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Operation Overlord is announced!  The dudes discuss the campaign, and their recent hobbying.  We also discuss the WWPD app in the Google App Store (which is available now!  Just search for WWPD!).  In Act II, The fellows talk about Historicon (and team tournaments in particular), and some recent news about FoW.  Act III sees the fellows discuss transports in our commonly overlooked rules segment, and the episode winds down with a discussion about Vietnam.

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Our security crew's quit - something about demanding actual wages for their work - and The BAR lets anyone come in! Forum poet laureate UberGruber stops by, tournament organizer supreme Stefan shows up, and WWPD's northernmost (we think) Bolt Action battle reporter Craig Baxter rounds out the BAR-barians in Episode 10.

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It's DnD2!

Ben speaks out about his secret passion, a real Australian monster.
Everyone goes bridge to bridge in 1750, 
our favourite LW tank and why, Sabre 3 battle report & Bombardments, who can call em’, how to combine for them, who can join them, special rules associated with them zzzZzzZzz!

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