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Dano and Judson get Alessio Cavatore to show up at The BAR - and man, turns out Alessio is a great guy to hang at The BAR with! Afterwards, the guys talk about Fall-In, the BoltAction.Net Painting Contest, and a tournament happening in Australia. You can't have a night at The BAR without a little Shop Talk. In this episode, the boys talk about how wrong their impressions and ideas from the week before were, then give you more truisms that will be utterly false next week!
0:00 Dano e-Stalks Alessio Cavatore
1:11 Fall-In Review
1:24 Painting Contest
1:39 Cancon Event
1:56 Shop Talk - Before/After

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The boys are live at Fall In 2012!  We talk The Flames of War I-95 Doubles tournament, Bolt Action, Saga, X-Wing, Battlestar Galactica and a lot more!  Stick around for the 2nd part of the show as we decompress on our drive home!

  • 0:00- ACT I: Live from Fall In 2012!
  • 0:48- ACT II: The drive home

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0:00 Intro
2:08 Envelopment
25:53 Break
26:30 Maximum Attrition
29:30 Point Defense
39:19 Holt Until Relieved
49:07 Top Secret
60:15 Break
60:35 Demolition
75:00 Bolt Action Vs. Flames of War
76:45 Air, And Mouth Punches
86:35 Break
87:15 Slow Bartender
88:00 Judson Rant
89:00 Exchange Rate
116:27 Break
117:30 Shop Talk
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