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We join Steven, Jon and Eric for an episode filled with action!  In Act I, the boys have a long AAR covering painting, FoW, LCGs, Tournaments, Micro Armor and more!  In Act II, discussion centers around tournament infantry - tips and thoughts for making these lists successful.  The guys wrap up the episode with an Act III talk about other Flames of War settings, including Vietnam, Fate of a Nation and The Great War.

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In episode 4 the boys are back with lots and lots of Bolt Action chat! Patch talks painting tips and Brad and Anfernee talk through their off kilter Cancon lists. By popular demand, the guys revisit Monte Cassino and chat about Internet forum etiquette. Check it out!

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 24. 
We join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat all things Flames of War, in act one the guys go over what they have been up too, some Flames of War news about up coming books, BA's German infantry lists result and finally an AAR of the last Early War one day tournament.

In act two the guys look at the latest book Nachtjager in detail.

And finally in act three the guys answer in Winner Dave's Mailbag before ending the episode with Corrivalry chatter before turning into endless banter.
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In Bolt Action Radio episode thirty-two Craig, Dan, and Judson what's happened since the holiday break before diving into some tabletop specifics. Should you really forward deploy that sniper? How many troops can you really advance through that narrow gap with? Find out in BAR 32!

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 23

Ben and Adam are joined by Mike Haught, co author of Nachtjager. In act one they talk about the British lists in the book. These include the 11th Armoured Division, Comet tanks and the 51st Highland Division.

In act two the interview moves onto the Germans, infra red equipped troops, railway guns and a quick chat about what is next for FoW and Volkssturm Companies!
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Steve-O is joined by Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon for the New Year's Episode!  In Act I, the guys cover the normal AAR and talk recent painting, games and immediate future plans. In Act II, the guys cover Commonly Overlooked Rules and Recap the WWPD 2014 Resolutions.  Points are scored, judges unconvinced, and all manner of wheeling and dealing about the past year's accomplishments.  In Act III, the guys commit to new 2015 resolutions with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

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Ben and Jared are back in Episode 13 with a focus on the Spartan Games Miniature Game Firestorm Armada (http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada). The guys cover the game at a high level and end with some discussion on their pros and cons of the system. Additionally Ben talks at length about his experiences with Roll 20 (http://roll20.net/)  and Jared dives into some of his recent gaming forays with the X-Wing Miniatures game and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Some links to topics mentioned in this episode:

Firestorm Armada: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada

Firestorm Armada Free Rules: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Firestorm_Armada_2_Download.pdf

Roll 20 Online: http://roll20.net/

Sushi Go: http://www.gamewright.com/gamewright/index.php?section=games&page=game&show=291

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: http://www.beziergames.com/caofmadkilu.html

Endless Legend: http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/Games/Endless-Legend

Endless Space: http://endless-space.amplitude-studios.com/

Dragon Age Inquisition: http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/home

X-Wing Squadron Builder: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build

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