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Tanks, tanks and more tanks! Episode 27 rumbles onto the scene with the force of ... Dolly Parton? In the first segments, C-Bax and Judson crack open Tank War and talk tanks. In the final segments, gentleman warriors from the LRDG join in to give their initial thoughts on the new Tank War book. A special, joint effort to dive head first into Tank War. Start your engines!

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In act one we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to, Ben quickly chats about his FoW Korean War project and then we round out the act with an AAR from the Breakthrough Assault One Day Tournament.

In act two Adam is replaced by Alex as we interview Mike Haught from Battlefront, the guys talk about Desperate Measures, Bridge at Remagen, The Great War and a few future books. (sorry the sound quality is a little off at a few points but that shouldn't ruin the experience).

In act three Adam is back as we chat about the UK tournament scene and if it is too busy and what can be done to help it, before we dive deep into Winner Dave's mail bag.


Thanks for listening!

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In Episode 18 the guys are all back from their travels abroad.  In the first segment the guys talk about hobby plans and highlights from their trip before getting down and dirty with the new Armies of China PDF.

In Segment two the guys are joined by Uncle Mal and Patchimus prime to discuss light mortars, smoke and MOAB.

Later still, Anfernee and Old Man Morin visit the Dawgpound to talk list building, comp, point levels and campaigns with the one and only MarkDawg. Ruff Ruff!

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In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Captain TO, Baxter, DaveOwaR, and Judson talk about the Historicon experience. Unfortunately, a large portion of the final segment was lost because some amateur (Judson!) had recording issues; yet waste not want not! The boys will make lemonade out of lemons! Chat them up on the forum, where they will be lurking to fill you in on the mysteries of the last round!

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Steven, Cool Pants Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon get together for this jam-packed episode. In Act I, the guys do a super-sized AAR about painting, games and current projects.  Next, the guys talk about upcoming events like GenCon and Guns of August.  In Act II, Vince from Winged Hussar Publishing joins in for an extensive look at the world of publishing, focusing on historical and gaming topics.  In Act III, the guys talk about Flames of War Nationals and commonly overlooked rules.

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 17

In Act 1 we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they talk about what they have been up to, the Bovington Wargames convention and the resent Devizes Attack Mid War comp.

Then in Act 2 the guys look inside Winner Daves mail bag and answer some of the Liebster Award questions they have been sent.

Finally Act 3 the guys round out the show by talking about a few one day tournaments the guys are running, their lists for the Breakthrough Assault One Dayer and then resent rules updates (Navel Gunfire, Panzer's to the Meuse, etc).

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