WWPD News From the Front

In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with Early War sale, Barbarossa, new Fate of a Nation book plus more and finally they round out the act with Winner Dave's mail bag.

In Act Two the guys chat about the Euro GT, Adam and Winner give their AAR's and the guys think about how to improve the tournament going forward.

In Act Three thanks to a few technical problems we join Ben, Adam and Jessica to go through 10.1 and a look at how to deal with Super Heavy tanks.

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This is a jam-packed episode with some serious red meat!

In Act I, the guys do the normal AAR and cover recent games, upcoming events and introduce some new sponsors.

In Act II, the boys dive in to a deep overview of the new Barbarossa book.  Lists, special rules, detailed points discussion and more!

Act III begins with the guys thoughts on Barbarossa -- what they like, predictions and such.  The guys also weigh in on the recent announcements from Battlefront about Easy Army/Forces of War.  The episode wraps up with our favorite segment - Commonly Overlooked Rules.

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Bolt Action Radio is back in this special guest filled episode. Show number twenty-eight kicks off with C-Bax and Judson joined by the unofficial number one Bolt Action fan and painting output savant Brian Ward. These three imposter gentlemen talk a bit about everything, but focus on the secrets to keeping that elusive (for Judson) hobby production energy level high. 

Episode twenty-eight ends with a surprise segment. Old Man Morin, Judson, and special guest Ali from Home Guard Radio sit down for a fine glass of port and some shop talk. Big Al is too late with his decal and finish application advice to save the J man from hobby agony - but you may not share a similar fate if you tune in!

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The LRDG are back with a massive 4 hour mega-episode!


In first half of the show the Melbourne crew discusses everything from Lachlan’s sobriety, to painting and model preparation tips, to assaults and how to prepare for them, to whether or not to use selectors, to Dave’s Japanese experiences, to what you might see in a Stalingrad Russian list and EVERYTHING in between.


In the second half of the show, Old Man Morin and Patchimus Prime talk to our man on the street in Queensland about the growing scene up north and why folks up there call Melbournians Mexicans.  They also talk to the one and only Bob Emerson about his highly successful Hungarian armoured Kickstarter. Finally the boys chat about MOAB: their excitement and the event’s structure from a TO and a player’s standpoint.


Turn on! Tune in! And let your mind go free!

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In Act I, we talk to the Austrian Australian Flames of War team members (Scotty and Dave) about playing Flames of War at the European Team Championships (ETC) in Serbia.


In Act II, we talk about the Australian tournament scene and Early LW vs Late LW (Caution – Act II may contain Ben ranting about Russians)




The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum



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In Act I, the guys do an extensive AAR and go into detail about their experience at Guns of August, what is on the painting tables and other cool stuff.  In Act II, GenCon 2014 is the subject and eat up the entire act.  Hear all about the adventures at this awesome convention!  In Act III, we hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, talk a bit about what lists are in our future, and go over upcoming events across the globe.

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