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"Radio Free WWPD"

Steven, Luke, Joe and Brian gather round the game table and talk about their adventures in gaming! The gents discuss recent tournament events, upcoming FoW news, Dystopian Wars, and a review of "Platoon Forward!" by Too Fat Lardies. We also poke a bit of good natured fun at the new BF Podcast "Radio Free Battlefront"- but it's all in jest!

  • 00:03 - After Action Report
  • 00:39 - View From the Turret Donation
  • 00:46 - Radio Free Kiwis & Battlefront News
  • 00:54 - Dystopian Wars Preview
  • 01:03 - Battlefront Customer Service
  • 01:13 - "Platoon Forward!" Review
  • 01:27 - NOOB ZONE: US Tank Destroyers
  • 01:52 - Contest Limerick Challenge
  • 02:00 - "quirky accents" you know, as in, not American English
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Links discussed in this episode: View From the Turret: http://viewfromtheturret.com/
CWF Gamecast: http://wargamingforums.com/
Radio Free Battlefront: http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=2402
Too Fat Lardies & Platoon Forward!: Toofatlardies.co.uk
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