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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 10: A New Host smashes through your shielding and launches a boarding party as special guest Michael Gernes (the producer of Star Wars Armada at FFG) heads to the bridge of the Flesh Star Destroyer. Joining him there are, as always Drunk Tarkin, Dano, Easy, and Steve Skyshuffler - not that he can pronounce it. In Episode 10, the guys chat with Michael on the design process behind Armada before getting him in front of the interrogation droid in an attempt to extract information on future Armada releases. The episode is rounded out when Michael joins the crew to talk about Easy's squadron-led victory, DT's hard-learned lessons, and Skyshuffler's use of Garm's Gups.

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The sub-episodes continue as the crew of the FSD bring you Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 9.6: The Tub Continued! This show continues where the last one ended, with Drunk Tarkin's return and a session detailing the latest tournament list. Unbeknownst to the boys at the time, Steve would ultimately play the list in a tournament before DT, so the "Garm's Gups" list devised in this episode truly was a group effort!

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Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road to Canberra for Wintercon. We cover our respective lists, some rules crunch and also manage to catch up with our good friends Patch, Anf and Bryan!!"

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In this "IFF Anthologies" episode, Dano, Steve, and Eric light some scented candles, and climb into the tub to talk about lists. Eric and Steve are gearing up for a tournament, and wanted to record the process of working through what to run! In order to get properly hyped for this episode, please make sure to watch "I'm Han Solo": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg_FoEy8T_A 

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n this very NSFW episode, the guys return from their wasteland adventures and get back behind the microphone!


In Act I, we delve into some GenCon news about X-Wing, cover off a Kickstarter that “excites” the Bludgelord, and generally lose our train of thought.


In Act II, we remember tales from the Ranui Wasteland as our TNT campaign kicked off last week at TCOW. Then we dive into some really good listener’s questions. 


In Act III, the dreaded topic of gamer burnout rears it’s ugly head. But have no fear, the guys have some survival tips on how to make it through!

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In this special Wintercon episode of the GAP Brad, Anf and Patch get down with some crunchy chat about lists, hobby in general and of course the amazing rollercoaster that was the grudge match between Tristan and Patch. Tristan himself and Garratt come on as well and give a game by game breakdown of the amazing event that was Wintercon 2015.

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We join Ben and Lachlan for a review of the ETC lists and look forward to some upcoming events.

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In Episode IX of Intensify Forward Firepower: Walkin' In Bespin, Skyshuffler, Easy, Dano and Drunk Tarkin have a long talk about everything that went on at GenCon. For starters, Steve gives a review of everything GenCon related and breaks the news about what was revealed in the Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Review. Afterwards, the crew of the flesh star destroyer review the big tournament - including some tournament list chat - before interviewing the tournament winner. Before the close, thoughts on the future of Armada are mentioned, as well as a recent after action review, are thrown around. Besides all that, the big contest continues!

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In Act I, Luke, Eric and Jon cover the normal AAR and talk about what is coming up for the WWPD Crew.  As usual, we drift a bit.  In Act II, Jon does a solo Gencon AAR for the whole act - we had a great time!  The guys wrap up the 'cast in Act III with a talk about Cold War Gone Hot, two book reviews and talk about Guns of August.

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The guys are back after a super TCOW weekend. In this episode, we’ve got some surprises and some heavy topics lined up for you!


In Act I, we delve as deep as possible in a pre-GenCon world of wargaming news.


In Act II, we talk about the cosmopolitan collection of gaming systems played at last week’s club, and cover lots of excellent questions from our listeners. 


In Act III … THAT kickstarter campaign… and what having a community means to us.

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