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Episode 50- The Wrath of Sean!  The original host of News From the Front is back in the studio!

0:00- Intro & AAR

0:52- Discussing Security Sections & Motivation Tests, What dos "Either" mean?  Muster 2013 discussion, T-26 discussion*, #WWPD4VETS

1:43- Market Garden look at the Allies

Editor's Note: Not sure why I said the T-26 doesn't have 24" range- I thought it did!  Confused it with the T-60.  Apologies!

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"Panzer" Matt Meyer, Jim Best, and Chris Corman regale us with the tale of their tournament outing to the recent Huzzah Hobbies mid war flames of war tournament.  Steven and Jon attended but did not record an On the Road episode- thanks to Panzer Matt for stepping up!

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The dudes talk about 2012's New Year's resolutions and make some new empty promises in Act III!  In Act II, hear Maria talk about her role as Battlefront's print broker for most of their book releases.  Act I sees the guys covering all their hobbying in the last few weeks!

  • 0:00- AAR
  • 0:51- Interview with Maria, Battlefront's Print Broker
  • 1:19- New Year's Resolutions
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