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Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit. Them Duke Boys are on their way home from the first event of the 2013 circuit; listen as they discuss their lists, their opponents, their performance at the event, how they can do better, and what other lists were kickin' butt. So buckle in, sit back, and let's get On The Road!

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WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation's capital to participate in 'The Worlds'. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.

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As promised, after the train wreck at the bar, episode 52 attempts to be "crunchy".  In the first half we discuss our recent gaming (Fow, Eclipse, Spartacus, EVE), painting, WWPD4VETS, and more!  Act II has rules discussions, glass cannons vs heavy tanks, and Soviet Tank Swarms.

0:00- Intro & AAR

1:01- Often Overlooked Rules (turn order, tank riders, allocating saves), Glass Cannons, Soviet Tank Swarms

Editor's Note: We got carried away and ran out of time for a third act!  

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The dudes are back with some special guests in the BAR!

000:00 - Rockin' intro music!
000:15 - Judson makes excuses
000:51 - Steven interrupts
001:28 - Tribute to Dano
004:01 - Dirty Jon puts us back on track... 
004:55 - ...Then brings us into his noob experiences in Bolt Action
025:18 - Steven interrupts again with his not-so-noob experiences in Bolt Action
031:00 - Talkin' shop with the Richmond boys
042:57 - Break
043:19 - Back in, and Dano emerges from the blizzard
044:22 - What everybody's been up to
053:01 - Dano let's slip a "I Think It's In Your Best Interest," which is just another way of saying "I Think You'll Find"
056:40 - More excuses are made for the podcast delay
066:02 - Dano slips into the bathtub with his Armies of the United States book
107:15 - Armies of Germany versus Armies of the United States
132:18 - Northeast Continental US takes a swing at Alaska
135:06 - Dano and Judson serenade each other
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"A night at the Bar with WWPD"

I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?  This was recorded in the Holiday Inn Patriot hotel bar at the Muster Convention in Williamsburg VA.  Get down and dirty with the fellas!  I promise episode 52 will be FoW- only and very crunchy.  Crack a beer, turn the lights low, and pretend you're at a high top bar table with us to get the most out of this episode!  -Steven

Topics in this short episode: Eclipse, EVE Online, Flames of War.

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