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Tom and two of his local Battle Vault gamers, Ed Hall and Tony Thompson, record a a podcast driving up to and back from a tournament in Ohio.  They discuss their lists, predictions and results of the tournament.

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Welcome back to another episode of the LRDG. In this episode we get to talk shop with a bunch of hobby luminaries including PBeccas from Western Australia, Jeff Trnka from JTFM Enterprises and Die Waffenkammer, Judson MacCaull from Bolt Action.net and Qman from the interwebs.   So sit back, crack a brew and enjoy the your […]

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WWPD presents Episode 2 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 2 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

Part 1:

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave introduce ourselves and talk about are hobby backgrounds. Followed by a quick AAR of what we have been up to, Atlankic Wall lists and a look at Rising Sun.

Part 2:

We get crunchy with a look at the tactical use of Panzerfaust/MG teams vs separate Faust teams, some events that we having coming up, a little tribute to Steve from WWPD and finally a look what we're up to over the next month.

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Enjoy Episode 4A of the LRDG The Rising Sun. In this half of the episode we discuss the brand new Japanese army book from Warlord Games and look at the utility of bikes of all kinds. We also talk resin bases of the products made by Back 2 Base-ix.¬† So sit back,¬†pour a pint of […]
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The WWPD dudes are back with the first post Stevepocolypse episode!  They cover Historicon, upcoming conventions and Rising Sun.  Joining Dirty Jon and Cool Pants Luke is Eric Lauterbach of i95 fame to discuss all this, plus offer advice for running your own tournaments.  The Commonly Overlooked Rules segment returns as the dudes crank out the first 'cast of a new era.

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Mathamagician Eric Riha, Richard Barnes and Steven take a trip to Historicon!  There is list discussion, more list discussion and list performance discussions.  A There and Back Again tale of adventure - told and re-told....and told again!

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