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In this special episode of the LRDG we experiment with focusing on one nation and attempting to cover everything you need to know to field it in Bolt Action:  it's WW2 history, collecting the miniatures and then some crunchy listing ideas for getting it on the tabletop. The focus this episode is on a lesser known topic, the Royal Hungarian Army. Old Man Morin is joined by Anfernee and Bryan as they cover the largest Axis allied army, which at it's peak fielded nearly 1 million men under arms and fought in some of the most bloody battles of the infamous Eastern Front. We are also joined by a special guest from the UK, Bob Emmerson of 'Mad' Bob miniatures. He has some exciting news for anyone looking for Hungarian AFV's!


So, if you don't know the difference between your Toldi's and Zrinyii's then get listening.


Note: We are not historians or experts in anyway, just some amateurs with a passion for history and toy soldiers. So, we apologise in advance for any incorrect historical facts or pronunciation of names and places.


*More Links and Resources at http://www.boltaction.net/2014/07/lrdg-podcast-special-hungary.html

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes 16 - Great War Special

In Act 1 we join Ben and Winner Dave as they take us through the new FOW era The Great War. The guys talk about whats in the new book, a look at the missions, the British and German models and some of the extra bits coming out.

Then in Act 2 the guys round out the episode with a look at the army lists, what they are planning to do, some podcast you should check out, and any other thoughts.

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LIVE from Historicon!  Steven, Luke and Dirty Jon are joined by Eric Riha, Craig Baxter and James Brown as they recap all of the antics at Historicon 2014.  The guys give the results of several tournaments and talk about plans for upcoming events.  There is even singing!

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In the twenty-fifth edition of Bolt Action Radio Judson is joined by CH, C-Bax, and Dano Colrissian. The boys kick things off with some tournament announcements for future events around the world, as well as events that have already passed! Baxter let's Chris know that Gordon and his NVA guerrillas are gunning for him; a bunch of tank related shop talk, questions, and predictions happen; and a compete participant list shop takes place based on the troops brought to the Historicon events. A big consider congratulations go out to Brad and Kirsten for getting hitched, too!

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 15  - On the Road to the Welsh Open

In Act 1 We join Ben and Winner Dave live from Ben's car as they drive up to the Welsh Open. The guys talk about their lists, expectations, what they have been up to,  a little look about at Beyond the Foxholes first birthday and then they round out the episode with a little chat about what they have coming up and their Firestorm Bagration campaign.

Then in Act 2 we join Ben and Winner who have been joined by Alex for the drive back as they tell us the tails of their weekend in the Welsh Principality and talk about the weekend.

In Act 3 Winner and Ben add their closing thoughts to the event and look to what is next for the guys and the cast.

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In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk all things Flames of War. In part 1 what’s on your painting table, Remagen lists and naval gunfire. Part 2 Dave and Scotty talk about the European Team Championship (ETC) Part 3 Panzer Angriff launch the Australian FOW rankings.



European Team Championship


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In Act I, the Old School Crew of Steven, Jon and Luke have an action-packed AAR and a look ahead to Historicon, Gen Con and Guns of August.  There is tournament discussion and painting progress all around.

In Act II, there is talk of Naval Gun Fire and artillery in general.  The guys talk extensively about Recce and dive in to why Mid War seems to be a fan favorite time period.

Wrapping up in Act III, there is Commonly Overlooked Rules and a Know Your Enemy about Russian Infantry in all time periods.

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