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"WWPD Widow"

Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk about Guns of August, and their upcoming 1200 point tournament! The fellows go on to talk about "The Devil's Birthday"- a book review by Jon, and talk about being a gaming wife with Lydia. They close out the show by discussing The Plastic Soldier Company 76mm Wet Stowage, Soviet Strelkovy, and the *ahem* RECON rules.

  • 0:00 - Intro- Plugs, AARs, etc
  • 0:40 - Jon's Book Review "The Devil's Birthday"
  • 0:55 - WWPD Widow: Lydia MacLauchlan
  • 1:17 - CONTEST! Try for Second Place!
  • 1:20 - Plastic Soldier Company Review: 76mm Wet Stowage Box
  • 1:26 - Know Your Frenemy: Soviet Strelkovy
  • 1:49 - N00B Zone: recce Recon
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Links discussed in this episode:
Easy Army
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
Heroes of Armageddon
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project
Sergeant Major Miniatures
Z Man Games

Good episode and even better After Hours! I hope you learned something new during the N00b Zone- we all did!
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