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Episode 7 of Outpost 309 is The Roleplaying Games Episode!  Jared brings his longtime friend and game master Alex on board, and the guys delve into the various types of RPGs.  After this fascinating look at RPG basics, the guys talk about the social acceptability of said games, and conclude that there truly is something for everyone here.  The guys review Fruitirelli for the kids, and have many video game shenanigans to share (especially interesting if you've heard of a thing called Titanfall).

Much thanks to listener and squadmate Sam for writing the intro!
RPG links:  Numenera
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We join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam in Adam's car on the road to Corrivalry.
In Act 1 the guys talk about their lists, goals for the weekend and how little sleep they have gotten....
In Act 2 we have an interview with Steve Chalton who talks about his up and coming event The Art Of War. We also have Doctor Alex talk about his weekend.
In Act 3 the guys talk about their weekend, while Adam tries not to be too smug (*Spoiler Alert* he fails).
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News from the Front Ep 71 - LIVE from Muster

Eric and Jon are joined by Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah in another live broadcast from Williamsburg Muster.  The guys talk about what they have been up to lately and try to predict the tournament.  There is also talk of the latest housing problems from Battlefront.  Desperate Measures continues to be a big topic and the guys are joined by Tom "The Crotch" de Mayo for additional hijinks.  

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Judson, Dano, and their special guests from the LRDG have a big announcement to make, and talk big things for the future. Later on, things get rowdy as the Boys of Bolt Action talk about Cancon and a certain, recent, hot button forum topic. While every attempt was made to reign in the language, please be warned that an occasional bit of vulgarity sneaks its way into the normally civilized discourse you've come to expect at The BAR. Listener discretion is advised!

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The Boys hit the road and talk about the highlights of 2013, Desperate Measures and speculate on the upcoming releases.


Part 2

Ben interviews Phil Yates on what to expect in this year including the Italian books and ‘flames in the sky’




Ben talks to resident master painter ‘the other Dave’ offering tips and techniques on how to improve your models.

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The distracted gamers are back, with a special Historical Miniature Wargaming episode! This one features an Australian 3rd chair, Ben, who takes us on a journey through several historical wargames (see links below).  After talking at length about these awesome games, the guys then take a step back to talk about the social acceptability of historical wargames in our popular culture.  Add in Ben's discussion of a great family game called Forbidden Desert, and the usual video game banter (featuring Arma 3Wargame: Red Dragon, and Assassin's Creed 4and you have our most ambitious podcast yet!  Enjoy!



Arma 3

Wargame: Red Dragon

Forbidden Desert

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag




Chain of Command


Force on Force

Bolt Action

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