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Join the new podcast guys on the block for Episode 1 of Behind Enemy Lines! The guys keep it short and sweet with introductions, news, and more!


In Act I, the guys introduce themselves and their favorite games. 


In Act II, our intrepid hosts comb the interwebs for Newb News, talking info and rumours about the full spectrum of wargaming.


In Act III the guys talk about what they are up to hobby-wise. They’ll also let you know about the new podcast’s social media channels!

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Bolt Action Radio 33 kicks off with Judson hosting two special guests at the BAR. The jet setter Anfernee manages to pause his international travels long enough for a segment, and MarkDawg of BAR and LRDG fame (or infamy) drops in to make his BAR debut. As the only three patrons of The BAR they have plenty of time to talk about preparing to run or participate in a Bolt Action Dot Net Format event in the first segment. They then all depart for a quick break, and through the mysteries of recording science come back to discuss the lessons learned at two different Format events, both as a player and as an organizer.

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Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 25 - On The Road to Corrivalry, the largest Flames of War tournament outside of North America.
In act one we join Ben and Adam in Adam's car on the road to Corrivalry, the guys chat about their army's, practice games and a few other random bits.

In act two the guys chat to Wild Bill Wilcox, the tournament organizer Nobby, one of the Italian regulars Stefano and finally a catch up with Fez.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys run through their games in detail, discuss what they have learnt and finally look forward to what they have coming up next.
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After a snowy hiatus the Fellowship returns to the airwaves to talk card draw, multi-sphere decks, and core set purchases. The crew prevents Steven from going off on an art tangent, and also discovers Parker's secret to distracting opponents at tournaments. 

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The gang is back in this "Live from Cancon" LRDG special! 

"The Rocket Man" Anfernee rejoins the gang as they report back about the tournament and weekend as a whole. The first ten minutes of this episode are a detailed "toilet report" that the faint hearted will definitely want to skip. The guys then chat in-depth about lists that they saw, rules questions they had and trends that were seen across this large national event.  Buckle up... It is quite the ride!
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Jared and Ben return in Episode 14 with the tips and tricks on how to get your non-gamer friends into the world of board gaming. There is a board game for everyone and the guys go over some points to help you identify what games and game-types fit best for those in your life. Along the way they talk about their recent hobby progress and the video games that have been occupying their free time.

Some products/games mentioned in the show:

Suburbia 5 Star Expansion: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/171007/suburbia-5

Firestorm Armada Kedorians: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada/kedorians

Sushi Go: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/133473/sushi-go

War Thunder Tank Battles: http://warthunder.com/us/game/about?r=SEM_AW1946291420_SL000000001&gclid=CKbXoo_hxsMCFYI6aQodWpgAUg

Payday 2: http://www.crimenet.info/gate?returnUrl=/

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