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In Episode 8 of the Outpost 309 podcast, our heroes bring back GameMaster extraordinaire Alex, and go in depth with two RPGs.  The first is Mindjammer, a brand new game with a sci-fi setting, based off the Fate rules.  Next up is a good hard look at Fantasy Flight's Edge of the Empire, in which strengths, weaknesses, and overall quality are discussed.  Family game of the podcast is a simple little fantasy dice game called Dungeon Roll, and a new videogame called Banished demands your money.  Check it out, and make sure to leave some comments on the forum!
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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 10.


We join Ben, Winner Dave, Adam and special guest Andy as they talk all things Flames of War.


In Act 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, look at the latest news from Battlefront and cover our own tournament Breakthrough Assault 2.


In Act 2 we look at the current tournament meta, bring in our new section the Mail Bag, cover some over looked rules and talk about "when do you point out a mistake your opponent has made?" (in Adam's case never!).


In Act 3 we help Andy out with his list for The Art of War (this does turn into a petty competition between the 3 of us!) and round out the episodes by looking at some new lists ideas for Ben and Adam.

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The guys talk about their Cold Wars experience, including the Flames of War doubles tournament, the Bolt Action tournament and general gaming.  There is news about the housing subscription, the Italy book and WWPD4Vets.  Special guest Ed Leland discusses his Soviet list in detail and give some thoughts on the resurgence of the Russian Bear!

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The guys are back in action with an early morning studio edition of News from the Front.  In Act I, the guys do the usual AAR and reflect on Muster.  The dudes also talk about upcoming events like Cold Wars and Gen Con.  Act I is rounded out with some top terrain tips.  

In Act II, the guys discuss Soviets and the impacty of Desperate Measures.  We review Ed Leland's recent lists to see what is up with the USSR.  Act II is finished off with talk of the new Italy books and a great tour of Battlefront's factory in Malaysia.

In Act III, we talk about some recent Battlefront mis-steps and hit up some commonly overlooked rules.

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