hunter's eyes and where exactly on the fence is Steven sitting? Find out in this MEGA IFF Episode 11: The Arrival!

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In Episode 10, the guys start up with a live report from BAMA before heading back to the bunker to discuss their lists and games. We also take a closer look forces that fought in The Battle Of The Bulge and talk about the future of Bolt Action .Net

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The guys are back with a vengeance, as Eric, Jon and Steven dive right in to an extensive Act I AAR.  We talk all things Star Wars, Flames, Chain of Command, Battletech and other stuff!  

In Act II, the guys recap the Guns of August FoW tournament, talk about building doubles lists, discuss the new Lessons from the Front and the new Battlefront Soviet plastics.

For Act III, the guys wander all over the place and talk about all (most?) of the stuff they promised to cover in this act.  Steven talks in detail about the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Campaign.

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The guys return for an epic podcast. We cover news, community goings-ons, and try our hand at collective game design.... This episode is rather long, so it might be best consumed over the course of several listening sessions!

In Act I, we dig up some good intel about the world of wargames, including news bits from Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, to Warhammer, and beyond.

In Act II, we cover off our usual TCOW AAR and then give some incoherent answers to our really patient listener’s questions. 


In Act III, some thing amazing may or may not have happened… (but probably not).


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