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Editor's note: It's been a while!  But like a bad case of the "Dirty Jons", we just keep comin back!  This time we talk about our recent gaming, my New Zealand trip and of course- NUTS!  We also give a quick preview of Spartacus (something more substantial coming after Fall In!).  Note: This episode might be a bit much for younger listeners- we're fairly raunchy from the get go so be warned!

  • 0:00 - Intro and AAR, App introduction
  • 0:57 - NUTS! also  Bolt Action Painting Contest Announced
  • 1:32 - World of Tanks Updates, Spartacus Preview

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Luke and Dirty Jon are joined by Eric Turner on their trip to Southern Front!  They talk about their lists and their games.  Have a listen, won't ya?

Enjoy the Halloween edition of the American Minute by Jeff Hewitt!

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In episode two, Dano and Judson dive into list building in Bolt Action. The topics are covered as follows:
00:00 - Intro, Making a List
05:30 - Platoon Breakdown
08:00 - HQ
14:34 - Infantry Squads
24:23 - Break
25:29 - Support
28:41 - Captain or Major
31:55 - Medic
38:08 - Forward Observer
47:20 - Machine Guns
55:50 - Mortars
62:00 - Snipers
68:00 - Flamethrowers
72:22 - Anti-Tank Team
76:21 - Big Guns
82:37 - Break
82:58 - Armored Cars
84:13 - Tanks
88:28 - Transports
95:30 - List Closeout
96:35 - Listers
99:20 - Fall-In
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Dano and Judson welcome you to the first episode of Bolt Action Radio - welcome to the BAR!  In the show, the boys talk about how they got into Bolt Action, how they ended up joining the WWPD crew and the rest of the story behind starting BoltAction.Net. In addition, they mention their first impressions of the game, and offer a glimpse of what they have planned for Fall-In.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Black Tree Designs - WWII Metal 28mm models
Warlord Games
Osprey Publishing
Pegasus Hobbies
Could not find a site for Imex- but google is your friend!
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