WWPD News From the Front

In an unprecedented move the Baconburgers have been given a green light to record a second episode. We tackle the hard topics with some rules, hobby, events and a look at operation Mercury! We also catch up with Craig from Laser Touch and eloborate on "Baconburgers With Cheese." 

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In this super-sized 14th episode the guys talk about painting tips and tactics before bundling up warmly to converse with our very own King Of The North, C-Bax. From there, the conversation gets deep into the .Net Season 3 rules changes, Japanese forces outside of the island hopping campaign and how to effectively set terrain up on your table top. We invite you to cuddle up with loved ones by the fire and enjoy this holiday season offering from Down Under!
Happy Holidays!!!
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SPOILER ALERT!  If you have not seen The Force Awakens, do NOT listen to this.

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Wave Two with the Salty Droid R1H4. Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 15: The Second Wave's Landing brings Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Skyshuffler together with a special guest - battle computer R1H4 - to talk about their recent mega-sessions using all the new tools provided by Wave 2 of FFG's Armada. Thoughts on the new additions fill this show,  along with a few war stories, and a vicious Vader fight. Master Engineer Lobrad has his work cut out for him as the Flesh Star Destroyer is covered with carbon scoring from all the recent action! 

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It’s the holiday season and the guys are back for a little gift giving, investigative reporting and weather forecasting (it’s frosty out there!). We then ready our wishlists for Wargames Santa and make bold promises that we’re most likely not going to deliver. Happy holidays to all our listeners and we’ll see you all in the New Year!


In Act I, we talk YouTube, Kickstarters, do a mild unboxing live, and get all the small news sorted for you.


In Act II, we investigate the frozen world of Frostgrave and write our wishlists for Warmanes Santa.

In Act III, we look ahead to 2016 and list our our personal resolutions for the New Year and outline some resolutions about Behind Enemy Lines. We’ve also got some big news, so prepare yourself for some cutting edge reporting coming in January!

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Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon wrestle this episode to the ground without our fearless leader.  In Act I, the guys do an in-depth AAR and talk about painting, X-Wing, Destiny, and upcoming events.  

Act II is chock full of Flames of War!  Jon and Eric discuss their recent game, while everyone joins in to talk about Tournament points, Team Yankee, The Pacific and Mid War.  

For Act III, the guys talk Star Wars and Estar Guars!

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About the cast
The Baconburgers are a Melbourne based trio of war gamers who also happen to be brothers (sort of). We aim to kick out episodes of Bolt Action goodness on a monthly basis. Join Tristan, Garratt & Rob as we crunch lists, armies, rules and hobby. Beware Strong Language is used in this Podcast.
Episode 1:
Join the Baconburgers on our maiden voyage as we sail into the storm that is Tristan's new crush, namely the Finns, rules crunch and we peek behind the curtain that is warplanes. Welcome to the Baconburgers!!
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Greg and Damian struggle against Mike and Dan in a herculean effort to steer the conversation away from Fallout long enough to discuss all of the great things happening in the wide world of wargaming. May contain traces of Fallout.... #Fallout4 #NotReally

In Act I, we’ve got some news from across the World of Wargaming, and have a look at some promising kickstarter campaigns.

In Act II, we talk about out TCOW games, Rust in the City’s Firestorm Caen campaign, and surviving the TNT wasteland. 

In Act III, we get up to our usual shenannegans talking about the return of Games Workshop’s specialist games and discuss the fickle nature of being rather too impatient for new games to arrive on our tables.

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The full crew is back for another podcast! We talk about new releases and interesting kickstarters to watch, cover FlamesCon event news, community goings-ons, and talk a little controversy about tournaments and dealing with a particular type of problem person in some wargames communities...

In Act I, we flush out some good intel about the world of wargames, including news bits from across the interwebs.

In Act II, we cover Bludgefest II and FlamesCon 2015. 

In Act III, we talk about tournaments, meta games, and septic pillars (gross).

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 14: Objective Overload begins with a quick update on what's been happening with Skyshuffler, Easy, Drunk Tarkin, and Dano before diving into a gigantic topic. Specifically, the crew of the Flesh Star Destroyer covers everything time allows for regarding objectives; even speculating on how some of them will change in the Wave 2, 400-point environment. Have a listen, and if you happen to see Lobrad anywhere, let him know there was a bit of blaster fire coming from the conference room last night!

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CAUTION: We get a LITTLE edgy in this one with some off-color jokes.

The guys come to you LIVE from Fall-In 2015!  Eric, Jon, Steven and Luke cover the con activities and recount all the craziness.  At the end, the guys take questions from the crowd and talk about what they would like to see from Flames of War in the future.  Tune in and see what our thoughts are!

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We join Ben, Dave and Scotty with a Flamescon wrap-up, continue exploring ‘Berlin’ options and look forward to future events.

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In this (the second half of a) huge double shot episode of the GAP, they guys crunch everything MOAB. Patch, Anf and Tristan are joined by Bryan and cover everything Moab related from tables, armies, experiences and results.

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In this huge double shot episode of the GAP, they guys crunch everything MOAB. Patch, Anf and Tristan are joined by Bryan and cover everything Moab related from tables, armies, experiences and results.

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Coming at you with all the power Lobrad can muster out of the engines set to their highest vibration settings, Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 13: Rogue Bombers Approach covers all the latest! The enigmatic Easy, deafening Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Slashing (Ackbar) Steven report to the Flesh Star Destroyer's conference tub to talk about their experiences with large ships, wave 2 anticipation, and the upcoming Rogues and Villains pack. Much more is packed into this ep, so check it out!

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After hiatus, we are back! We hope you enjoyed the fabled "Lost Episode" and are ready for more randomness!
This week, the guys (minus Mike) talk about little things and big things. We cover off the latest in news we've sourced from around the nets.
Then we get into what we did in the latest round of TCOW shenanigans and also plug the next big event on the NZ Flames of War calendar, FlamesCon.
Part 3 is all about your questions and also an EPIC discussion. We also have a wee competition going….

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Luke and Jon travel to a 1500 point open Late War Flames of War tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.  The usual predictions and list discussion takes place on the way up, with a tournament report on the way back.

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The guys are back in this super sized episode! We welcome fellow China lover, Steven Drury, to the cast to talk about "Empires in Flames." We also welcome our old friend Nate, from Trenchworx Miniatures, to talk keep Kickstarters, tanks and the Pacific! Tune in for a ripper of an episode!
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The Fleshing at Sullust is finally brought to you through the engineering prowess of Lobrad with a little comlink help from Drunk Tarkin, Rulesbot Dano, Steven Skyshuffler, and the enigmatic, mysterious, grey (or purple) eyed bounty hunter named Easy. The team comes together from around the Atlantic Coast to discuss the Massing at Sullust events they attended. Success varies per crew member - unless you measure success on a good time scale! Tune in to find out how the fleet engagements went and any takeaways the Intensify Forward Firepower podcast left with.

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The Lost Episode… This Behind Enemy Lines episode was literally lost when Mike moved house. It was uncovered in an unmarked box guarded by top men in a warehouse located somewhere in a remote army base. We cannot be held responsible for the (dated) content within! Listen at your own peril!

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Eric, Luke and Dirty Jon come at you with another episode of News from the Front!  In Act I, the guys talk about upcoming FoW events and conventions, but quickly slide into a jumbo AAR that covers FoW, Comicon, X-Wing and more!

In Act II, it's Flames of War all over the place, with a discussion of The Great War, Team Tankee and the Firestorm Caen campaign.

For Act III, the guys hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, X-wing painting and more!

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In this eleventh installment of Intensify Forward Firepower Easy, Steve, Dan, and an intoxicated Moff preview all the new ships set to arrive soon with the long awaited second wave for FFG's Armada. Lobrad spins the engine discs up from within the depths of the terrifying FSD so the crew can discuss their initial reactions on most, if not all, of the previewed cards and ships. What does Dano love? What does Judson hate? What color are the bounty hunter's eyes and where exactly on the fence is Steven sitting? Find out in this MEGA IFF Episode 11: The Arrival!

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In Episode 10, the guys start up with a live report from BAMA before heading back to the bunker to discuss their lists and games. We also take a closer look forces that fought in The Battle Of The Bulge and talk about the future of Bolt Action .Net

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The guys are back with a vengeance, as Eric, Jon and Steven dive right in to an extensive Act I AAR.  We talk all things Star Wars, Flames, Chain of Command, Battletech and other stuff!  

In Act II, the guys recap the Guns of August FoW tournament, talk about building doubles lists, discuss the new Lessons from the Front and the new Battlefront Soviet plastics.

For Act III, the guys wander all over the place and talk about all (most?) of the stuff they promised to cover in this act.  Steven talks in detail about the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Campaign.

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The guys return for an epic podcast. We cover news, community goings-ons, and try our hand at collective game design.... This episode is rather long, so it might be best consumed over the course of several listening sessions!

In Act I, we dig up some good intel about the world of wargames, including news bits from Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, to Warhammer, and beyond.

In Act II, we cover off our usual TCOW AAR and then give some incoherent answers to our really patient listener’s questions. 


In Act III, some thing amazing may or may not have happened… (but probably not).


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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 10: A New Host smashes through your shielding and launches a boarding party as special guest Michael Gernes (the producer of Star Wars Armada at FFG) heads to the bridge of the Flesh Star Destroyer. Joining him there are, as always Drunk Tarkin, Dano, Easy, and Steve Skyshuffler - not that he can pronounce it. In Episode 10, the guys chat with Michael on the design process behind Armada before getting him in front of the interrogation droid in an attempt to extract information on future Armada releases. The episode is rounded out when Michael joins the crew to talk about Easy's squadron-led victory, DT's hard-learned lessons, and Skyshuffler's use of Garm's Gups.

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The sub-episodes continue as the crew of the FSD bring you Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 9.6: The Tub Continued! This show continues where the last one ended, with Drunk Tarkin's return and a session detailing the latest tournament list. Unbeknownst to the boys at the time, Steve would ultimately play the list in a tournament before DT, so the "Garm's Gups" list devised in this episode truly was a group effort!

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Tristan, Garratt and Rob hit the road to Canberra for Wintercon. We cover our respective lists, some rules crunch and also manage to catch up with our good friends Patch, Anf and Bryan!!"

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In this "IFF Anthologies" episode, Dano, Steve, and Eric light some scented candles, and climb into the tub to talk about lists. Eric and Steve are gearing up for a tournament, and wanted to record the process of working through what to run! In order to get properly hyped for this episode, please make sure to watch "I'm Han Solo": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg_FoEy8T_A 

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n this very NSFW episode, the guys return from their wasteland adventures and get back behind the microphone!


In Act I, we delve into some GenCon news about X-Wing, cover off a Kickstarter that “excites” the Bludgelord, and generally lose our train of thought.


In Act II, we remember tales from the Ranui Wasteland as our TNT campaign kicked off last week at TCOW. Then we dive into some really good listener’s questions. 


In Act III, the dreaded topic of gamer burnout rears it’s ugly head. But have no fear, the guys have some survival tips on how to make it through!

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In this special Wintercon episode of the GAP Brad, Anf and Patch get down with some crunchy chat about lists, hobby in general and of course the amazing rollercoaster that was the grudge match between Tristan and Patch. Tristan himself and Garratt come on as well and give a game by game breakdown of the amazing event that was Wintercon 2015.

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We join Ben and Lachlan for a review of the ETC lists and look forward to some upcoming events.

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In Episode IX of Intensify Forward Firepower: Walkin' In Bespin, Skyshuffler, Easy, Dano and Drunk Tarkin have a long talk about everything that went on at GenCon. For starters, Steve gives a review of everything GenCon related and breaks the news about what was revealed in the Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Review. Afterwards, the crew of the flesh star destroyer review the big tournament - including some tournament list chat - before interviewing the tournament winner. Before the close, thoughts on the future of Armada are mentioned, as well as a recent after action review, are thrown around. Besides all that, the big contest continues!

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In Act I, Luke, Eric and Jon cover the normal AAR and talk about what is coming up for the WWPD Crew.  As usual, we drift a bit.  In Act II, Jon does a solo Gencon AAR for the whole act - we had a great time!  The guys wrap up the 'cast in Act III with a talk about Cold War Gone Hot, two book reviews and talk about Guns of August.

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The guys are back after a super TCOW weekend. In this episode, we’ve got some surprises and some heavy topics lined up for you!


In Act I, we delve as deep as possible in a pre-GenCon world of wargaming news.


In Act II, we talk about the cosmopolitan collection of gaming systems played at last week’s club, and cover lots of excellent questions from our listeners. 


In Act III … THAT kickstarter campaign… and what having a community means to us.

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We join Ben, Dave and Scotty with an ICC wrap-up, build some lists with ‘Berlin’ and look forward to future events.

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The guys are back after an epic wargaming holiday to sunny Palmerston North. We weave tall tales about snow as well as some stuff about wargaming victories and defeats.


In Act I, we talk more about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, newb news, and Kings of War 2.


In Act II, we cover some more excellent questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, we tell the tale of two vans… a Panzerschreck 2015 AAR! Also, pay close attention for a listener competition!

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We are back again at HMGS Historicon!  The guys cover their time at the convention so far and auction off a surprise Dream Date!  There is a brief talk about the Japanese in Early War - spoiler alert - we like'm!  In the Q&A session, the guys talk Flames of War Cold War, the recent Berlin book, changes to the premium subscription, predictions for Version 4 and more!

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Intensify Forward Firepower, Episode VIII: Assaulting Frigates starts off as usual with a quick review of what Easy, Steve, Dan, and Judson have been up to lately, as well as what's been going on in the rest of the Armada-verse. The fantastic products from Space Rocks ( http://www.space-rocks.net/ ) are reviewed and some other interesting attractions from around the internet are mentioned. Before long, the crew of the FSD are fighting their way through a bit of a look-back into what stood out in Wave 1, and no talk of Wave 1 would be complete without some guesswork regarding what is to come in Wave 2. Tune in for another episode of Intensify Forward Firepower! 

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Rise of the Bludge Lord.

We're back with another episode and this time we've got a special guest, local wargames hero Damian Reid! Join the crew as they talk Noob News, answer your listener questions, perform a live unboxing, rant about some new Warhammer rules, and generally talk some shit.

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Intensify Forward Firepower, Episode VII: The Dandroid's Fury comes to you courtesy of Dan, Eric, Jud, Steve, and Engineer Brad this time with an ambitious topic. Things begin with a review from the crew of their latest Armada exploits. Listeners get two brief tournament reports before the hosts jump into the gigantic subject of integrating objectives into the fleet design process. Eventually, the show is wrapped up with a short rules discussion before the flesh star destroyer begins to fall apart and the escape pods are reluctantly launched

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In episode 8, the guys talk shop before delving into the new Royal Marine PDF and the Germany Strikes book. We also talk to G Patrol winner and all around awesome dude Garratt along side our equally awesome, old pal Tristan about the game, army lists, G Patrol and upcoming events. Come about and check episode 8 out.

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Join us as we talk about all sorts of gaming madness, ranging from the streets of Berlin to Fallout 4. Warning: May contain traces of Fallout 4 In Act I, we talk about wargaming n00b news and rumours, including a sneak peek at Berlin, the upcoming and eagerly awaited Flames Of War supplement. Then Dan and Mike can’t help but talk a little Fallout 4 following the Bethesda E3 conference, much to Greg’s lament. In Act II, we cover our TCOW game day AARs and answer some more excellent listener questions. We don’t talk about Fallout 4 in this act, but we’re thinking about it. In Act III, we answer a live Tweet question (yay!) and talk a bit about our tournament preparations for a couple of upcoming events next month. I don’t remember much about this act because I’m daydreaming about Fallout 4.

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The crew is back for Episode VI and ready to Intensify Forward Firepower! A listener question gets answered to kick things off before Steve and Eric review their experiences from the weekend Armada tournament they both participated in. Before long, this after-tournament talk turns into an extended squadron discussion where the merits of Rhymer and the pitfalls of B-wings are tossed around. Before launching the escape pods Dano, Eric, Judson and Steve chat about just a portion of the game's objective scenarios, with more sure to come in future episodes.

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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. The Mouth of Madness and Tobu muster in the LRDG tent to debrief after Lachlan's successful running of a tournament. We also hear directly from the players of said tournament in the return of 'Taking the Thing to the Road'! Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format and the Warplane rules feature as a topic for discussion, as well as some accessories to decorate your games table and hobby station. Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy!

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All the guys are back for this Episode of News from the Front!  I left the fan on this time, so you get a bit of a buzz throughout this episode -- sorry, guys!

In Act I, the guys discuss some changes to the podcast format and cover the normal AAR, which covers our FoW and other projects and Con appearances.  We get in-depth about Historicon!

For Act II, the guys continue into FoW talk and discuss the recently formalized changes to Naval Gunfire Support.  There is also quite a discussion on the practicalities of implementing chess clocks at FoW tournaments.

Steven joins us for Act III and we talk about Star Wars Armada, Conquest and the upcoming WWPD GenCon trip.  As per normal, talk drifts all over the place during the last act.

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 31, we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben. 
In act one we join the guys on the last ever episode of Beyond the Foxholes on WWPD. The guys start the episode with their normal AAR including chatting about Campaign. They then round out the act with a big thank you to WWPD and then how to find the podcast going forward on iTunes.

In act two Ben interview Evan the Battlefront Sculpter.

In act three the guys round out the episode with Winner Dave's Mail Bag and Welsh Open chatter.
Direct download: BTFH_Epsiode_31.mp3
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An even more milleaneous episode as we cover a lot of interesting topics, mostly inspired by some amazing questions submitted by you, the listeners! Danger: contains discussion about adult onesies.


In Act I, n00b news and rumours are gathered and redistributed.


In Act II, the cast talk about our gaming goings-ons, discuss our AARs, and answer even more probing, but nevertheless excellent, questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, the guys cover what’s in their painting queues and answer an excellent question about how to infuse a narrative style into your wargames.

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The crew members of Intensify Forward Firepower are back in Episode Five to break down their first experiences with all the highly sought after Wave 1 new releases. Things start of with a recap of recent Star Wars Armada maneuvers from the gang before a certain cast member needs to go back on everything he had said in the last episode. The value of squadrons is discussed at length, as well as the intensely forward-firing Demolisher. Before too long, the foursome is forced to end the episode regardless of the fact that they all have much, much more to say about the Armadaverse post-Wave 1.

Direct download: IFF5.mp3
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Nukes fall, dark ages happen, and life continues in a post-apocalyptic world. Join us for yet another report from Behind Enemy Lines!

In Act I, the guys report on some wargaming n00b news and rumours.

In Act II, we discuss our AARs and answer some probing questions from our listeners. 


In Act III, the guys run through the very basics of Saga and introduce our new favourite game: This Is Not A Test...

Direct download: bel_ep8.mp3
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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 30 On The Road To Solent Wargamers Armageddon, in this episode we join Adam, Ben and Paul in Ben's car as they chat about the Solent Wargamers Armageddon tournament. - This is only a short one guys.


In Act One the guys chat about the tournament, their army lists and what they hope to get out of the day.


In Act Two the guys give a full AAR of the event, some thoughts about their army lists and plans for the Welsh Open.

Direct download: BTFH_Episode_30.mp3
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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Dave O' War and the Mouth of Madness are joined by none other than Mr J. Juddd in a Trans-Pacific Party Pie of an episode. The guys discuss Season 2 of the Boltaction.net Format, as well as pondering 'Weird War' and World War I possibilities. ‚Äč

Direct download: LRDG_24.mp3
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In episode 7, Brad and Anfernee talk about their very different approaches to Late War German lists for the upcoming G Patrol tournament and recap the recent event at Kay Jay's Hobbies. All of this before talking to the one and only, legendary Michael Perry! Michael talks us through sculpting, driving armoured vehicles to the pub and meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand... amongst other topics. We then have our close friend Tristan on to talk about tips and tricks to help create durable, fantastic looking terrain.

Direct download: Ghost_Army_Podcast_Episode_7.mp3
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In Intensify Forward Firepower: Episode 4 Dan, Eric, Steve, and Judson are excited to talk Wave 1! "It's away!" With the news that the ships and squadrons everyone has been waiting for are en route, Dan takes every opportunity to remind the rest of the crew that his have already been delivered. They talk about their latest Armada-exploits, and then hurtle headlong into a discussion of their initial Wave 1 impressions. This carries the four through Assault Frigate mentions, TIE Bomber drops, Gladiator quips, and unique squadron debates. Tune in as you wait with Steve, Eric, and Judson - but not Dan - for your Wave 1 orders to arrive..

Direct download: IFF4_1.mp3
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Bludging, news, and special characters, oh my! Welcome back for another report from Behind Enemy Lines!

In Act I, the guys explore some wargaming n00b news and rumours.

In Act II, we discuss our AARs and cover Bludgefest 2015, where we cleaned out our hobby cabinets for trading and selling of miniatures. 


In Act III, the guys tackle the age-old question of warriors/heroes in our favorite wargames, before answering a significantly more important (and revealing) question...

Direct download: bel_ep7.mp3
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The gang finally returns! We just get across the bridge of "what we've been up to" when Parker falls into Shadow. Steven and Sierra soldier on- with or without hope. The team discusses Action Windows within the game's framework, and then talks about some new cards they're enjoying!

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The Old School lineup in in effect as Luke, Jon and Steven chew the fat about Flames of War!

In Act I, the boys do their AAR and talk about tournaments, painting, WWPD4Vets, terrible lists, Stah Wahs. Conquest and all manner of upcoming events and appearances.

In Act II, we talk about the Battlefront/WI split and mike wild guesses and baseless predictions about that.  We move on to discuss various ratings on troops and when particular combos work and when they don't.

Rounding out Act II is a return to Commonly Overlooked Rules and discussion about the future of plastics, resin and metal.  In the end, there is a bit of free-form and a closeout of the show.

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 29, in this episode we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben as they chat about FOW. 

In act one the guys cover their normal AAR, have some news about the future of Beyond the Foxholes and then cover the recent Late Late War tournament they went to.

In act two Ben interviews Chris Townley from BF HQ in New Zealand, they cover Berlin, Cold War Gone Hot and the Pacific. After the interview the guys chat about the highlights of the interview.

In act three we empty Winner Dave's mail bag before looking about ideas of how to change up some of the missions to make them better.
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Bolt Action Radio number thirty-five brings together Anf, Bryan and Judson for a bit of a reunion. Recently, the two goulash lovers had released an unofficial supplement for the game - a much needed expansion for the Hungarian army list! Together with Judson, they go over what first drew them to their Hungarian addiction. After, they delve into a bit of the research involved in uncovering additional units for the nation, and how the history made its way onto the page. Be warned - listening to this episode will probably compel you to start a heavily-mustachioed new army!

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The boys are back for the “lucky” 13th episode

We join Ben, Dave and Scotty with what’s on your painting table, future events and talk quickly heads up the brown river…. Did I get that right?

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In Intensify Forward Firepower: Episode 3, Easy, Steve, Judson and Dano being the rules crunch like an orbital bombardment! Things start off with a quick review of what the commanders have been up to with their fleets recently before hurtling headlong into a breakdown on rules interpretations. Dano and Judson talk about their huge weekend of pure Armada gaming, where in their excitement they occasionally leave an opening for Easy and Steve to add an insight. Things wrap-up with a quick session on Steve's upcoming 180-point tournament where they talk about playing 180 and the possible pitfalls found in low point games.

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Kia ora! The guys are back with another episode packed to the gills with exciting content and controversial discussions!. Listen as they try in vain to suppress their ‘swears’...


In Act I, the we’ve got some n00b news, rumours, and bald-faced conjecture from the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the we talk about local goings-ons and briefly cover using paper terrain on the tabletop. 


In Act III, we pontificate on ‘that player’ and how we’ve all been there and are through with that.

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 28, we join Adam, Fez and Ben. 
In act one we join the guys in Adam's car on the way to The Art of War EW tournament. The guys talk about there armies and what they hope to get out of the weekend.

In act two Ben and Adam interview all the .different player who are going to the ETC )European Team Tournament. These include New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, Wales and Finland. They also chat to the Tim and Steve who ran the event and Rich the owner of the Sanctuary Gaming Centre

In act three the guys are back in Adam's car with a full AAR of their games, a run down of the event and a few other random bits and pieces.
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Join the WWPD Fleet Commanders as they discuss everything surrounding Fantasy Flight Games' newest Star Wars title, Armada. In the episode two Steve, Easy, Dano and Judson talk about recent Armada sessions they've played and Judson's LED engine project, as well as Steve's vain attempt at resistance to further Armada purchases. Star Wars news - and there's been a lot of it - gets discussed before the quartet get into some game-talk and make a few predictions. The episode ends leaving all four wishing they had time to continue!

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The Ghost Army Podcast and Boltaction.net presents an introduction to Bolt Action for new players

In this special episode of the Ghost Army Podcast the guys introduce the game of Bolt Action to new players. Old Man Morin, Patch and Anfernee talk through the game's basic mechanics and units. They also talk about how army building works and discuss some commonly asked questions sent in from newer players. 

If you are new to Bolt Action, we would like to welcome you to the fantastic online community and resources associated with the game.
We hope you enjoy and check out Boltaction.net's other great podcasts. Thank you for your time.
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Join the WWPD Fleet Commanders as we discuss Fantasy Flight Games' new Star Wars Armada game. In the first episode, the crew discusses the game mechanics for new and experienced admirals. The fellows leave no asteroid un-turned as they discuss the turn sequence, and game mechanics.

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The high lords of the Traxis Sector are back for episode 3, where after a brief AAR they dive into The Threat Beyond. Instead of a full-on card review, the gang talks strategy and how their decks will be impacted. One host gets a little too excited at times and has to be censored, guess which host!

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 27, we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben. 

In act one the guys talk about what they have been up to gaming wise before moving on to a new section called "Whats Awesome and What Sucks".

In act two Winner Dave talks about how to profile your models when you are painting them. Then the guys dive deep into Winner Dave's Mail Bags which today include a big parcel.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys take a look at the FOW digital app and Forces of War now they have be out for a while and then end the episode with a run through of the new Barbarossa digital lists. 
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...and we’re back! The guys from Behind Enemy Lines Podcast waffles on for over an hour with some exciting news and fun topics...


In Act I, the guys gather and relate hot-off-the-press Newb News from around the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the cast runs through some AARs that cover their wargaming activities since last time!


In Act III the guys get into the basics of Bolt Action, the latest obsession over at TCOW, our gaming club.

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This episode marks the triumphant return of Patchimus Prime! The guys talk painting tips, updating old armies and early war listing before taking an in-depth look at the new units in the Ossfront book. The guys are joined by David from New Zealand to discuss the state of the hobby and tournaments in Auckland. They guys then sit down for an in-depth chat with Hobby God, Rick Priestly, and old friend to the cast and owner of Warlord Games, John Stallard about the future of Bolt Action and other exciting game releases from Warlord Games.

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Tarzan, Steve-O and Dirty Jon gather to talk about all the things!  In Act I, the guys look into the near future events, including WWPD4Vets and Historicon.  Next, the regular AAR, which includes Flames of War, Armada, Conquest and other goodies!

In Act II, the discussion shift to FoW tournaments and our thoughts on eras, point levels, lists, what's fun and what isn't in our experiences of late.  The act closes out with some timely news reports.

In Act III, the boys hit commonly overlooked rules and close it out with talk about ideas for a terrain day for your club or FLGS.


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The Behind Enemy Lines team are back with all your gaming news delivered in their own special way! They even have a special guest! Act 1 sees the guys going through n00b news, all the best tidbits they've gleaned from around the interwebs. Act 2 the guys talk about what's been happening at their local club with some short AAR action and a bit of fun. Act 3 is all about Kings of War, Mantic's fantasy battle system. Gameplay details, changes with the new version 2 rules hitting soon and....free stuff!!! Take a listen!

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In Bolt Action Radio episode 34, David (UberGruber) joins Judson for the first segment, this time lending voice to walls of text they would normally otherwise post on the forum. David has some format questions, and the two bat current Bolt Action events back and forth from across the Atlantic. Following this, Dano and Judson sidle up to The BAR to review their experiences at Cold Wars 2015 and toss around their usual shop talk. Mentioned in the episode is nws-online.net (thanks again for the huge tournament support) and several other notables! Pull up a stool and have a shop talk with the boys in episode 34!

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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Dave O' War, Tobu and the Mouth of Madness get together with some pints of Guinness and a jelly pit for Episode 23 of the LRDG. The guys discuss their latest hobby shenanigans, the new expansion book from Warlord Games - Ostfront, take a look at some German tank models, and share some exciting news about upcoming events! So sit back, grab yourself a beverage and enjoy.

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The whole gang is here to discuss the Warlords from the Warhammer 40k Conquest Core Set through Gift of the Ethereals. With so much ground to cover, the aim is to provide a high level look at the factions and their leaders for newer players. Check back for episode 3 as we start to get extra crunchy!

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Shazzam! The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with news, interviews and banter!


In Act I, the guys cover some cutting edge Newb News in the wide world of wargaming.


In Act II, the dudes cover the Battlefront State of the Union update, including Open Fire, Berlin, Great War, Brown Water Navy, Cold War Gone Hot, the Pacific and more!


In Act III the guys get the inside scoop about the new Colours of War book and paint system with an exclusive interview with Battlefront’s own godfather of paint, James Brown.

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Steven, Eric, and Andrew give a run down on how to play Warhammer 40k: Conquest. Check back soon for Episode II!

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Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26

Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 26, Ben and Adam are joined once again by Winner Dave! 

In act one the guys talk about what they have been painting and gaming before chatting about the news about the 2015 releases with the Pacific, Cold War gone hot, Berlin and more.

In act two the guys cover the recent Breakthrough Assault 3 tournament and some Commonly overlooked rules.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys open up Winner Dave's mail bags, talk about night attack in 10.1 and then look at the up coming events they are planning on attending.

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The guys brave the snowy weather to bring you the live show from Cold Wars 2015!  We hear about the trip, some over-indulgence in some fun and the tournament reports.  The guys briefly talk about some of the Battlefront plans for 2015, including Vietnam and the Cold War.

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The GAP is back with a HUGE 5th episode. The guys talk with players and the T.O.'s of Cancon and Bolt Action Melbourne: February. David Bruggerman joins us to discuss Cancon massive multi-player participation game and to talk about how to introduce the game in a convention setting. We talk about the new Boltaction.net conversion competition with owner of Campaign Books and Games Logistics.  AND for the first time, THE OVERFIEND, ANDY CHAMBERS joins us to talk Ossfront, playing Russians and Warlord Game's next major BA release! The Pacfic book!
Come and join us for another exciting show!

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In this episode we join Ben, Dave and Scotty for the long overdue CanCon 2015 wrap-up, what’s on your painting table and an interview with Vanessa from the Combat Company

And in Part 2 the boys get stuck into Nachtjäger talking tactics and lists suggestions. Finishing up with an interview with Gavin from Queensland store Irresistible Force.






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The Behind Enemy Lines Podcast is back with even more news, AARs, and engaging topics! 


In Act I, the guys run through wargaming news they’ve painfully gleaned from the interwebs so that you don’t have to! 


In Act II, the dudes talk about recent wargaming goings-on in little God’s Own (aka NZ), including a BattleCry report, getting into Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander, and all about a towellings Greg got at the last TCOW meeting! 


In Act III the guys wax philosophical and talk about the pros and cons of types of wargame venues and is gamer ADHD a bad thing?

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Join the new podcast guys on the block for Episode 1 of Behind Enemy Lines! The guys keep it short and sweet with introductions, news, and more!


In Act I, the guys introduce themselves and their favorite games. 


In Act II, our intrepid hosts comb the interwebs for Newb News, talking info and rumours about the full spectrum of wargaming.


In Act III the guys talk about what they are up to hobby-wise. They’ll also let you know about the new podcast’s social media channels!

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Bolt Action Radio 33 kicks off with Judson hosting two special guests at the BAR. The jet setter Anfernee manages to pause his international travels long enough for a segment, and MarkDawg of BAR and LRDG fame (or infamy) drops in to make his BAR debut. As the only three patrons of The BAR they have plenty of time to talk about preparing to run or participate in a Bolt Action Dot Net Format event in the first segment. They then all depart for a quick break, and through the mysteries of recording science come back to discuss the lessons learned at two different Format events, both as a player and as an organizer.

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Hi All

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 25 - On The Road to Corrivalry, the largest Flames of War tournament outside of North America.
In act one we join Ben and Adam in Adam's car on the road to Corrivalry, the guys chat about their army's, practice games and a few other random bits.

In act two the guys chat to Wild Bill Wilcox, the tournament organizer Nobby, one of the Italian regulars Stefano and finally a catch up with Fez.

Rounding out the episode with act three the guys run through their games in detail, discuss what they have learnt and finally look forward to what they have coming up next.
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After a snowy hiatus the Fellowship returns to the airwaves to talk card draw, multi-sphere decks, and core set purchases. The crew prevents Steven from going off on an art tangent, and also discovers Parker's secret to distracting opponents at tournaments. 

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The gang is back in this "Live from Cancon" LRDG special! 

"The Rocket Man" Anfernee rejoins the gang as they report back about the tournament and weekend as a whole. The first ten minutes of this episode are a detailed "toilet report" that the faint hearted will definitely want to skip. The guys then chat in-depth about lists that they saw, rules questions they had and trends that were seen across this large national event.  Buckle up... It is quite the ride!
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Jared and Ben return in Episode 14 with the tips and tricks on how to get your non-gamer friends into the world of board gaming. There is a board game for everyone and the guys go over some points to help you identify what games and game-types fit best for those in your life. Along the way they talk about their recent hobby progress and the video games that have been occupying their free time.

Some products/games mentioned in the show:

Suburbia 5 Star Expansion: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/171007/suburbia-5

Firestorm Armada Kedorians: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada/kedorians

Sushi Go: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/133473/sushi-go

War Thunder Tank Battles: http://warthunder.com/us/game/about?r=SEM_AW1946291420_SL000000001&gclid=CKbXoo_hxsMCFYI6aQodWpgAUg

Payday 2: http://www.crimenet.info/gate?returnUrl=/

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We join Steven, Jon and Eric for an episode filled with action!  In Act I, the boys have a long AAR covering painting, FoW, LCGs, Tournaments, Micro Armor and more!  In Act II, discussion centers around tournament infantry - tips and thoughts for making these lists successful.  The guys wrap up the episode with an Act III talk about other Flames of War settings, including Vietnam, Fate of a Nation and The Great War.

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In episode 4 the boys are back with lots and lots of Bolt Action chat! Patch talks painting tips and Brad and Anfernee talk through their off kilter Cancon lists. By popular demand, the guys revisit Monte Cassino and chat about Internet forum etiquette. Check it out!

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 24. 
We join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat all things Flames of War, in act one the guys go over what they have been up too, some Flames of War news about up coming books, BA's German infantry lists result and finally an AAR of the last Early War one day tournament.

In act two the guys look at the latest book Nachtjager in detail.

And finally in act three the guys answer in Winner Dave's Mailbag before ending the episode with Corrivalry chatter before turning into endless banter.
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In Bolt Action Radio episode thirty-two Craig, Dan, and Judson what's happened since the holiday break before diving into some tabletop specifics. Should you really forward deploy that sniper? How many troops can you really advance through that narrow gap with? Find out in BAR 32!

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 23

Ben and Adam are joined by Mike Haught, co author of Nachtjager. In act one they talk about the British lists in the book. These include the 11th Armoured Division, Comet tanks and the 51st Highland Division.

In act two the interview moves onto the Germans, infra red equipped troops, railway guns and a quick chat about what is next for FoW and Volkssturm Companies!
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Steve-O is joined by Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon for the New Year's Episode!  In Act I, the guys cover the normal AAR and talk recent painting, games and immediate future plans. In Act II, the guys cover Commonly Overlooked Rules and Recap the WWPD 2014 Resolutions.  Points are scored, judges unconvinced, and all manner of wheeling and dealing about the past year's accomplishments.  In Act III, the guys commit to new 2015 resolutions with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

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Ben and Jared are back in Episode 13 with a focus on the Spartan Games Miniature Game Firestorm Armada (http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada). The guys cover the game at a high level and end with some discussion on their pros and cons of the system. Additionally Ben talks at length about his experiences with Roll 20 (http://roll20.net/)  and Jared dives into some of his recent gaming forays with the X-Wing Miniatures game and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Some links to topics mentioned in this episode:

Firestorm Armada: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/products/firestorm-galaxy/firestorm-armada

Firestorm Armada Free Rules: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Firestorm_Armada_2_Download.pdf

Roll 20 Online: http://roll20.net/

Sushi Go: http://www.gamewright.com/gamewright/index.php?section=games&page=game&show=291

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: http://www.beziergames.com/caofmadkilu.html

Endless Legend: http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/Games/Endless-Legend

Endless Space: http://endless-space.amplitude-studios.com/

Dragon Age Inquisition: http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/home

X-Wing Squadron Builder: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build

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