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The Ghost Army Podcast returns with another action packed episode.

Brad, Patch and Bryan talk about what painting and army projects they have been up to before digging in the bombed out rubble of the Monte Cassino campaign. Each guy examines a force in the battle and talks about how you could build an army based on one of the multitude of forces that fought there. Anfernee, The Rocket Man, returns to talk about his travels and to unbox his HUGE Mad Bob Miniatures Kickstarter box of loot AND we sit down to chat with Peter West, the TO of Cancon, to talk about what to expect at one of the biggest Bolt Action tournaments of the year. 
Plug in and check us out in episode 3!
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With no new AP to distract us, we get back to business covering key concepts for new players. In this episode: Threat Management, some favorite card combinations, and our standard discussion of games we played and cards we are cuurently enjoying. We also talk a bit about the last installation of the Hobbit film.

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In Act One we join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat about what they have been up to recently, look at some recent FoW news and then have a look back over 2014.

In Act Two the guys look at the groups performance for last years New Years Resolutions before reviling their own for next year, they are also joined by Alex, Matt, Marc and Andy for a Euro-vision style phone in with further Resolutions.

And finally in Act Three the guys look at what they are looking forward to next year before going complete off track with a number of subjects.

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In Episode 21 the guys catch up and talk about what they learned from Melbourne’s, one day tournament, This is War Opening Skirmish. They also talk about their list plans for Cancon, painting tips and the. pros and cons of plastic kits while reviewing new models from Rubicon Miniatures. They also talk a look at the year in review and talk about their hopes for the year to come. Grab a loved one and a mug of egg nog.  It is time for the LRDG Christmas party!

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Steven from News From the Front, Ben from Breakthrough Assault, and Ry from Diesel N' Dust come together to form a super podcast group! The dudes talk about the year of FoW, their current meta, and some predictions for the future!

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All the guys are in, with Steven, Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon bringing you holiday greetings!  In Act I, the dudes talk about what they have been up to and cover a lot of FoW games in the AAR.  They guys also reveal their holiday wish lists, so I hope Santa is listening!

In Act II, Luke talks alot about things he learned running a tournament.  The guys also dive in to Hungarians and their recent popularity.

In Act III, there is an epic, knock-down, drag out fight (not really) about Japanese and tournament scoring.  At the end, do a short commonly overlooked rules to wrap it up.

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In Bolt Action Radio, Judson and Dano get together to answer questions regarding the Bolt Action Dot Net Format. Curious about your 1:48 tank mounting a vehicle flame thrower? They talk about it here. Wondering why open-topped ended up shaking up the way it did? Find out in episode thirty-one. These, and many more questions you probably never knew you wanted to ask are answered in this latest edition of Bolt Action Radio.

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Diesel ‘N Dust hits the road on the way to the Australian early war GT

In this episode David, Scotty and Ben hit the road to the EW GT in Campbelltown. Catch all the action and learn the ins and outs of the teams EW armies. In Part two Ben goes to the top shelf to interview Australia's number one player Paul Collins to find out how the best approach the art of list construction.

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It's Episode 85!  In Act I the guys do the normal AAR and discuss tips for starting a German army in Flames of War.  In Act II, the dudes talk about getting out of a rough patch of FoW Funk.  Continuing with that theme, the guy talk German Mid-War tanks in "Know Your Enemy".  The Act is closed out with a discussion of AT Guns.  In Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules, Forces of War and Terrain Talk rounds out the episode. 

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Join Jared and Ben as they come back from a long hiatus and discuss the last 6 months of gaming after the mega event that was Gencon. The guys talk about a little bit of everything though take special time on Mechwarrior Online (https://mwomercs.com/), Dragon Age Inquisition (http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/home), and Civilization: Beyond Earth (https://www.civilization.com/en/games/civilization-beyond-earth/). In the process they touch on some other great games discovered both before, after, and during Gencon. Jared and Ben will be returning for monthly episodes that touch on everything that rests between the minds of two distracted hobbyists. 

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