WWPD News From the Front

The distracted gamers return from a long Christmas break hiatus with a full head of steam!  The "back to basics" segment is a brief shout-out to co-operative boardgames, a growing phenomenon.  The boys introduce a family game segment to the podcast, with a look a lovely little game called Timeline (http://us.asmodee.com/ressources/jeux_versions/timeline_3.php).  After a fun soapbox on Jared's love of infantry in wargames, and Rich's love for tanks, the guys review the brand-new Sails of Glory (http://www.aresgames.eu/games/sails-of-glory-line) historical naval game.  As always, the boys finish with videogame banter, including a farewell to War Thunder (R.I.P.) (http://warthunder.com/), and subsequent selling-out by Jared into the world of Battlefield 4 http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4.

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