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LRDG 16! Kicking things off in the first segment, Bryan, Brad, Tobu, Lachlan, Anfernee, and a can of Wild Turkey talk about the latest errata and FAQ update. They also get after the French Foreign Legion, not forgetting to include the honorable Jean-Claude Van Damme in the discussion. At some point in the first segment, Anfernee's secret identity is revealed to the world, while Brad continues his shameful refusal to use a Sturmtiger. Rounding out the first portion of the show, the boys talk about the new German metal boxes and the fancy German weaponry that's included. In the second half, Patch, DaveOwaR, and Brad talk about Senegalese troops, buying skis for your Finnish troops (and Finland forces in general), swapping Soviet and Finnish models, and gigantic tanks. A tasty episode covering all the Bolt Action bases!

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Are you struggling to find something to listen to as you read the recently updated Bolt Action FAQ/errata? Here's your answer! Bolt Action Radio episode 24 brings all the rules changes and the reactions of Judson and Dano to your ears, with the help of the new official band of BoltActionDotNet. To wrap things up, D and J talk a pile of shop on their current German army projects. All the German topics are brought up - assault rifles? Check. Hanomags? Check. Light machine guns? Listen in to find out!
(Music used with permission of Pär Sundström, 2014)
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Welcome back to another jam-packed edition of News from the Front!  Act I is filled with the guys' recap of recent activities, including playing All's Quiet on the Martian Front, painting and general nerdery.  The guys then move on to upcoming events like Historicon, Gen Con and an upcoming local tournament.

In Act II, the guys cover the recently released Grey Wolf update and Eric rants on Recon.  They guys cover the latest on the Premium Building Subscription and new releases announced by Battlefront.

To wrap up in Act III, it is the return of the book review, with an Anzio themed read.  Next, the guys cover commonly overlooked rules and go into detail on Mid War and the upcoming tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 14

We join Ben, Adam and Winner Dave as they talk all things Flames of War

In Act 1 we go through what we have been up too, a little bit of Battlefront news and a look at the new Remagen book & it's place in the current tournament "Meta"

Then in Act 2 we go through the Winner Dave's Mail Bag and look at some commonly overlooked rules.

Then finally in Act 3 we round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at direct fire smoke and the up and coming Welsh Open

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Episode 11 of the Outpost 309 podcast is your Gen Con 2014 survival guide!  Gen Con of course is the longest-running, best-attended tabletop gaming convention in the world, and it's happening in Indianapolis this August!  Jared and Ben, both Gen Con vets, have put together a complete pro-tip guide to maximize your Gen Con experience.  If you're on the fence about this event, this is the podcast that may put you over the top!

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The LRDG crew are back in this 50/50 coin flip of an episode.

In segment one, Dave, Tobu, Lachlan and Brad tackle a slab of beer as well as topics such as Marines, 3D printing, Chinese conscripts and the use of AT guns.  
In segment two, Patch, Anfernee and Brad are joined by special guest Alistair from Home Guard Radio (in)fame(y) to discuss Russians, upcoming tournaments AND a hell of a lot of painting and modelling talk.  
TONS of the CRUNCH all around.  Tune in, relax and enjoy!
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Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 6

In this episode we join Ben and Dave on the road to the Australian Mid War GT and talk Mid War Meta. Ben and Scotty interview Paul and Andrew from aetherworks, the new Australian and New Zealand supplier, and talk about the plans for Flames of War in Australia. Finally we finish off with Ken talking about running Can Con, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) FOW scene and upcoming campaigns. Enjoy





Ken’s article - Bringing History To Life

Ken’s email


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