WWPD News From the Front
Ben, Winner Dave and Podcast first timer Alex chat on the way to Colours 2013, the guys talk about their lists, expectations and how Adam is winning 6-1 in life.
In Part 2 the guys talk about their first two games, the food and the convention as a whole as well as the dangers of letting animals roam around a village and Cylon Animals!
In Part 3 the guys round out the cast with games three and four and look ahead to the next few weeks of Flames of Waring.
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Heya loyal neckbeards. This month we have a little chat about the Armies of France and the Allies book while enjoying a few themed beverages. Later on we bring in the Arch Bishop of all things Belgian Pbeccas to talk about the new list. So sit back, pour yourself a stein of champagne and enjoy.  

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This is the one you've been waiting for! Alessio shows back up at The BAR, and gives the boys the scoop of the year! If you've been looking for specifics on what to expect in the coming months, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

After the interview with Alessio, The BARbarians react, in-depth, to what Mr. Cavatore had to say about the future of Bolt Action; and what would an episode of Bolt Action Radio be without a healthy dose of shop talk? The "gentlemen" round out a big time episode with a big time shop talking session.

Make sure you join us on the forum to share your reactions to Alessio Cavatore's revelations, and share your hopes for what the future books might hold!

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In Act I, the guys discuss what they have been up to lately.  There is talk of painting, basing, and upcoming EW tournament, Eclipse and Descent.  In Act II, Eric covers some lists you may have missed recently - from the goofy to the just plain strange.  The guys move on to discuss USTDs and high AT Allied assets and the impact on the game.  Eric gives a great historical overview of the specialized rounds.  In Act III, we dig up some commonly overlooked rules, discuss Fate of A Nation and generally discuss where Battlefront might be going.

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WWPD presents Episode 3 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 3 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

In Part 1

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave talk about what they have been up to, Battlefront News, the rumoured new books and Tournament Restrictions.

In Part 2

The guys start start their new section 10.1 and completely dissect Artillery. Then they look a head to what they are doing in the next month or so

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In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Judson, Captain TO, and Baxter dive into the Armies of France and the Allies book. The shop talk flows as well, with chatter on TO's recent tournament, Baxter's big time group demonstration game, a big ol' year in review gets mixed in for good measure. What The Hecht jumps in for a talk about World of Tanks, as well. Everything gets covered! This one runs long, BARbarians, as the patrons were probably too ambitious in their choice of topics; so have a good supply of beverages on hand to make it all the way through episode 14!

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In Act I, the boys come to you LIVE from Guns of August, where Luke and Jon discuss their lists and Eric talks about the tournament.  The guys go on in Act II to talk about the tournament results and do a general recap of the Con.  In Act III, there is talk of Rules we Forgot and other stuff that comes to mind.

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