WWPD News From the Front

In Act I, the guys talk abut what they have been up to lately, which features a recap of WWPD4Vets, tons of painting and new games that the dudes have gotten in to.  Act I is rounded out with some talk about the upcoming Italy tournament and our new WWPD FoW Ranking System.

In Act II, the topic turns to historical German tank numbers and how that compares to units see on the table.  This is a long discussion and takes up the whole act.

For Act III, the guys talk about Commonly Overlooked Rules, some lists for Italy, Terrain Tips and some words of wisdom for new Flames of War players.

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After a busy weekend of gaming the boys are joined by Scotty and Dr. John, to recap events SABRE and CanCon, share thoughts on the Italian books and talk about FOW - European Team Championships.

FOW - European Team Championships Fourm

Panzer Angriff website

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Episode 9 of Outpost 309 is here!  Join Jared, Ben, and Rich as they present a videogame-centric podcast for your listening pleasure.  In addition to spending some time with the new and improved Diablo III, the boys mourn the slightly less-than-awesome Titanfall, see a ray of hope for WarThunder, gush over the announcement of the next Civilization/Alpha Centaurigame, and wax poetic about the Wargame series.  Wargame: Red Dragon gets the spotlight in this episode, and the boys even present a Steam group for WWPD in hopes that everyone will play this action-packed, Cold War-themed RTS! Also, Episode 9 was recorded next to a highway apparently. Sorry about that!

Kid's game of the Podcast:  Settlers of Catan Junior
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 11.

We join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they talk all things Flames of War.

In Act 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, talk about the new Italy books and what they are planning for the WWPD Italian campaign.

In Act 2 the guys dig deep into the mail bag (not male bag Winner) and then talk about Germans in Late War tournament play.

In Act 3 the guys round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at Mobile Battles.


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Return of the Jedi!

In Act I, the guys welcome Steven back and jump right into a recap of recent activity.  The guys discuss the upcoming WWPD4Vets event and the next WWPD Global Campaign - Italy!  There is also some brief discussion on the new WWPD Rankings system.

In Act II, the guys talk more detail about Fortress Italy and Road to Rome, including opinions on top lists.  The guys - again - predict what will be seen at the next tournament, and will most assuredly be wrong!  Next, Eric talks a bit about running historical scenarios.

For Act III, Eric talks about how to customize your tournament, and encourages TOs to make adjustments to enhance the fun.  We close this episode out with Commonly Forgotten rules.

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Episode 13: Lucky 13
This time around the boys decide to try something novel... Sobriety!  
Join Dave'O'War, The Mouth of Madness and Old Man Morin as they break down the highlights of Bradcon 2014 in all the musical details.  Italians get more discussion and the boys look at the uses of howitzers VS mortars.  The lads also take a long, hard look at Bob Emerson's resin vehicle range and do a little compare and contrast with the newest and best from Warlord and Company B.
Come aboard mates and see what the LRDG are like...  without booze!?!
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Welcome back, BARbarians, for episode twenty-two of Bolt Action Radio. Cbax, the good Captain TO, and the newly-crowned, Dark Lord of Hate and Evil, Chris Hecht join Judson for a round at The BAR. Starting things off is a quick rundown of the tournaments at Cold Wars. (Those of you with premium access heard different coverage last week.) Next up, the guys talk about their initial reactions to the optional air power rules recently released, before CBax delves deeply into his brand new, unofficial, and very popular, Ethiopian army list. Captain TO mentions that Lieutenant TO bought a Lamborghini with the money he made at Cold Wars, as well!


Nashcon - http://hmgs-midsouth.org/conventions/nashcon/

Reef - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dywGBodtq6A

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