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The Behind Enemy Lines team are back with all your gaming news delivered in their own special way! They even have a special guest! Act 1 sees the guys going through n00b news, all the best tidbits they've gleaned from around the interwebs. Act 2 the guys talk about what's been happening at their local club with some short AAR action and a bit of fun. Act 3 is all about Kings of War, Mantic's fantasy battle system. Gameplay details, changes with the new version 2 rules hitting soon and....free stuff!!! Take a listen!

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In Bolt Action Radio episode 34, David (UberGruber) joins Judson for the first segment, this time lending voice to walls of text they would normally otherwise post on the forum. David has some format questions, and the two bat current Bolt Action events back and forth from across the Atlantic. Following this, Dano and Judson sidle up to The BAR to review their experiences at Cold Wars 2015 and toss around their usual shop talk. Mentioned in the episode is nws-online.net (thanks again for the huge tournament support) and several other notables! Pull up a stool and have a shop talk with the boys in episode 34!

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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Dave O' War, Tobu and the Mouth of Madness get together with some pints of Guinness and a jelly pit for Episode 23 of the LRDG. The guys discuss their latest hobby shenanigans, the new expansion book from Warlord Games - Ostfront, take a look at some German tank models, and share some exciting news about upcoming events! So sit back, grab yourself a beverage and enjoy.

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The whole gang is here to discuss the Warlords from the Warhammer 40k Conquest Core Set through Gift of the Ethereals. With so much ground to cover, the aim is to provide a high level look at the factions and their leaders for newer players. Check back for episode 3 as we start to get extra crunchy!

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Shazzam! The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with news, interviews and banter!


In Act I, the guys cover some cutting edge Newb News in the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the dudes cover the Battlefront State of the Union update, including Open Fire, Berlin, Great War, Brown Water Navy, Cold War Gone Hot, the Pacific and more!


In Act III the guys get the inside scoop about the new Colours of War book and paint system with an exclusive interview with Battlefront’s own godfather of paint, James Brown.

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Steven, Eric, and Andrew give a run down on how to play Warhammer 40k: Conquest. Check back soon for Episode II!

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Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26

Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 26, Ben and Adam are joined once again by Winner Dave! 

In act one the guys talk about what they have been painting and gaming before chatting about the news about the 2015 releases with the Pacific, Cold War gone hot, Berlin and more.

In act two the guys cover the recent Breakthrough Assault 3 tournament and some Commonly overlooked rules.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys open up Winner Dave's mail bags, talk about night attack in 10.1 and then look at the up coming events they are planning on attending.

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The guys brave the snowy weather to bring you the live show from Cold Wars 2015!  We hear about the trip, some over-indulgence in some fun and the tournament reports.  The guys briefly talk about some of the Battlefront plans for 2015, including Vietnam and the Cold War.

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The GAP is back with a HUGE 5th episode. The guys talk with players and the T.O.'s of Cancon and Bolt Action Melbourne: February. David Bruggerman joins us to discuss Cancon massive multi-player participation game and to talk about how to introduce the game in a convention setting. We talk about the new Boltaction.net conversion competition with owner of Campaign Books and Games Logistics.  AND for the first time, THE OVERFIEND, ANDY CHAMBERS joins us to talk Ossfront, playing Russians and Warlord Game's next major BA release! The Pacfic book!
Come and join us for another exciting show!

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In this episode we join Ben, Dave and Scotty for the long overdue CanCon 2015 wrap-up, what’s on your painting table and an interview with Vanessa from the Combat Company

And in Part 2 the boys get stuck into Nachtjäger talking tactics and lists suggestions. Finishing up with an interview with Gavin from Queensland store Irresistible Force.






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The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with even more news, AARs, and engaging topics! 


In Act I, the guys run through wargaming news they’ve painfully gleaned from the interwebs so that you don’t have to! 


In Act II, the dudes talk about recent wargaming goings-on in little God’s Own (aka NZ), including a BattleCry report, getting into Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander, and all about a towellings Greg got at the last TCOW meeting! 


In Act III the guys wax philosophical and talk about the pros and cons of types of wargame venues and is gamer ADHD a bad thing?

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