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Rich and Jared come back for the second installment of Outpost 309 wherein they dive into the differences between "Euro" and "Ameritrash" board games. Jared takes a little time to talk about some of the most recent metrics released by Fantasy Flight Games on Netrunner and the guys go over a few more tips and tricks for Warthunder. Enjoy all this and more in the latest episode of Outpost 309.

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In this episode, Hecht, CBax, Captain TO, and Judson spend some time with RabidMonkey - forum legend and 3D printing artist nonpareil. Kicking things up a notch, Brad of LRDG fame joins in. An interview cloaked in an interview wrapped in an interview occurs, as there are clearly too many interviewers in this episode. Give it a listen to find out the skinny on 3D printing (not to mention get your hands on 3D prints) and discover a bit more of the story behind the LRDG podcast. Fall-In and shop talk are liberally sprinkled in, for flavor, rounding out this Bolt Action Radio cocktail. Enjoy

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The guys are back with a MONSTER 7th episode! We cover some minor rules chat, deconstruct the lists that won MOAB, reveal details for the first ever LRDG events AND talk to TWO MASSIVE SECRET GUESTS! (trust us… these guys are AMAZING!!!) Grab your sunnies gang… The future looks soooo bright, you are gonna need […]

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Ben, Winner Dave and Adam talk about what they have been up to, some updates on the blog, Tournament Restrictions part 2, an Update for Breakthrough Assault 2 and News from Plastic Soldier Company.

In Part II the Guys ask "HMG's, are they worth it?", 10.1 Deployment and Objective tactics for the Fair Fight missions and look a head to Oxford Pairs.

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In a super-sized Act I, the boys cover what they have been up to lately, including the Name the Gooch Contest.  There is a ton of talk about painting queues board games and epic discussion about the Huzzah Hobbies EW tournament.  Luke talks a little about some quality issues and we touch on street barricades.  In Act II, Luke talks more about his thoughts on the Japanese and the guys talk Early War in general.  In Act III, we talk about commonly overlooked rules and the importance of following the rules for hit allocation and saves.

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In part 1 of this episode the guys catch up with the Mouth of Madness and discuss tournaments. In part two, Old Man Morin travels to MOAB and catches up with Qman, Patch and Anfernee. Lots of crunchy tourney chat ensues.
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The inaugural episode of Outpost 309 wherein your hosts Jared and Rich outline the goal of their newest podcasting endeavor and establish their gamer/hobbyist credentials for the whole of the Internet. Some recent board games such as The Village, and Suburbia are played and discussed, and the guys focus discussion on the Free-to-play game War Thunder alongside a smattering of other games such as Rome Total War 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Editor:  This first 'cast was a demo put together by the boys, and we decided to just go with it.  Look for improved audio quality in the next episode.

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