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Episode 19 of Bolt Action Radio finds The BAR frozen over, courtesy of General Winter. Baxter takes his snow suit off long enough to sit down and have a drink with Dano and Judson. The patrons talk about some upcoming events in the community, some recent miniature companies they've dealt with, some shop talk, and go out of their way to make this episode about everything but tournament play. Drinks are mentioned, and speaking of drinks, soldier of fortune Dano's picking up the tab tonight!

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In this episode, the guys broadcast from the WWPD Christmas Spectacular at the Game Vault.  We talk about recent Battlefront news, Desperate Measures and all the cool stuff we did for our Holiday Game Day.  We are joined by Maurice, Throckmorton, John Desch and Kathy from the Game Vault as special guests.  The dudes talk about upcoming events and i95 hosted tournaments, so don't miss out!

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In this episode, the distracted gamers put on their thinking caps and attempt a thorough analysis of "Tile Placement" and "Worker Placement" mechanics in board games (see here for the excellent breakdown we reference). They fail quite spectacularly, but make up for it with a review of the board game Firefly - a game that inspires Jared to literally sing its praises.  The guys conclude with a look-in at an eclectic variety of video games; with Terraria, Company of Heroes, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes all getting a share of the action. 

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Beyond the Foxholes Ep 7

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 7, the Christmas Special.

Talk we joined by Ben, Adam, Winner Dave and Alex in the first Beyond the Foxholes Christmas Special.

In Part One - The Guys talk about what they have been up to, up coming Tournaments and a lot of other random topics.

In Part Two - The Ben and Alex have a quick AAR on Reading, the Guys talk about Battlefront Plastics, Red Bear and Desperate Measures. Then round off the episode with a look about on 2013's New Years Resolutions, make their 2014 Resolutions and then talk about their plans for 2014.

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 Enjoy another episode of the LRDG where we discuss: the GT, list building and how to lose friends and alienate people with two arty observers.
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Luke and Dirty Jon record some thoughts on the way up to the tournament that cover our lists and prediction, some more thoughts on Desperate Measure and general rambling.  Continue listening for real-time updates on our tournament experience as well as interviews with the top three finishers, including Bill Dorias giving some tips on a great EW French Infantry list and Throckmorton with a short Round 1 AAR. 

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The boys get back on air with a buffet of Flames of War chatter. Battle reports, Sydney toy and games festival ranger report, an interview with Matt from the Hall of Heroes (BF stockist), an interview with FoW play testers! What hasn't this episode got?!

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With Captain TO's Fall-In tournament behind them, Chris, Judson and the good Captain himself sit down for drinks and a little analysis of the Bolt Actioneering that went on in Lancaster, PA. During the tournament wrap up, they cover many subjects; and as usual, most of the topics are nearly relevant! Terrain and army list composition are two of the many bases covered in this, the Fall-In '13 review episode.

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News from the Front LIVE from Fall In 2013 - Ep 67

Eric, Luke and Jon are joined by Judson from the Bolt Action Radio Podcast Live at the con.  The guys recap the Fall In convention antics and discuss their favortie things from Desperate Measures.  A Fall In sanitation report is included.  Yuk.

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This month the LRDG brings the gift of knowledge by interviewing Alessio Cavatore of River Horse Games. We get a chance to talk about 12 dice caps, the direction of Bolt Action and his Tarot of Loka Kickstarter. After that the boys set up for a chat about spam, good play and all things crunchy. […]
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Rich and Jared return in Episode 3, wherein they plumb the depths of the human psyche with a focus on some of the mental pitfalls of gaming, also known as Cognitive Bias.  Additionally, the guys take a little time to play and review Jared’s latest favorite game: Android: Netrunner. As usual the guys wrap-up with some talk of video gaming, including a soapbox on commercialization trends in recent games, as well as a look at Batman: Arkham Origins, and a few tips and tricks for War Thunder.  

Android: Netrunner link: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/124742/android-netrunner

Batman Arkham Origins: http://www.batmanarkhamorigins.com/

War Thunder: http://warthunder.com/

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Episode 17 is cocked and ready to rock your ears off with Captain TO, CBax, CH, and Jud With Three Ds. First off, CH tells everyone about the recent tournament at Huzzah, then the good Captain and company get into a preview of the Bolt Action-Action coming up at Fall-In. In the second segment, the most recent FAQ changes are discussed in-depth.

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In Act I, the guys cover their recent adventures, including lots of painting, Dutch armoured cars, a preview AAR, Halloween and other shenanigans.  [Editor: When Dirty Jon says Cromwells, he means Churchills]

For Act II, Eric dives in to a historical look at artillery and its effectiveness up to WWII.  After that, the guys dive head-first in to the recent Red Bear update from Battlefront.  To round out this act, the guys talk Battlefront plastics.

In Act III, the guys hit commonly overlooked rules to include: Night Fight, Spearhead and Gun Tanking.

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In yet another massive episode, a cast of thousands get stuck into the new “Allies of Italy and the Minor Axis Powers” book AND the new Bolt Action FAQ’s.  The now active LRDG painting contest is discussed as are Company B buildings. Tune in and check… iiiitttt… OUT!
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We join Adam and Winner Dave as they travel up to the Oxford Pairs Event.

In Part 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, their lists for the events, their expectations and then Winner Dave and Adam butcher some German and Finnish pronunciations as they talk about the lists they will be facing.

In Part 2 the guys are a little hungover as they talk about the first 3 games of the event and Adam's new found hate for using Land Mattresses.

(Note- Adam means the 150 Panzer Brigade and not the 150 Panzer Division in his game 1)

In Part 3 the guys talk about their last 3 games from Oxford, what they would change about their lists and their overall thoughts on the event and the incoming storm!

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Rich and Jared come back for the second installment of Outpost 309 wherein they dive into the differences between "Euro" and "Ameritrash" board games. Jared takes a little time to talk about some of the most recent metrics released by Fantasy Flight Games on Netrunner and the guys go over a few more tips and tricks for Warthunder. Enjoy all this and more in the latest episode of Outpost 309.

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In this episode, Hecht, CBax, Captain TO, and Judson spend some time with RabidMonkey - forum legend and 3D printing artist nonpareil. Kicking things up a notch, Brad of LRDG fame joins in. An interview cloaked in an interview wrapped in an interview occurs, as there are clearly too many interviewers in this episode. Give it a listen to find out the skinny on 3D printing (not to mention get your hands on 3D prints) and discover a bit more of the story behind the LRDG podcast. Fall-In and shop talk are liberally sprinkled in, for flavor, rounding out this Bolt Action Radio cocktail. Enjoy

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The guys are back with a MONSTER 7th episode! We cover some minor rules chat, deconstruct the lists that won MOAB, reveal details for the first ever LRDG events AND talk to TWO MASSIVE SECRET GUESTS! (trust us… these guys are AMAZING!!!) Grab your sunnies gang… The future looks soooo bright, you are gonna need […]

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Ben, Winner Dave and Adam talk about what they have been up to, some updates on the blog, Tournament Restrictions part 2, an Update for Breakthrough Assault 2 and News from Plastic Soldier Company.

In Part II the Guys ask "HMG's, are they worth it?", 10.1 Deployment and Objective tactics for the Fair Fight missions and look a head to Oxford Pairs.

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In a super-sized Act I, the boys cover what they have been up to lately, including the Name the Gooch Contest.  There is a ton of talk about painting queues board games and epic discussion about the Huzzah Hobbies EW tournament.  Luke talks a little about some quality issues and we touch on street barricades.  In Act II, Luke talks more about his thoughts on the Japanese and the guys talk Early War in general.  In Act III, we talk about commonly overlooked rules and the importance of following the rules for hit allocation and saves.

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In part 1 of this episode the guys catch up with the Mouth of Madness and discuss tournaments. In part two, Old Man Morin travels to MOAB and catches up with Qman, Patch and Anfernee. Lots of crunchy tourney chat ensues.
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The inaugural episode of Outpost 309 wherein your hosts Jared and Rich outline the goal of their newest podcasting endeavor and establish their gamer/hobbyist credentials for the whole of the Internet. Some recent board games such as The Village, and Suburbia are played and discussed, and the guys focus discussion on the Free-to-play game War Thunder alongside a smattering of other games such as Rome Total War 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Editor:  This first 'cast was a demo put together by the boys, and we decided to just go with it.  Look for improved audio quality in the next episode.

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Ben, Winner Dave and Podcast first timer Alex chat on the way to Colours 2013, the guys talk about their lists, expectations and how Adam is winning 6-1 in life.
In Part 2 the guys talk about their first two games, the food and the convention as a whole as well as the dangers of letting animals roam around a village and Cylon Animals!
In Part 3 the guys round out the cast with games three and four and look ahead to the next few weeks of Flames of Waring.
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Heya loyal neckbeards. This month we have a little chat about the Armies of France and the Allies book while enjoying a few themed beverages. Later on we bring in the Arch Bishop of all things Belgian Pbeccas to talk about the new list. So sit back, pour yourself a stein of champagne and enjoy.  

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This is the one you've been waiting for! Alessio shows back up at The BAR, and gives the boys the scoop of the year! If you've been looking for specifics on what to expect in the coming months, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

After the interview with Alessio, The BARbarians react, in-depth, to what Mr. Cavatore had to say about the future of Bolt Action; and what would an episode of Bolt Action Radio be without a healthy dose of shop talk? The "gentlemen" round out a big time episode with a big time shop talking session.

Make sure you join us on the forum to share your reactions to Alessio Cavatore's revelations, and share your hopes for what the future books might hold!

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In Act I, the guys discuss what they have been up to lately.  There is talk of painting, basing, and upcoming EW tournament, Eclipse and Descent.  In Act II, Eric covers some lists you may have missed recently - from the goofy to the just plain strange.  The guys move on to discuss USTDs and high AT Allied assets and the impact on the game.  Eric gives a great historical overview of the specialized rounds.  In Act III, we dig up some commonly overlooked rules, discuss Fate of A Nation and generally discuss where Battlefront might be going.

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WWPD presents Episode 3 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 3 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

In Part 1

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave talk about what they have been up to, Battlefront News, the rumoured new books and Tournament Restrictions.

In Part 2

The guys start start their new section 10.1 and completely dissect Artillery. Then they look a head to what they are doing in the next month or so

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In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Judson, Captain TO, and Baxter dive into the Armies of France and the Allies book. The shop talk flows as well, with chatter on TO's recent tournament, Baxter's big time group demonstration game, a big ol' year in review gets mixed in for good measure. What The Hecht jumps in for a talk about World of Tanks, as well. Everything gets covered! This one runs long, BARbarians, as the patrons were probably too ambitious in their choice of topics; so have a good supply of beverages on hand to make it all the way through episode 14!

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In Act I, the boys come to you LIVE from Guns of August, where Luke and Jon discuss their lists and Eric talks about the tournament.  The guys go on in Act II to talk about the tournament results and do a general recap of the Con.  In Act III, there is talk of Rules we Forgot and other stuff that comes to mind.

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Tom and two of his local Battle Vault gamers, Ed Hall and Tony Thompson, record a a podcast driving up to and back from a tournament in Ohio.  They discuss their lists, predictions and results of the tournament.

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Welcome back to another episode of the LRDG. In this episode we get to talk shop with a bunch of hobby luminaries including PBeccas from Western Australia, Jeff Trnka from JTFM Enterprises and Die Waffenkammer, Judson MacCaull from Bolt Action.net and Qman from the interwebs.   So sit back, crack a brew and enjoy the your […]

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WWPD presents Episode 2 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Episode 2 of Beyond The Foxholes. 

Part 1:

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave introduce ourselves and talk about are hobby backgrounds. Followed by a quick AAR of what we have been up to, Atlankic Wall lists and a look at Rising Sun.

Part 2:

We get crunchy with a look at the tactical use of Panzerfaust/MG teams vs separate Faust teams, some events that we having coming up, a little tribute to Steve from WWPD and finally a look what we're up to over the next month.

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Enjoy Episode 4A of the LRDG The Rising Sun. In this half of the episode we discuss the brand new Japanese army book from Warlord Games and look at the utility of bikes of all kinds. We also talk resin bases of the products made by Back 2 Base-ix.  So sit back, pour a pint of […]
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The WWPD dudes are back with the first post Stevepocolypse episode!  They cover Historicon, upcoming conventions and Rising Sun.  Joining Dirty Jon and Cool Pants Luke is Eric Lauterbach of i95 fame to discuss all this, plus offer advice for running your own tournaments.  The Commonly Overlooked Rules segment returns as the dudes crank out the first 'cast of a new era.

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Mathamagician Eric Riha, Richard Barnes and Steven take a trip to Historicon!  There is list discussion, more list discussion and list performance discussions.  A There and Back Again tale of adventure - told and re-told....and told again!

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The BAR is back open after Historicon, and Captain TO, Baxter, CH, and Judson are in to talk about it. Between slugs of TO-choking scotch, the guys discuss the Tank Battles tournament first, before getting into the Standard tournament in the second half. As usual, grand plans to cover more topics crumble as closing time catches up with them, but at least Judson and CH avoid an on-air slap fight.

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In this Episode, the one and only Qman comes to play.  The boys may have a lot to drink and while things start kinda crazy, great chat eventually goes down…  Language is colourful and references are explicit (and sometimes off topic)! WARNING!!! This episode is NOT for the faint hearted or the easily offended. We promise […]
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Live from Historicon 2013!

The Dudes yuk it up one more time with Steven!

Judson from Boltaction.net joins in on the fun.

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"Adios, Amigos!"

The dudes spend the episode reminiscing as Steven prepares to make his move to NZ!

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The BAR's back in business and the "fluids" are in their "appropriate receptacles". Captain TO sidles up first to talk about his upcoming Historicon events. Next, Australia's top organizer Blair "qman" sits down for some discussion on the Aussie scene. Finally, the forum poster laureate Professor Aruba stumbles in to talk shop and close The BAR with Judson.

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WWPD is very excited to add another podcast to the lineup!  The gents behind the every awesome Breakthrough Assault blog recently recorded their first episode for your listening pleasure.

In Episode one Ben, Adam and Winner Dave are on the road to the Welsh Open. In part one the we talk about our lists, our expectations of the event and a little bit about the new D-Day books.

In Part two we have a full AAR of the Welsh Open, our fun and games on the Saturday night (it includes a bagpipe and not in a good way!) and what we have coming up in the next few months.

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The dudes are back in action and ready to roll!  We discuss our recent gaming and painting, Operation Overlord, Historicon, and the Huzzah Hobbies tournament.  In Act III, the guys followup the commonly overlooked rules to discuss the effects of pinning, spearhead, and capturing objectives.

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Dano and Judson talk about the list making process. After a couple hours, they figure out this is not a topic to cover in just a couple hours.

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Operation Overlord is announced!  The dudes discuss the campaign, and their recent hobbying.  We also discuss the WWPD app in the Google App Store (which is available now!  Just search for WWPD!).  In Act II, The fellows talk about Historicon (and team tournaments in particular), and some recent news about FoW.  Act III sees the fellows discuss transports in our commonly overlooked rules segment, and the episode winds down with a discussion about Vietnam.

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Our security crew's quit - something about demanding actual wages for their work - and The BAR lets anyone come in! Forum poet laureate UberGruber stops by, tournament organizer supreme Stefan shows up, and WWPD's northernmost (we think) Bolt Action battle reporter Craig Baxter rounds out the BAR-barians in Episode 10.

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It's DnD2!

Ben speaks out about his secret passion, a real Australian monster.
Everyone goes bridge to bridge in 1750, 
our favourite LW tank and why, Sabre 3 battle report & Bombardments, who can call em’, how to combine for them, who can join them, special rules associated with them zzzZzzZzz!

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After a lengthy After Action Report (featuring 'nam, painting, Saga, and more!), the guys talk about the new FoW Errata, Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Teams, Recce moves, and terrain.  The episode is rounded out with a discussion on mortars.  boom!

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The fellas talk about WWPD4VETS, and their usual gaming "After Action Report".  In Act II the fellows interview Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, to discuss their hit game "Conflict of Heroes".  For act III the dudes talk about the new Normandy comp, and cover a few rules they've screwed up recently- namely Warriors in assaults.

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Andy Chambers Has Entered the BAR

Dano and Judson find themselves back in The BAR with a copy of The Armies of the Soviet Union book. (That poor book, alone with those two!) Many flamethrowers ensue. Afterwards, they actually manage to keep one promise, and take a couple callers - you might recognize them! Finally, they manage to destroy an otherwise perfect episode with the dulcet tones of Dan crooning the latest hits.
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The boys are all rested up form Cold Wars and ready to get back in the studio!  On the docket today are various topics like #WWPD4VETS, recent gaming, etc.  The guys talk a lot about Market Garden- upcoming tournaments and fireflies.  Some random overlooked rules like digging in and kampfgruppe, and a whole host of other topics!

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The boys show back up at The BAR after an extended break for Cold Wars. Dano grills Judson about the convention, and maybe more importantly, tournament he attended. To wrap things up, they talk about The Armies of Great Britain and make promises they'll most likely fail to keep. This episode is packed, so pull up a stool a crack a cold one for the Cold Wars chat!

Direct download: BAR8.mp3
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The dudes are live at Cold Wars 2013, with plenty to talk about!  We talk about the gaming we've gotten in (FoW, Zombicide, Spartacus) and generally ham it up!  The second half of the episode is recorded in the Artemis with Steven, Luke, Dirty Jon and Tedley.  Thanks to all who came out to the live show, and for all the great vendors who provided prize support!

Direct download: Live_Cold_Wars_2013.mp3
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The dudes are in the studio and gearing up for their next convention trek!  In this episode we talk about our newest time sink: EVE.  We also hear Steven's interview with Pete before the guys dive in to Flames of War chat.  We cover some often overlooked rules again, discuss what we've been up to, and ham it up like usual!

0:00- Intro/AAR

0:49- Interview w/ Pete Simunovich from Battlefront Miniatures

1:23- Often Overlooked Rules, Book Review, and more FoW!

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Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit. Them Duke Boys are on their way home from the first event of the 2013 circuit; listen as they discuss their lists, their opponents, their performance at the event, how they can do better, and what other lists were kickin' butt. So buckle in, sit back, and let's get On The Road!

Direct download: OnTheRoadNorcal.mp3
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WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation's capital to participate in 'The Worlds'. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.

Direct download: DnDEpisode1.mp3
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As promised, after the train wreck at the bar, episode 52 attempts to be "crunchy".  In the first half we discuss our recent gaming (Fow, Eclipse, Spartacus, EVE), painting, WWPD4VETS, and more!  Act II has rules discussions, glass cannons vs heavy tanks, and Soviet Tank Swarms.

0:00- Intro & AAR

1:01- Often Overlooked Rules (turn order, tank riders, allocating saves), Glass Cannons, Soviet Tank Swarms

Editor's Note: We got carried away and ran out of time for a third act!  

Direct download: Episode52.mp3
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The dudes are back with some special guests in the BAR!

000:00 - Rockin' intro music!
000:15 - Judson makes excuses
000:51 - Steven interrupts
001:28 - Tribute to Dano
004:01 - Dirty Jon puts us back on track... 
004:55 - ...Then brings us into his noob experiences in Bolt Action
025:18 - Steven interrupts again with his not-so-noob experiences in Bolt Action
031:00 - Talkin' shop with the Richmond boys
042:57 - Break
043:19 - Back in, and Dano emerges from the blizzard
044:22 - What everybody's been up to
053:01 - Dano let's slip a "I Think It's In Your Best Interest," which is just another way of saying "I Think You'll Find"
056:40 - More excuses are made for the podcast delay
066:02 - Dano slips into the bathtub with his Armies of the United States book
107:15 - Armies of Germany versus Armies of the United States
132:18 - Northeast Continental US takes a swing at Alaska
135:06 - Dano and Judson serenade each other
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"A night at the Bar with WWPD"

I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?  This was recorded in the Holiday Inn Patriot hotel bar at the Muster Convention in Williamsburg VA.  Get down and dirty with the fellas!  I promise episode 52 will be FoW- only and very crunchy.  Crack a beer, turn the lights low, and pretend you're at a high top bar table with us to get the most out of this episode!  -Steven

Topics in this short episode: Eclipse, EVE Online, Flames of War.

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Episode 50- The Wrath of Sean!  The original host of News From the Front is back in the studio!

0:00- Intro & AAR

0:52- Discussing Security Sections & Motivation Tests, What dos "Either" mean?  Muster 2013 discussion, T-26 discussion*, #WWPD4VETS

1:43- Market Garden look at the Allies

Editor's Note: Not sure why I said the T-26 doesn't have 24" range- I thought it did!  Confused it with the T-60.  Apologies!

Direct download: NFTF_Episode_50.mp3
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"Panzer" Matt Meyer, Jim Best, and Chris Corman regale us with the tale of their tournament outing to the recent Huzzah Hobbies mid war flames of war tournament.  Steven and Jon attended but did not record an On the Road episode- thanks to Panzer Matt for stepping up!

Direct download: OnTheRoad3.mp3
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The dudes talk about 2012's New Year's resolutions and make some new empty promises in Act III!  In Act II, hear Maria talk about her role as Battlefront's print broker for most of their book releases.  Act I sees the guys covering all their hobbying in the last few weeks!

  • 0:00- AAR
  • 0:51- Interview with Maria, Battlefront's Print Broker
  • 1:19- New Year's Resolutions
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