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Editor's note: Made a change to the naming format so it fits into the app better!  In this episode we are very lucky to be joined by Rick Priestley!  If you don't know who he is, google him now- you probably like something he's done!  We are joined with Judson to talk some Bolt Action before rounding out the episode by discussing some tactics around setting up assaults in Flames of War.

  • 0:00 - Intro and AAR, App introduction
  • 0:46 - Interview with Rick Priestley and Judson from Bolt Action .net
  • 1:22 - Setting up successful assaults in Flames of War

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Assault Cats ho!  The fellas have a bunch to report in the AAR.  The NOVA Open, Dropzone Games, Descent, and more!  Steven gives an overview of Bolt Action, followed by some discussion on airplanes and Assault Guns.  

  • 0:00- Intro/AAR
  • 0:51- Bolt Action Primer
  • 1:29- After Hours Preview, Airplanes, Assault Guns

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As you know, I really like recording in the car!  It makes for good, natural conversation, and it's the kind of chats you're probably having to and from gaming events as well!  In this, the first episode in a new "freemium" series, Tom and I are returning from the NOVA Open 2012.  We recorded our trip up where I discussed Bolt Action in depth, but it didn't turn out so you only get one way this time- sorry!  We love Tom, but he isn't named "Mad Dog de Mayo" for nothing- be wary that our language can get a bit "colorful" at times.  Children shouldn't be listening to us ANYWAYS, but consider this extra warning!  Let us know what you guys think of the format by sounding off on our forum!

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We've 42 episodes behind us and there's nowhere to go but forward!  We have a lot of games we've played recently to discuss, in addition to Anatoli's newer September Campaign pdf!  We also discuss the rules for Combat attachments and Kampfgruppe.  The episode gets rounded out with a discussion on German Tank Hunters, and Jon's book review on "Origins of the 2nd World War".

  • 0:00- ACT I: Intro, AAR, General Goofery
  • 0:58- ACT II: The September Campaign, Combat Attachments and Kampfgruppe
  • 1:40- ACT III: German Tank Hunters, Book Review: "Origins of the 2nd World War"

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