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The BAR is back open after Historicon, and Captain TO, Baxter, CH, and Judson are in to talk about it. Between slugs of TO-choking scotch, the guys discuss the Tank Battles tournament first, before getting into the Standard tournament in the second half. As usual, grand plans to cover more topics crumble as closing time catches up with them, but at least Judson and CH avoid an on-air slap fight.

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In this Episode, the one and only Qman comes to play.  The boys may have a lot to drink and while things start kinda crazy, great chat eventually goes down…  Language is colourful and references are explicit (and sometimes off topic)! WARNING!!! This episode is NOT for the faint hearted or the easily offended. We promise […]
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Live from Historicon 2013!

The Dudes yuk it up one more time with Steven!

Judson from Boltaction.net joins in on the fun.

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"Adios, Amigos!"

The dudes spend the episode reminiscing as Steven prepares to make his move to NZ!

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The BAR's back in business and the "fluids" are in their "appropriate receptacles". Captain TO sidles up first to talk about his upcoming Historicon events. Next, Australia's top organizer Blair "qman" sits down for some discussion on the Aussie scene. Finally, the forum poster laureate Professor Aruba stumbles in to talk shop and close The BAR with Judson.

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WWPD is very excited to add another podcast to the lineup!  The gents behind the every awesome Breakthrough Assault blog recently recorded their first episode for your listening pleasure.

In Episode one Ben, Adam and Winner Dave are on the road to the Welsh Open. In part one the we talk about our lists, our expectations of the event and a little bit about the new D-Day books.

In Part two we have a full AAR of the Welsh Open, our fun and games on the Saturday night (it includes a bagpipe and not in a good way!) and what we have coming up in the next few months.

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